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Carlos Condit: “He was talking, I was landing punches.”

Welterweight Nick Diaz is notorious for verbally baiting his opponents inside the ring, enticing them to engage in full-on exchanges and abandon any game plan his adversary may have originally entered the fight with. However, try as he might, Diaz was unable to get Carlos Condit to bite last night when the two faced off at UFC 143, ultimately losing a decision victory after five rounds of frustration thanks to Condit’s focus and execution.

Condit talked about his victory to the UFC cameras shortly after getting backstage, explaining, “This is just another step towards my ultimate goal of being among the best Mixed Martial Artists in the world. He was talking, I was landing punches. I think I was winning. No matter how much he talked, I was hitting him hard, I was hitting him solid, and that’s what I came here to do. I didn’t come to talk.”

As far as what’s next for the interim champion, Condit has no interest in resting on his laurels and recognizes his upcoming bout with Georges St. Pierre will require an even better performance than he turned in against the extraordinarily tough Diaz.

“I’ve got a lot of work to do and a lot more improvement to be made. Georges is a true champion and he’s the best in the world,” said Condit of the potential fight with GSP.

Check out the complete video below with other moments including Condit’s proud father glowing in the wake of his son’s success as well as a loving exchange between Condit and his wife:


  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Condit v GSP will be a $60 snoozer.

    Two guys intent on playing it safe taking minimal damage and doing just enough to win. Yawn.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    If only they could have Nick Diaz come in and do a Triple-Threat.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I see a rematch before GSP returns.

    You could have a May/June rematch and still have time for GSP fight in late Nov/early Dec.

    I thought Diaz won 3 rounds to two. Condit was backing up most of fight like he was scared.

    If Condit/GSP does happen it won’t get my money.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    if Penn/Edgar and Machida/Shogun got instant rematches then this should at least be considered.
    i didnt really want to see those two rematches and i’m not overly fussed about this one either.
    but i’d watch it
    not the sort of performance any of us are used to seeing from carlos but it is the Greg jackson thought academy. if you a re fighting a guy who may be better than you then you out think them and out point them. fair enough, cant argue with it, thats what happens to greg jackson fighters.
    i had the rounds scored diaz diaz condit condit diaz. not surprised condit won, just that it wasnt even a split decision

  • Lord Faust says:

    I really want to know how Rampage got the nod over Machida, yet Diaz “lost” this fight. Oh right, judges decisions are subject to myopia, whimsy, and no defined standard — my bad, I forgot.

  • a Politicians son for sure

  • MCM says:

    I just checked Fightmetric to see how the numbers played out against how I felt/judged the fight. At the end of the fight I had scored it 49-46 Condit with round 2 being so close it could have been 48-47. I thought Diaz had won Rnd1, rnd 2 was extremely close and could have gone either way, rnd3 Condit, rnd4 Condit, and even though Diaz took Condit’s back in rnd5 Condit had controlled 31/2 to 4 minutes of the fight so I gave it to him (barley).

    Now for fightmetric.
    Rnd1 68-56 Condit. – What!? I could have sworn that rnd was Diaz’s
    Rnd2 41-84 Diaz. – again What!? I thought that round was much closer when I watched it.
    Rnd3 61-57 Condit – close,t but sounds right.
    Rnd4 73-9 Condit – Now I thought Carlos won the round, but I sure as hell didn’t see it as such a blow out.
    Rnd5 64-68 Diaz – This is the closest round of the fight, I though Carlos won, and he did in striking 64-37, but the grappling at the end, sealed it for Diaz.
    Total 306-274 Condit.

    So the grand total backs up what I “felt” while watching the fight but the details are pretty off, especially in the first two rounds. I’m a guilty as anyone of bad mouthing judges and getting up in arms over calls I disagree with, but to look at the numbers laid out with how I was judging while watching the fight, puts things into a slightly different perspective for me.

    I disagree with people that say Diaz won the fight, but seeing how off I was on my own judging, I can at least understand why they feel that way.

  • I do understand how people think that Diaz won but Im not amongst them. I thought Nick won rounds 2 and 5. 3 and 4 in my eyes were in my eyes the clearest for Condit and the first could go either way. I scored 48-47 For Carlos mainly due to him landing more, cleaner and more effective strikes.
    Mad Hatter I get your frustration with The technical kickboxing bout that ensued, I felt the same way until I just decided to see how Nick adjusted to Carlos doing the exact opposite of what he expected and enjoyed watching carlos put on a kicking clinic that Cung Le couldnt have done any better. Well not against a decent fighter anyway. In fighting GSP Carlos wont have the ability to dart in and out and land strikes, he’ll be using his meat hook rubber guard and kimura sweep from his back to try to submit or sweep GSP. GSP will try to bore us all as usual but I got faith in Carlos.
    If anyone’s not impressed with Carlos’s cardio then you should also bitch about Edgar or Machida as well. He did what they both do with an adaptation to his own style and countered a style that no one has figured out in a long time. It wasnt the war I wanted but I enjoyed the fight.

  • Spoken says:

    I’m a bit confused by all this talk about condit running from diaz. I saw him getting out of range from diaz and getting his back off the cage so diaz couldnt bully him into the corner like he is so good at doing. Every time that happened, I saw him reset in the center of the cage and go right back to fighting. He initiated plenty of exchanges in every round of the fight, and got the better of many of them. He threw a far more diverse striking game than diaz did and chose to be technical and avoid a brawl. All diaz could do was try and bait condit with taunts, but carlos never took it and stuck to his game plan. Unfortunately he couldn’t get the finish, but I think that says more about how tough diaz is to put down than it is a slight against condit. And I can’t say I was bored by it either. Both of them were throwing some great combinations and condit was really throwing everything he had at diaz with the knees and front kicks and spinning back-fists/elbows. Personally I wouldn’t be opposed to a rematch.

  • Rece Rock says:

    “Two guys intent on playing it safe taking minimal damage and doing just enough to win. Yawn.”- Mad_Hatter_XX

    Yeah because Condit is always so safe and boring… a real point fighter…geez gimme a fuckign break.


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