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Carlos Condit: “The past couple of months have been without a doubt one of the craziest periods of my career.”

Few fighters can claim to have dealt with the wild ride Carlos Condit has been on since fall 2011. Originally scheduled to face B.J. Penn at UFC 137, Condit soon saw his co-headlining spot turn into a main event bout for the UFC welterweight title after Nick Diaz was pulled out of his scheduled bout champion Georges St. Pierre. Condit then stood helplessly by as he watched GSP withdraw due to injury, Diaz slide back into the top contender’s slot, and St. Pierre go down again for health-related reasons. As a result, the 27-year old is now poised to fight Diaz for the interim belt this weekend at UFC 143 instead of Josh Koscheck who he’d originally began preparing to face.

Condit opened up about the experience in an interview with the UFC promoting his fight with Diaz where he said, “I just had to kind of smile and shake my head. After everything that’s happened, all the ups and downs, honestly there wasn’t much else left to do but kind of laugh.”

“The past couple of months have been without a doubt one of the craziest periods of my career…definitely an emotional rollercoaster,” he concluded.

In terms of what he sees as being the biggest challenge he’ll face against Diaz, a former Strikeforce champ who is notoriously difficult to finish and is on an eleven-fight winning streak.

“Mostly I’m impressed by his toughness,” said Condit. “He’s got some great skills. Good boxing, good jiu-jitsu, but just his warrior spirit.”

Fans can catch the two of them tussle at 10:00 PM EST when the PPV starts with undercard action on FX/Facebook beginning at 7:00 PM EST.

Check out the complete interview below:



    Don’t let any of that distract you Carlos-I have serious money on you actually knocking out Nick

  • Gike that might be a wise investment.

    Carlos is hungry….tremendously hungry and he’s a scary man to be staring across the ring/cage from. And as the best finisher in the business its really outstanding to see what a nice, intelligent, family man this guy really is.
    A great ambassador for the sport and if he doesnt quite get to the top of the mountain this time, he’ll get there shortly.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    Me too Gike. Me too


    Glad to see you back MOOSEBABY-true pioneer on this website-I honestly haven’t looked forward to a fight more than Condit/Diaz since Sakuraba/Royce-only this time the action is guaranteed to blow the roof off!!

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    I haven’t seen enough of Condit for him to have shown me he can beat Diaz.

    I know he is now the best WW according to everyone but, I think people love Condit for less of what he has done and more because everyone hates Nick Diaz.

    Not saying he can’t win but, I don’t see it happening.

    I see it being a war but, I think the volume of punches Diaz throws and his cardio will be the deciding factor.


    Good valid points MADHATTER-The only thing that you may not know about Condit is the fact that he absolutely is trying to kill or be killed once he enters that cage-and very few fighters these days actually live by that motto-The only other that I can think of has a last name of Diaz-drumroll please

  • I’ll take Gike’s point a step forward. Let’s also not forget that Condit has come back and won fights he was handily losing, Ellenberger and Macdonald come to mind. The guys a warrior and he’s done nothing but get better, oh and finish everyone except Ellenberger.

    And to be clear I still havent made an official call on this fight yet. I cant, this is a fight that I dont want to happen as much as i do want it to happen. These are my two favorite fighters for all the reasons we talk about constantly…Cardio: check, Striking: Check check: Submissions: triple check that shit! iron chins, wills to win and no animosity whatsoever. You can call Carlos’s fight selling nonexistant, and you can say Nick has a piss poor attitude, but when the bell rings saturday, ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOSE!

  • Rece Rock says:

    born bad,
    its such a sin,
    born bad,
    its such a sin,
    I guess I’m born naturally boooorn baaaad.


  • Jmad says:

    WAR CONDIAZ! I’m in the same boat as you superdave. These guys are the definition of a true fighter.

  • Creature says:

    These two come prepared and wishing to go to war every single time they step foot in the cage, they are almost completely equal in all areas.. if there was a fight id say has a good possibility of surpassing Hendo/Shogun in terms of how much of a war it will be and for FOTY winner it would be this one. Cant fucking wait, i would pay for the entire PPV just to see this fight.

    That being said im still going with Condit edging a dec. or doc stoppage.

  • climbarock says:

    I’m with Dave. This is just a great matchup. I’ve been a big fan of both fighters for years.


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