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Cesar Gracie: “I would advise Nick to not take another fight before the GSP fight…”

With UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre out until late 2012 while rehabbing an injured knee a question has surfaced surrounding the future of the division’s interim belt, a prize being fought over this weekend at UFC 143 between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit. Given the six-month minimum before St. Pierre is ready to train at full speed again, will Diaz-Condit defend the title before having a chance to claim undisputed status by facing GSP?

According to Diaz’s manager and head trainer, Cesar Gracie, the answer is “no”

Gracie, who was careful to speak in hypothetical terms rather than disrespect Condit by assuming Diaz would exit with a victory,

“If we’re fortunate and we win this fight, I would advise Nick to not take another fight before the GSP fight, unless it was maybe at a different weight class, because we wanna wait for (St. Pierre),” Gracie explained in an interview on The MMA Hour.

Diaz has fought at heavier and lighter weights than his current home as a 170 pounder. While far from anything resembling a certainty, if Diaz were to take a swim in a different divisional pool it would likely be as a middleweight given his size.


  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Makes sense. Diaz and Jason Miller have been jawing at each other for sometime a fight at 185 would be interesting.

    Although if last fights would be an indication of how it would go Miller might end up with an even worse beating than Bisping put on him.

    All just talk but, something to talk about.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I would not expect to see Miller back in the UFC unless he pulls together some wins in other organisations; he was cut after his abysmal showing against Bisping.

    I’d like to see the fight, but that’s a major step down for him at the moment — even if Condit smashes him in the first round of their fight.


    Miller vs any diaz will probably never happen-i think Nick’s greatest current challenge comes from a true killer by the name of Condit-mark my words-This one will go down in the history books for sure!!

  • MCM says:

    Miller got cut!? I don’t remember reading that. Sucks for Mayhem, he’s had two fights in the UFC and both were against top 5-10 guys in their divisions. He’s as good or better than half the MW division, they should have kept him.

    As for Diaz, sounds like Gracie is scared :0. Nicks too small for the MW’s and too big to even consider making LW. Not that an interim belt means anything, but what about the rest of the division? Guys like Ellenberger, Hendrix, and Kammpan aren’t too far behind and could be asking for title shots before the summer.

  • No doubt Gike…Im so excited for this fight I almost wanna call in sick and sleep all week till it happens. I havent been this excited for a fight in a long time. This isnt two strikers promising to bang and then not delivering, this isnt two elite grapplers cancelling each other out, these are two guys who want nothing more than to tear each other to shreds for two reasons. 1) Find out who the better man is. 2) so someone can finally snatch that belt from GSP.
    @MCM: To a degree he probably is scared, but let’s face it why shouldnt he be? He’s been tryin to get some UFC gold onto a fighter for a long time and he’s finally got a solid chance. As much as I hoped Shields would beat Georges, I knew better. And you’re certainly right about Ellenberger and Hendricks bein ready to ask for a title shot but Nick and GSP have been wanting to fight each other forever, and an interim title cant be passed around like a real one….that fight needs to happen first. Provided Jake E and Big Rig win their next fights, I think they should fight each other before gettin a title shot…and that almost makes the timing perfect IMO.


    Superdave-your build up sent shivers down my spine-i honestly hope that Condit doesn’t let me down-because I damn sure know that senior Diaz won’t

  • Rece Rock says:

    Hey gracie It doesn’t matter because Condit will be the interim champ and his mgr says he will fight before GSP returns…just sayin.

  • MickeyC says:

    To be honest, I;m kinda tired of hearing about GSP. The fight as it stands is with Condit. Lets talk about GSP after. It was a bit unbelievable how much screen time GSP got on the primetime for Diez/Condit. Shit he was on more than Carlos this last episode. I think it Diez looses it will be because he is thinking more about GSP than Carlos. Consintrate on the buisness at hand!

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Jason Miller was not cut.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    No he wasnt.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I thought Dana White threw a huge tantrum and cut him? I know DW is prone to hyperbole, but I thought he cut him.

  • Lord Faust says:

    For the record, I’d rather be wrong.

  • thanks Gike…and Ive got plenty more saved up for the breakdown…this fight is a dream to any fan of well rounded aggressive mixed martial artists and one of the few fights I dont really care who wins…I just want to see GSP take on someone as well rounded as he is and better than him in most areas…either of these guys will give him that.

    Im also tired of hearin about Georges during this whole ordeal but the focus is winning to get a piece of him so its bound to happen. If either of these guys look past the other they’ve got a real problem come saturday night.


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