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FOX hooks up highlights of Chael Sonnen’s semi-controversial win over Michael Bisping

Though last night’s main card clashes at UFC on FOX 2 may not have been quite as thrilling as their preliminary peers there’s no question all three bouts were competitive, especially in the case of the co-headliner between middleweights Chael Sonnen and Michael Bisping. Both men went at it for fifteen solid minutes with “The Count” holding his own against the accomplished grappler rather than suffer on his backside for the bout’s duration like many predicted he might.

In the end Sonnen walked away with a closely contested decision victory that left a number of fans, including UFC President Dana White, with a look of surprise when the scorecards were read. While the outcome was not as outrageous as other examples in the past, debate remains as to whether or not Bisping should have earned the judges’ nod and a title-shot in the process.

Now FOX has released a series of highlights from the fight, allowing fans to re-live the exciting affair and either have their opinions on the result either changed or strengthened based on a second look.

Check it out below:


  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    It was close but, don’t think Bisping got robbed. Sonnen did just enough in first where I thought he was controlling where fight went more than he wasn’t.

    Second Bisping dictated the action more and last round was clear that Sonnen won.

  • drstu says:

    Think we’ve seen over the years that the judges want to see takedowns, anything other than that doesn’t matter. I would have given the first two rounds to bisping, third to sonnen.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I don’t think the decision is controversial at all. Bisping wasn’t dominated by any means, but he never had Sonnen in any danger. Conversely, while Sonnen was never close to finishing Bisping, he at least had obvious control. I’m of the mind that no one really “won” a fight like that, but in a 10-point-must system, Sonnen gets the nod no matter how you slice it.

  • MickeyC says:

    It was close, But I had Chael by the skin of his teeth. I was far less impressed by this performance than the couple before it. He better come with more when he fights Anderson. Anybody read any comments form the camp? or should I say the camps manager.HAHA I find that Silva can’t say anything unless his managers or coaches do first.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    It really makes me laugh. After the Werdum fight people were like “if Werdum can out Strike Overeem”, now Chael struggles against a guy that was a very difficult matchup and people are like “Silva is going to destroy him”. Are people that stupid that they keep changing their minds based on 1 fight? Werdum was a very difficult fight for Overeem and Bisping was very difficult for Sonnen. Silva cant defend Sonnens takedowns. It hasnt changed. Bisping has far better wrestling, A. Silvas wrestling sucks. He has very good striking and very good subs off his back but he is highly vulnerable to wrestlers takedowns. Sonnen will put him on his back at will. Everyone is under the illusion that Silva is good at everything based on Maia and Leites butt scooting around the ring, Cote retiring hurt, Leites gassing, Irvin being Irvin and Forrest fighting the worst fight Ive seen by a fighter of his level, it was pathetic and he gave up. His jaw wasnt dislocated, his ear was ruptured it was just pathetic. Silva will struggle against Sonnen because Sonnen is (nearly) the perfect guy to beat Silva.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    His ear WASNT ruptured is what I was trying to say.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    I gave Sonnen 1 and 3 but only because of the scoring system. Bosping won 2. You can tell that Bisping agreed because when they read out 30-27 his reaction was not that of a guy who thought that score was read out for him.

  • Ok….now first off Logic I agree with your assessement of the fight…rounds 1 and 3 Sonnen, round 2 Bisping, and only the third was dominant.
    Now for you to say that Silvas wrestling sucks is proposterous, stupid and downright illogical of you. Did Bisping reverse Sonnen like Anderson did Marquardt? No he got to his feet. Hey didnt Silva spring to his feet and win the fight after Vitor Belfort, a guy who Dan Henderson praised his wrestling,took him down? Only a handful of people have taken The Spider down and guess what not a ONE of them has beaten him in 13 fights NOT ONE. Anderson struggled with Chael due to a cracked rib or seperated cartilidge oh and that whole thing about Chael cheating and having an illegally high level of testosterone not because of the style. If Chael performs anything like he did
    last night against Silva, he’ll taste canvas in the first round.
    and yep, call me a Silva nuthugger, or bandwagon rider or whatever….truth is, he’s the longest reigning champ in MMA history, has the longest fight streak over elite/semielite(James irvin) competition in any organization currently and has only come close to defeat once in the last six years. Chael’s in trouble and after last night, I think he knows it.


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