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Fedor Emelianenko sitting out until summertime

The spurt of activity from heavyweight great Fedor Emelianenko towards the close of 2011 gave fans hope that “The Last Emperor” may have finally returned to his throne, poising himself for a solid 2012 after winning fights against Jeff Monson and Satoshi Ishii in November/December. However, it looks like Emelianenko intends to take a solid chunk of time off before eventually returning to the ring this summer.

The 35-year old icon’s plans were revealed earlier today in an email to USA Today from M-1 Global representative Evgeni Kogan.

As far as a specific date or location, Kogan explained that Emelianenko’s home-country of Russia was being considered, as was Monaco. Beyond general information, little else was offered other than that a rumored bout between the former PRIDE champion and Bobby Lashley was far from materializing.

Emelianenko’s wins over Monson/Ishii both brought back memories of his better days after the formerly unbeatable Russian lost three fights in a row while under the Strikeforce banner. Among the many notable victories on the 33-4 legend’s record are those over Mirko Filipovic, Tim Sylvia, Andrei Arlovski, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.


  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Takes a lot of time to find the right can to kick around.

  • I’ll second THAT Hatter….I dont wanna see an all time great smashin cans or other has beens for his career closing…Id rather see him fight good fighters and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Lord Faust says:

    He’s waiting for a couple of potential opponents to rack up a win, bringing them to 1-0 professionally.

  • MCM says:

    I honestly think he’s waiting out the finals of the SF GP and the closing of the HW division. Will Barnett win? Will he be signed by the UFC if he doesn’t? That’s still a fight a lot of fans want to see. What about Sergei, what’s he doing?

    Truth is, outside of Kimbo, there are no HW’s left not under Zuffa or Belator contract that have the strength of name to fight Fedor. Unless Randy un-retires again.

  • which would be awesome MCM

  • Lord Faust says:

    It’s true. Barnett is really the only one left. I wonder if Dana and Josh will squash whatever problem they have, if he wins the GP. Otherwise, Fedor might be one of the only fights out there for Josh as well.

  • Guthookd says:

    “Mirko Filipovic, Tim Sylvia, Andrei Arlovski, and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.”….man, that just doesn’t mean what it used to.

    I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind seeing him fight a few more lower level guys like Tod Duffee, Kole Conrad, Neil Grove, Abe Wagner, the once great Rizzo, Buentello, even Ricco Rod. Lashley……, I’d rather see Fedor fight fucking Jon Ott than Lashley.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I’d rather watch Bo Cantrell tap out to the glove-touch than Lashley.

  • MickeyC says:

    Fedor is done fighting top 5 guys, unless he goes to the UFC. Hes to lazy to drop to LHW. Hes gonna try to rack up 4 or 5 wins from nobodies and has beens so he can act as though he has returnrf to his former glory. And in the eyes of his countymen, he will have. SAD SHIT. Id rather see him bow out respectfully than to fight cans.

  • LiverPunch says:

    What a bunch of haters. Makes me sick.
    Fedors last 10 opponents = 1 guy not in the top 20 and 6 top 10s at least. You are all just a bunch of fools. This guy was called by most not signed not signed by ZUFFA as the best ever along with a few like GSP as the best p4p in the world. Now you say hes fighting cans?! You idiots! check out every other top HW and count how many top 20s and top 10s they have faced recently or in their last 10 and I bet you cant come up with more than a couple if any that have fought more top 10s. JDS has faced 2 in his entire career. WTF is your problem people? You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. In his last 10 fights he fought 6 top 10s for gods sake and thats fighting cans? Its like you ate trolling but I think that you are serious. Are you guys so UFC indoctrinated that you cant think or what? This guy is 1 of the best ever you haters and its not just me (a fan) saying this, guys like GSP, Bas, Valasquez, Nog, Trig and many other top fighters or insiders say this. You guys need to look at yourself because you are Dana’s bitches.

  • LiverPunch says:

    A little respect for 1 of the best ever.
    The guy loses 3 in a row and then fights Monson, a top 20 so give him a break. It was only 3 fights ago that JDS fought Nelson who wasnt even top 20 and 2 before that Yvel. Whos kicking cans around ?

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    What flavor is the kool-aid Liver ?

    Fedor will never fight much less beat anyone of relevance ever again.

    Maybe Tod Dufee needs work or maybe fat out of shape Tim Sylvia can push himself away from the table for one more payday.

    I’m sure M-1 will find some can for Fedor to kick around before too long and when Fedor smashes that can they will talk about fighting whoever is UFC champ at that time. Then the legion of Fedor fan boys can talk about how awesome sauce Fedor looked smashing that can.

  • Lord Faust says:

    We’re calling a spade a spade, but we’re indoctrinated? More like “objective”, but sure.

    Would I watch Fedor fight again? Sure. I will watch anything MMA related.

    I’m not going to re-hash the rest of my comments about Fedor; just search the 5oz archives for the last article about him, my stance hasn’t changed. He’s beyond his sell-by date.

  • climbarock says:

    I really like Fedor and his fighting style. Dude always brings it, and he’s no point fighter.

    Hate M-1. Fuck those guys. They made a huge mistake by not signing with UFC and capturing the HW championship when the division was weak. Instead Fedor flirts around with small-time promotions and eventually lands in SF, an organization that most fans don’t really respect despite a pretty damn good HW division. It was a lose-lose situation to begin with. If Fedor had ruled the SF HW division he’d be the champ of the #2 organization and everyone would still wonder what he’d do in UFC. SF champs get no respect. If he suffers some losses, which he did, then he washed out of a second tier organization.

  • Niv says:

    Well Liver Punch I agree, I have always had trouble digesting the amount of hate that comes Fedor’s way.

    For the longest time he was considered by his peers and many fans the best there ever was, and that as far as I’m concerned is how it stands.

    Unfortunately he has slowed down a bit and appears to have been bitten by that one dimensional bug that plagues all fading fighters. He always fought at a fever pitch, but he mixed up his punches with hip tosses and ridiculous ground and pound. Watching Fedor today is a very different as he just seems to swing wildly at times and has abandoned every other skill he has.

    I guess he doesn’t care enough to get a TRT prescription so I’d say he is done fighting top 5 fighters, but that was always a matter of time considering how long he’s been fighting.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Yeah unfortunatly there are those that see Fedor as a baddie. You pointed out how many top 10s he had faced and proved that he doesnt fight cans but do you get back any solid argument, facts or evidence? No you get the same reality denial as always, with comments like “Fedor Kool-aid”. It will never change. Its sad really that you say Fedor has fought 6 top 10s in his last 10 and the argument you get back is that. I dont know how people can be that way, just completely dismiss reality to suit some bizzare hatred based on (what I think is) an imaginary affiliation with ZUFFA. The facts are right there but are ignored, why? Perhaps the weak minded have fallen victim to some kind of ZUFFA brainwashing.
    Satoshi Ishi is the only guy who can be considered “a can” recently and he is an olympic gold medalist with a record of about 5-1 going into that fight and Fedor had gone 1-3 in his last 4. I think he should have fought Valasquez instead but unfortunately the fight with that “can” was not allowed.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    It would not surprise me 1 bit if a UFC employee or 2 blogged on this site. The complete denial of facts and evidence by some and constant siding with ZUFFA, no matter what are the circumstances, is beyond belief. For some ZUFFAs enemies are their enimies. For ZUFFA to hate SF, Affliction, M1 and others is normal because it is comp for them bit for fans to constatly tow that line and follow Dana White with no strategic or finacial gain is bizzare. Im no psychologist but it could be yhat they see themselves as part of that tribe or it could be that being told lies and spin long enough and you will beleave it. The media is complicit in this, sites and media outlets get bullied by ZUFFA into staying largely positive towards ZUFFA. If media is to talk out against ZUFFA they dont get interviews, initations or the like. It is in a media outlets interest to tow the line too. The fighters cant speek out because if they do, their career is slowed way down or finished. This is more and more the case since fighters have no real alternative to the UFC now. No other company can support or afford UFC big names if they wanted or were forced to leave.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Using your “logic” anyone who was recently as in last 3 or 4 years considered the best should still be considered as so and be treated accordingly.

    4 years ago Chuck Lidell was thought to be top lhw in the world, why aren’t you screaming he should be champ or no.1 contender?

    4 years ago Matt Hughes was considered one of if not the best ww. Why no screams for him to be fighting all the top tier guys be cause he could undoubtably beat every one of them if we are to use same “logic”.

    It’s called aging and it happens. I guess boredom prompted me to reply one last time knowing that “logic” must involve mass indoctrination and brainwashing and everyone who does not worship at the altar of Fedor could not possibly make rational judgements based on what they see.

    Now if you will excuse me there is a flying saucer with a big UFC logo out front waiting to take me to the bank to cash my check for “Fedor hating”.

  • Lord Faust says:

    You got a cheque? I was only promised cake and punch.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    WTF are you talking about? Whos calling for him to be fighting top guys? Really strange how you make things up. Argue with me not with something you want me to be saying. Thats so weird. WTF?
    As for rational “takes time to find cans to kick around” isnt it. Like was stated he fought 6 top 10s in his last 10. So wheres your rational thinking there? Face it, you are an unrational Fedor hater. You imply that he looks for cans to fight but he doesnt. You are NOT rational and STILL cant back up what you say. You just make up an imaginary argument instead of actually arguing what this is about because you cant face reality and that reality is that you are one of those guys that holds an unreasonable grudge against Fedor. You say we worship Fedor as if what we say and argue about isnt facts. Well welcome to reality MH. Just because facts contradict your lack of logic and unreasonable bias, doesnt mean its Fedor worship. ITS CALLED REALITY, FACT AND YOU CANT FACE IT. Im willing to debate it. Fedor fanboys? Yeah stating facts makes you a fanboy haha! Really are you so blind to reality? Since when did stating facts make you a fan boy but throwing hate at a fighter who is one of the greatest ever who has fought 6 top 10 fighters in his last 10 make you rational. Answer NEVER! The sad thing is you dont realise how wrong you are even though it is so obvious. I think you must be brainwashed. But I will stick to stats and reality oh sorry I think you call that being a fanboy, you just stick to hating Fedor because hes a baddie.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Irrational not un rational.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Fedor = 35.
    Other top 10s Barnett 34, Nog 35, Cormier 32, Overeem 32, Carwin 37, Mir 32.
    A.Silva 37, Hendo 41.
    Couture was mid 40s and UFC HW champ.
    Fedor has lost 3 in his last 5 against 3 top 10 fighters and so has Nog both are 35.
    Mad Hatter is a Fedor Hater and passes it off as rational.
    Lidell doesnt fight anymore but lost 5 from 7 before retiring, all of them were agaist top fighters and I cant recall your kicking cans comment about him.
    Matt Hughes also doesnt fight anymore and all of his last few fights were against top fighters also. I cant remember you calling for him to kick cans either.
    Hmmm curious. You were saying?
    Just acknowledge that you have a hatred for Fedor based on your acceptence of propaganda over fact. I can see it, why cant you?

  • LiverPunch says:

    Mad Hats old pal saying “I cant see Fedor beating too many more top tens even if he had access to them” can be argued as a rational.
    “It takes time to find cans to kick around” is pure Fedor hate.
    Considering Werdum, Nog, Mir, Carwin, Schaub and Cormier make up 3/4 of the top 10 I think a motivated Fedor is more than a challenge for those guys and I would pick him over Nog, Schaub and Carwin any day. I think vs Nog would be awesome and epic. If Logic isnt calling for him to fight top fighters I am. It is true that some of you are exactly like Logic says. When Strikeforce was in opposition to the UFC the hate was massive but now it is owned by ZUFFA those voices have grown quiet even though Strikeforce is far worse and the strange decisions have continued. What has changed appart from ownership? It has become far worse and yet the attacks from “fans” have become less. Now figure that out.

  • LiverPunch says:

    Id pick Fedor over Werdum in a rematch too.

  • Sykotick says:

    Fedor’s last 10
    Matt Lindland was not a top 10 heavy. Hell he is/was a middleweight,

    Hong Man Choi, laughable to think he was top 10

    Tim Sylvia, at the time he was 2-2 with his wins being Vera and Monson, NO WAY hopscotching wins and losses like that makes you top 10.

    Arlovski, easily was top 10, hell top 5.

    Brett Rogers, only win of notion (then and now) was Andrei, who was coming off a loss and was in the middle of his falling from grace. No way that’s top 10

    Werdum, Now, Werdum was a real threat, cuz of his excellent ground game, tho I had Fedor beating him, now that aside yes he was/is top 10.

    Bigfoot, to that point, Bigfoot’s biggest win at that point was Mike Kyle, a light heavy weight who took the fight on short notice. That don’t make you top 10.

    Dan Henderson, MW/LHW, so he was not top 10 HW

    Jeff Monson. Journeyman who can’t win against real competition, not top 10

    Satoshi Iisi, NOT top 10,

    Now, my math says that’s 2 top 10s in his last 10. Now, am I saying he sucks?? No. Am I calling him a can crushed?? No. Is he the same god like fighter he once was?? No, but thats normal, that’s what happens as you age. Sure there are freaks of nature like Randy and Dan, but that don’t mean every one can do it.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Tim Sylvia was 5
    Arlovski was 2
    Hendo was about 8 now 3
    Werdum was about 8 or 9
    Rogers was about 7
    Big Foot was about 10-12
    Lindland was a top 10 MW
    Hong man Choi wasn’t
    Satoshi ishi wasn’t
    Monson was prolly top 20 considering 9 wins from his last 10 before Fedor.
    Sykotik THIS is fact. What you said is what you want reality to be. Nobody cares what you think is top 10 or not. The fact is Sylvia, Arlovski, Rogers, Werdum and the others WERE ranked top 10. Hell Schaub, Carwin, Nelson and others like Kongo are considered top 10 candidates but I think they all suck and Lesnar proved that he is not worthy either. Truth is it could be 2 top 5s, 5 top 10s and 1 top 20 in his last 10. Thats from top 10 rankings lists not what you think though so you will have to make that jump and try to accept reality no matter if it doesnt suit. Facts are facts even if you dont like it.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Umm his management group was calling for him to fight top guys in Cain Valesquez and you made a huge ranting post about how unfair it was he couldn’t fight him due to your invented conspiracy.

    I don’t hate Fedor but, my eyes tell me he is no longer the fighter he was and his and his managements decisions will prevent him from fighting anyone considered a real challenge.

    Alas I realize it is pointless to rationalize with one who will not be rational. I will leave you to your Fedor man crush and enjoy those fat checks zuffa sends to all of us Fedor haters. I will tell Uncle Dana you sais Hi at our next “I hate Fedor” club social.


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