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Dana White: “Anybody that’s ever said that they didn’t know what’s being put in their body is full of sh*t.”

If Muhammed Lawal and Cristiane Santos were hoping the team at Zuffa would be understanding in regards to the situation surrounding their recent drug tests it appears they’re in for some disappointment. Lawal and Santos, who are both currently facing discipline after testing positive for PED usage, each made excuses for the result rather than showing genuine accountability for having slipped up.

Specifically, Santos said she had taken a substance she wasn’t completely familiar with as a means of helping her cut weight, while Lawal explained the drug in his system was part of a supplement he’d bought over the counter at a fitness supply chain.

UFC President Dana White addressed the topic in an interview with MMAFighting where he showed little sympathy for either disgraced athlete, especially in terms of how they’d handled the post-test fallout.

“If you get caught doing something, admit you did it,” said White. “The whole ‘Somebody put something in my system that I didn’t know about?’ I mean, who here lets someone put sh*t inside them that you don’t know what it is?”

“Anybody that’s ever said that they didn’t know what’s being put in their body is full of sh*t,” the outspoken executive concluded while saying he’d rather see fighters own up to their mistake instead of tap-dance around it.

Lawal is not planning to appeal his failed test, hoping instead the NSAC will be lenient based on his admission of guilt, while Santos is fighting the CSAC’s sentence of a yearlong suspension.


  • MickeyC says:

    I agree 100%. All fighters are responsible for what they take. Any anyone at the level of Cyborg and mo should have managers, and people in there camp helping mionitor”new Supplements”. Its a bull shit excuse. SHit I’m about as far from an Elite MMA fighter as you can get. I do not make a cent from my bodies physical ability, and I know what I put in my body. You can’t tell me that a man or woman that gets their entire income from their bodies, does not know what they are dygesting.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Of course guys should be held responsible for what goes into their body, so that everyone is operating under the same set of rules (whether we agree with them or not), and so it’s a little annoying when guys who get popped come out with the same tired BS excuses. BUT… it’s not always that black & white. So while I do agree with Dana’s general sentiment here, I think–as usual–he’s taking things to an unreasonable extreme.

    Years ago, for one reason or another, Major League Baseball became the whipping boy for PEDs in pro sports. Mostly cuz home run records were being broken, but whatever the case, all the PED hysteria forced MLB to put some pretty elaborate measures in place to address the PED issue. From the testing that is conducted, to the players’ association that goes to great lengths to keep its players informed of what is/isn’t legal, and so on. And yet we continue to see cases where guys get busted under pretty ambiguous circumstances.

    Last year a Phillies pitcher was suspended for a failed test. He bought a supplement from GNC, went thru the players’ association to have it approved, with two different nutritionists involved to provide their blessing, and yet it caused him to fail a test and get hit with a lengthy suspension. To further complicate matters, it was revealed that there was an extended lag time between MLB knowing this particular supplement was illegal and the league notifying the players’ association (so they could let guys know if something wasn’t *clean*.) So yeah, it’s easy to sit back & say, “Too bad. Should’ve known what was going into your body…” but I think it’s pretty unfair & naive to paint every situation with that same broad stroke.

    The latest example involves Ryan Braun, who already had a 9-figure contract when he was recently popped for failing a test. The details have been slow to emerge in that case but from the early rumblings it sounds as though he may be exonerated to a large degree. Not necessarily that he didn’t have something *illegal* in his system, but that he knowingly did nothing wrong with similarly ambiguous circumstances. And these are multi, multi, multi millionaires, unlike the typical MMA fighter who is just trying to make ends meet while training between bouts. So it just seems incredibly difficult for these guys to always know the exact sciences of over-the-counter supplements, many of which are provided/recommended by reputable nutritionists.

  • climbarock says:

    You fuckin’ tell ’em, Dana! Truth!

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Dana is right here. You know what supplements have in them before you take them.If you dont you and your camp are really, really naive and stupid. No, nobody is that dumb, Mo cheated.

  • Lord Faust says:

    The real subtext to this is that the supplement industry needs some oversight. Any slack-jawed fuckwit can go buy a bag of whey protein, cut it with a bunch of crap and sell it as an over-the-counter “supplement”. I could be mistaken, but as long as it does not claim to treat an injury, illness, or symptom, they can pretty much market it however they want.

    Bigger, Faster, Stronger had a good section it. Not to excuse fighters; I think Dana is correct — at least on the philosophical level. No serious athlete, without one HELL of a supporting argument, can honestly say “I don’t know what’s in my body.”

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    If you are a top athlete you dont just buy any supplement a slack jawed fuckwit makes. You buy and use specific supplements not just anything in the store that takes your fancy. This is entirely Mo and his camps fault. Tell me, seriously, would you just go and pick a supplement up off the shelf in a store without knowing whats in it after so many others have supposedly been caught out the same way? No way in hell. If you do your the biggest fool around. He cheated. Top MMA guys dont just.grab Super Muscle 2000+ off the shelf and say “this looks good”. They research scietifically and take what is proven and clean. If they dont why not? It is just common sense and the most basic of ideas. HE CHEATED, SHERK CHEATED, THIAGO SILVA CHEATED, BELFORT CHEATED, SYLVIA CHEATED, SONNEN CHEATED, MARQUARDT CHEATED and all of the rest of them cheated.

  • Lord Faust says:

    Yeah, and I agree. For the most part. I still think the whole “supplement” industry is shady as Hell, though.


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