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Chael Sonnen: “I came to Chicago to do Michael Bisping a lot of physical harm.”

Whether due to genuine respect for one another or the lack of time involved, typically outspoken middleweights Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen opted to focus on refining their skills in the gym than practicing any jabs of the verbal variety. However, with only a few days remaining before Sonnen battles Bisping in co-headlining action at UFC on FOX 2 it appears their newfound free time has prompted them to start taking shots at one another.

Of course, ask Sonnen and he’s likely to deny any sort of wrongdoing in the matter as only he can. The 34-year old recently discussed his bout with Bisping in an interview with the UFC where, as expected, Sonnen’s silver-tongue was on display.

“I hate terms like ‘hype’ and ‘trash-talk’ because I don’t do that,” Sonnen dead-panned. “I never say anything I don’t mean and I’m not going to insult a guy I have no problem with. But, that said, Bisping is a jerk and I’m going to finish him faster than he can devour a Bovril and meatpie.”

“I am the best fighter in the world,” Sonnen continued. “He thinks he can beat me, I think I can beat him and we are going to see who is right in the only debating forum that matters – the UFC Octagon.”

Sonnen also made it clear his purpose this weekend has nothing to do with making Bisping look bad in the media or even earn a title-shot, saying, “I came to Chicago to do Michael Bisping a lot of physical harm. I don’t come here to ‘talk trash’ because that’s not something I do.”

What Sonnen does do, at least more often than not, is win. Tune in to see if he’s able to meet his own expectations when he and Bisping battle on FOX with the main card broadcast starting at 8:00 PM EST on Saturday.


  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Chael makes me laugh. He reminds me of a really good pro wrestling heel.

    Think Bisping is in for a rough night spent on his back dodging Sonnens GnP.

  • MickeyC says:

    I do not see Bisping fairing any better than Stann did. Everyone thinks their wrestling is good till they step in with a Chael.

  • LiverPunch says:

    The only guy I can recall you doing a lot of harm to is your crim buddies you turned rat on. I have to say I really hate Sonnen, hate hate HATE him. So maybe that clouds my thinking but I cant see him beating Bisping.

  • Niv says:

    Sonnen is like Ali without the accomplishments. Ali is considered the greatest of all-time, while Sonnen will amount to a footnote in mma history at best.

    I’ll be voting for the Count, but I think Sonnen will unfortunately take this.


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