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Jim Miller wins Submission of the Night honors in Nashville

UFC lightweight Jim Miller pocketed an additional $45,000 after earning Submission of the Night in his headlining affair against hard-hitting 155er Melvin Guillard at UFC on FX. The 28-year old grappler brought the award home after weathering an early storm from Guillard only to eventually get his back and lock in a Rear-Naked Choke. The submission was the twelfth of the 21-3 Miller’s career.

Fight of the Night went to another main card match-up in the form of Pat Barry’s battle with Christian Morecraft. The fight didn’t last long but saw Morecraft jump ahead early, even working his way into full mount and what looked to be a convincing Armbar attempt. However, Barry defended as necessary, got back to his feet, and landed a stiff left hook to put Morecraft down to the mat. The affable kickboxer sprung on top shortly thereafter and pounded out the TKO victory. Both men were given an extra $45,000 for their performances.

Finally, Knockout of the Night came early in the evening when Nick Denis dropped Joseph Sandoval less than thirty seconds into their card-opener. The win improved Denis’ overall record to 11-2 and was his tenth TKO.


  • Lord Faust says:

    I understand why they gave it to Miller, but I thought Neer’s submission was a lot sweeter. Highly debatable, though; both were awesome.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    personally thought Daniel Pineda and Josh Neers subs were as good if not better
    KO of the night was a given, awesome debut by Denis
    Barry/Morecroft fight of the night? really? two fat guys with very little skill? how the fuck did they get on the main show? i thought it was woeful.
    oh wait i cant say that cos Pat Barry is a really nice guy and you cant knock him. fuck that, his skill set is low, even as a kick boxer.
    Fabricio Camoes vs. Tom Hayden was a much better fight

    thought the prelims presentation was real nice, treating as a show in itself was cool, hope they keep all prelims this way

  • MCM says:

    Yeah, I thought Neers was a much better Sub of the Night. He came back from as much if not more adversity than Miller and was able to put Bang to sleep.

    KO was a given.

    FOTN should have gone to Papazian vs. Easton. That fight was a back and forth slobber knocker that was continuous action from bell to bell. It could have gone either way, neither fighter came out a loser in that one.

    Tough choice for OTN honors though. 10 fights with 8 finishes. Great card.

  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    I hope and expect Neer got some bonus cash too, his sub was sweet.


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