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Melvin Guillard: “I won’t be reckless…”

Last October, UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard found himself in an envious position. The 28-year old slugger had won five straight fights and was poised to earn a title-shot with a win over Joe Lauzon at UFC 136, a match-up most labeled as being his to lose as long as he could keep Lauzon from taking him down. However, when things were said and done, it was Lauzon who landed a knee-knocking strike rather than power-puncher Guillard. Shortly thereafter the fight was over and Guillard was back at the drawing board.

In less than a minute Guillard learned a valuable lesson and one he will carry with him into tomorrow night’s headlining fight at UFC on FX when he faces Jim Miller, also an apt grappler with decent striking similarly to Lauzon. “The Young Assassin” spoke some about his upcoming bout, saying he has no intention of repeating his performance from the Lauzon loss.

“What happened last time was a mistake,” Guillard explained in a press release promoting the show. “I rushed in so hard and fast I was stunned with a jab and from there I lost the fight. It was kinda dumb, but I am young enough to learn as long as realize the mistake. I made the mistake, it didn’t just happen, I know that but I also know I’m still one of the best fighters in the division.”

To help erase the memories of fans with the October loss firmly implanted in their minds Guillard made it clear he’ll still be looking for a finish against Miller – it just won’t come as the result of throwing caution to the wind and going all-out right off the bat.

“I am looking at making a statement on FX against another top guy in the division. He’s one of the best fighters in the world at this weight and it is a great main event,” Guillard continued before adding, “I won’t be reckless, but you will see what I can do on FX Friday night. You will see the Young Assassin!”

Guillard holds an overall record of 29-9-2 with nineteen TKOs including past wins over Shane Roller, Evan Dunham, and Dennis Siver. Other bouts at UFC on FX: Guillard vs. Miller include Josh Neer vs. Duane Ludwig and Christian Morecraft vs. Pat Barry.


  • Rece Rock says:

    Shelton Benjamin, I mean ahh Melvin Guillard will probabaly be hesitant to explode and let loose so I don’t know how this is going to go… hoping for a Guillard TKO/KO personally… but I won’t be surprised if he gets caught on the ground.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Melvin has won 8 of his past 10, with the two losses being mostly due to his own recklessness. The Lauzon fight is fresh in everybody’s mind, but prior to that his last defeat was to Nate Diaz, who he was tagging early in the fight and bloodied up, before Melvin tried some completely ridiculous rope-a-dope move bouncing off the cage and shooting directly into Diaz’s lap who promptly locked up his neck.

    So we might see something similar again… Jim Miller, while not the dynamically talented fighter than Melvin is, is really good and could end up being the latest fighter to use Melvin’s aggression against him. It’s always going to be a tricky balance for Melvin (well, really any fighter, but especially the more explosive strikers like Melvin) in finding the happy medium between pushing the action to put his opponent away vs. being overly aggressive/reckless and leaving himself exposed.

    Tough fight to predict, but I think Melvin is too fast/strong/athletic for Miller. But given what happened last time out, I do think we’ll see a more restrained Guillard and, combined with the fact Miller is incredibly difficult to finish, I’ll go with Melvin by UD.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    …and Melvin’s loss prior to that was Clementi, who he’d been feuding with. So Melvin entered the cage that night wanting to take his head off, as if it was some sort of brawl, instead of fighting like a professional.

    I mean, guys like Rich Clementi have no business beating someone with the talent and proven ability of Guillard. And the dude has a ton of fights at the pro level, so it’s not like it’s a lack of experience… and yet he still manages to be his own worst enemy in the cage at times.

    So I’ll pick him against Miller tomorrow night, but I wouldn’t want to back that up with $$.

  • fitfreak says:

    You can never count out Melvin. This is a tough one to pick. I say Melvin could take it with an early KO/TKO, otherwise, Miller takes it.

    I was there for his fight against Clementi. Everyone cheered when Melvin lost.


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