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DREAM and ProElite announce new partnership

In what seemed like a foregone conclusion, ProElite and DREAM have announced a partnership that will see the two organizations co-promote events and swap talent as a result of the deal. DREAM recently had a partnership with Strikeforce, but things fell apart once Zuffa purchased Strikeforce in early 2011.

The relationship starts this Saturday night in Hawaii as DREAM mainstay Ikuhisa Minowa takes on Ultimate Fighter 3 winner Kendall Grove in the main event of ProElite: Da Spyda vs. Minowaman.

President of ProElite Billy Kelly commented on the new affair by saying, “Our partnership with DREAM forms a promotional bond with the most prominent Japanese MMA organization. Dream has developed a stable of great fighters on their roster and a strong team behind the scenes. With this exchange, the two organizations are building a cultural and fight-event bridge that our fans are sure to welcome.”

Also on the card will be DREAM light heavyweight grand prix runner-up Tatsuya Mizuno taking on Ilima Maiava. Plus, the voice of Japanese MMA, Lenne Hardt, will introduce the fighters as they walk down to the cage before battle.

“I’m really honored to join the partnership with ProElite,” added DREAM Event Producer Keiichi Sasahara. “It is important for us to exploit Asian or Pan-pacific markets by improving relationships with foreign organizations like ProElite. We would like to make this fighter exchange program a first step to generate synergistic success for both organizations.”

  • Guthookd says:

    I would really actually like to see this fight. I almost said that if Minowa gets it to the ground that he’s got it made, but actually Kendall has good jits skills. it could be a war.

    I’m glad they struck the deal. Now Pro-elite needs to build a roster. How about……Nate the Great to start with, add Rumble in the mix too. There are a lot of good fighters out there…just to many for Zuffa to tie up all at once.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    i like this news, Dream shows are getting way to rare and they have some damned good fighters.
    Good grounds for some US talent to get over to Japan to fight to.
    I can wait to see Minowaman fight Kendall, i love me some Minowa somersaults

  • Hohlraum says:

    Always love watching Minowa fight!

  • Rece Rock says:

    Is this card in Hawaii again?

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Honolulu, always enjoyed watching events there too, maybe cos the locals are usually on the undercards and you know those motherfuckers fight
    ROTR, Superbrawl, EliteXC, Icon, they did some good stuff

  • Lord Faust says:

    Sweet. More fights.

    Is there still talk of K-1 buying DREAM, or was that just some author’s wish list?

  • LiverPunch says:

    Wonder how much ZUFFA will buy ProElite for.


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