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Jose Aldo impresses at UFC 142 with first round knockout of Chad Mendes

Last night marked the first UFC event of 2012 and a return to the most rabid MMA country in the world with a card stacked with hometown favorites. Coming to us live from the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, it’s UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes.

UFC 142 was headlined by a featherweight title fight with explosive Brazilian champion Jose Aldo successfully defending his title against top contender, the formerly undefeated Chad Mendes. Mendes did his best to take Aldo down after exchanging a few leg-kicks with him but was relatively unsuccessful and ultimately ate a knee during a takedown attempt that ended his evening.

In the co-main event, perhaps the most popular MMA fighter from Brazil, Vitor Belfort, battled Anthony Johnson and ended up submitting him in the opening frame of action. Also on the card was a middleweight bout between top jiu-jitsu artist Rousimar Palhares and wrestler Mike Massenzio, plus a lightweight showdown between highly touted prospects Edson Barboza and Terry Etim.

Read below for a full list of results:


Felipe Arantes def. Antonio Carvalho via Unanimous Decision


Mike Pyle vs. Ricardo Funch

Round One: Slow striking battle to start but then Pyle landed a straight right that hurt Funch. Pyle followed it up with a knee in the clinch that dropped Funch and pounded him out on the ground, forcing the referee to stop the fight. Quick finish and a good performance by Pyle.

Result: Mike Pyle def. Ricardo Funch via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)

Yuri Alcantara vs. Michihiro Omigawa

Round One: Alcantara opened with a good knee followed by a power straight left. Alcantara finding a home for his left hand early in the round. Omigawa struggling to get inside and find his range. Big knee in the clinch followed up by a spinning back elbow dropped Omigawa to a knee. Alcantara pounced on Omigawa, landed a flurry of strikes, and got the back on the ground but Omigawa turned into him and ended up on top. Omigawa landed some short punches but never got past half guard. With just seconds remaining, Alcantara locked on an armbar that looked like it break the arm of Omigawa, but he never fully tapped out. It did look like Omigawa tapped once when the armbar was first locked on. Easily a 10-9 round for Alcantara.

Round Two: Alcantara dropped Omigawa early in the round and followed him to the ground. Alcantara got the back and softened Omigawa up with strikes. Alcantara sunk in the rear naked choke but Omigawa somehow survived and escaped. Alcantara remained on top, but Omigawa ended up getting to guard. Alcantara roughed up Omigawa on the ground with strikes, but Omigawa did a nice job limiting the damage despite doing very little off his back. Another dominant 10-9 round for Alcantara. Might even be 10-8, but I’m calling it 10-9.

Round Three: Alcantara looks very tired to start this round but Omigawa isn’t really pressing the action. Even though he’s tired, Alcantara continues to land his left and anytime he throws it. Omigawa landed a couple of nice elbows before getting an easy takedown. Omigawa does very little with the top position and gets stood up with just 15 seconds remaining. Omigawa goes for one last judo throw but Alcantara reverses it right into mount as time expires. Alcantara probably did more damage in the round and Omigawa did nothing with the takedown, so I’ll give it slightly 10-9 to Alcantara, who should take the fight 30-27.

Result: Yuri Alcantara def. Michihiro Omigawa via Unanimous Decision

Edinaldo Oliveira def. Gabriel Gonzaga

Round One: Slow start to the round with neither man committing to their punches. Gonzaga got a big takedown right into side control. Oliveira got up but Gonzaga put him right back down and into half guard. Oliveira tried to get up, which just allowed Gonzaga to lock on a rear naked choke and forced Oliveira to tap. Good grappling by Gonzaga.

Result: Gabriel Gonzaga def. Edinaldo Oliveira via Submission Round 1 (Rear Naked Choke)

Sam Stout vs. Thiago Tavares

Round One: Tavares got an early takedown but Stout limited the damage and got back to his feet. Tavares scored with a couple more takedowns but again Stout got to his feet without taking any damage. Tavares went for an arm in guillotine but Stout escaped and ended up on top, but Tavares scrambled up without taking damage. Stout landed a good straight right, which has been the most significant strike from either man. Stout stuffed a takedown but Tavares came up with a left hand. Neither man did much damage in the round, but Tavares scored with a couple of takedowns, which will probably swing the round in his favor 10-9.

Round Two: Stout landing some good counter punches to start the round. Stout really opening up in this round with his striking and landing the cleaner strikes. Tavares landing an overhand right, one of which cuts Stout behind the ear, but not doing much else on the feet as Stout just continues to peck away and put together the more effective combinations and strikes. Stout also doing a better job mixing things up, going to the body and using kicks. A good round on the feet for Stout, who takes it 10-9.

Round Three: Tavares lands a couple of good right hands to kick off the round before taking a groin kick, which halts the action. Tavares fights on though. Tavares goes for a couple of takedowns but Stout stuffs them with relative ease. Tavares landing some good leg kicks but Stout countering well with the left hook and straight right. Stout busts the nose of Tavares with one of his punches. Stout really working the double jab, which has been landing for him a lot in this round. Stout stumbles Tavares with a right hand and follows it up with a couple of more right hands just before the bell sounds. Another good round for Stout, who should have solidified it with the ending right hands to take it 10-9 and the fight 29-28.

Result: Thiago Tavares def. Sam Stout via Unanimous Decision


Terry Etim vs. Edson Barboza

Round One: Etim gets a takedown but Barboza immediately pops back up. Another takedown by Etim results in Barboza once again getting back up quickly. Barboza throwing a lot of leg kicks, but Etim doing a nice job checking and avoiding them. Etim tries another takedown but Barboza stuffs it and makes him pay with a knee to the body. Etim trying to work his jab but putting nothing behind it. Barboza continues to light up the legs of Etim with kicks. Barboza closes the round with a spinning back kick. Close round, but an edge to Barboza as he landed the more damaging blows and nullified the takedowns but getting right back up. 10-9 Barboza.

Round Two: Barboza immediately comes out firing leg kicks. Barboza stuffs another takedown and scores with another knee to the body. More leg kicks by Barboza as Etim is struggling to get anything going outside of the jab. Barboza doing such a good job putting together combinations and mixing things up by going to the body and throwing kicks. Etim gets a takedown but Barboza again immediately gets back up. Barboza continues to get the better of Etim on the feet as the round comes to an end. Another 10-9 round for Barboza.

Round Three: Etim still having success with the jab, but Barboza continues to chop him down with leg kicks. Barboza doing a great job making Etim pay of unsuccessful takedowns with a knee to the body or a hook. Barboza throws a wheel kick that lands flush on the chin of Etim and knocks him out cold. Amazing finish and a very early candidate for KO of the year.

Result: Edson Barboza def. Terry Etim via KO Round 3 (Spinning Heel Kick)

Erick Silva vs. Carlo Prater

Round One: Silva landed a knee as Prater shot in and followed it up with a series of hammerfists and punches, forcing the referee to jump in. Very quick finish. After the fight, referee Mario Yamasaki rules that Silva hit Prater in the back of the head multiple times and has disqualified Silva. Well that’s a shame.

Result: Carlo Prater def. Erick Silva via DQ Round 1 (Illegal Strikes)

Rousimar Palhares vs. Mike Massenzio

Round One: Palhares opens up with some good leg kicks before catching Massenzio in the groin. Massenzio fights on. Palhares pulls guard, locks on a heel hook, and Massenzio quickly taps out. Quick and impressive work for Palhares.

Result: Rousimar Palhares def. Mike Massenzio via Submission Round 1 (Heel Hook)

Vitor Belfort vs. Anthony Johnson

Round One: Johnson got a takedown off a head kick, stood over Vitor, and swung down with a heavy right hand. The ref stands them up though as the action slows a bit on the ground. Johnson goes for a takedown but Vitor stuffs it and lands some short punches. Johnson goes for another takedown but eats a knee. Johnson keeps driving and finishes the takedown. Vitor has a lot of swelling over his right eye. Another stand up by the ref. Johnson coming forward very wildly as Belfort looks to counter. Belfort stuffs a takedown, spins, and takes the back. Belfort flattens him out and pounds away. Belfort sinks in the rear naked choke and Johnson taps out.

Jose Aldo vs. Chad Mendes

Round One: Mendes using the inside leg kick early while Aldo throws his usual power leg kicks. Mendes tries a takedown but Aldo easily avoids it. Aldo lands an uppercut and then stuffs another takedown. Mendes having no luck with the takedowns. Mendes having the most success with leg kicks of his own. Mendes gets the back of Aldo standing after a scramble. Aldo grabs the fence to avoid a takedown. Mendes lands some good short knees to the thighs. Aldo spins out, lands a huge knee that knocks down Mendes, and then lands a couple of punches on the ground to KO Mendes just as the buzzer sounds. Crazy finish and a great scene after the fight with Aldo running into the crowd and being mobbed by fans.

Result: Jose Aldo def. Chad Mendes via KO Round 1 (Strikes) to retain the UFC Featherweight Title

  • Dufresne says:

    Funch didn’t even look like he should have been in the cage with Pyle. He was completely overmatched.

  • Dufresne says:

    If Gonzaga had stuck to his BJJ game in the past like he did tonight, I think there’s a good chance he would have beaten Schaub and never have been released. He looked good tonight, hopefully he keeps it up.

  • Dufresne says:

    Holy shit. What a kick.

  • MCM says:

    my f-ing stream cut out just before the kick. Thankfully it kicked in during the replays. I wanted Terry to win, but that was awesome!

  • MCM says:

    how the fuck are those illegal and Vitor’s punches to Aikyama and Franklin legal.
    And Joe, quit fucking with the ref and act like a damn professional for once!

  • Dufresne says:

    I love that Joe Rogan called out Mario. I understand the ref has to make a split second decision, but they’ve used replay before (Sakara v. Irvin) and I don’t understand why they didn’t do that here. That’s horseshit.

  • Niv says:

    Aldo is a beast and what a finish!

    Erik Silva is a star in the making, bad call by Yamasaki, even worse call by Rogan.

    Joe Rogan was a complete douche bag last night trying to humiliate Yamasaki the way he did. I had no problem with him telling Silva he felt it was a mistake, but he went way over the top by doing the replay while asking Yamasaki to defend his decision.

    Mistakes happen, yes it was a very bad call. The ref should have his performance evaluated by his employers and he should review his performance, but again Rogan went too far here.

    I also hear Anthony Johnson was cut by the UFC, if so too bad but well deserved. The guy moves up a weight class and still misses weight, bush league.


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