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First five minutes of Haywire made available for viewing

Are you a MMA fan who loves action movies, yet aren’t sure what to think about Gina Carano‘s new film Haywire? Wondering how good (or bad) a vehicle boasting a director like Steve Soderbergh and starring talent like Michael Fassbender, Channing Tatum, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, and Ewan McGregor might actually be? If so, hold on to your $10.00 for a ticket, as Relativity Media has made the movie’s opening scene available for fans to check out in hopes of enticing them into watching the full flick when it is released in theatres on January 20.

The basic plot of Haywire involves an American special forces agent (Carano) who has been double-crossed by her superiors and seeks revenge for their actions, as well as answers for their motivation in attempting to kill her.

Check out the full five-minute clip below:

  • hindsightufuk says:

    gotta say i’m really looking forward to seeing this, Soderbergh makes solid movies.
    Though speaking of Gina, was recently watching a rerun of an early EliteXC show and some idiot had decided to let her loose as a color commentator. fuck me she was awful, bordering on ignorant toward the sport, actually made me dislike her some what. granted it was a good few years ago now but she really came across as a bit of a tit, kept talking about striking and not understanding ‘why they were hugging’ (clinhcing). dumb fuck
    articulate she was not

  • Lord Faust says:

    Any time I have seen her interviewed I have seriously asked “how many concussions has she had?”

    I don’t want to outright call her stupid, but she definitely is not a very good speaker. (Which is kind of funny, since there was a semi-story about how her vocal acting was so terrible they either heavily edited her voice spots in Haywire, or brought in a ringer to re-do them.)

  • MCM says:

    Wow. That was really painful to watch until they started fighting. Awful acting, worse dialog, and predictable shot sequences. If it weren’t for what looks like some unique and well done fight scenes, this movie would be about 10 notches lower than Never Back Down.
    I’m still gonna see it though.

  • Lord Faust says:

    I watched most of that horrible movie with Stephen Bonnar in it. I guess in the interest of fairness I have to watch this too, haha.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    that Stephan Bonnar movie was hilarious! as was Rich Franklins turd, Cyborg Cop or something?

    fucking awful movies but at least we knew they would be shit,
    this is Steven Soderbergh though, guy usually makes decent movies.
    If Gina is as bad as we expect they shoulda got Cris Cyborg to play the part, she’d be vicious


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