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UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes Real Time Conference Call Highlights

Exciting featherweight champion Jose Aldo is a little more than a week away from defending his title in front of an arena of his fellow Brazilians with powerful wrestler Chad Mendes standing in his way, trying to fulfill a dream of his own by laying claim to divisional gold.

However, before they mix it up inside the Octagon the two talented 145ers are set to sit down with media during a conference call this afternoon and discuss their upcoming bout. Joining them on the line will be middleweights Vitor Belfort and Anthony Johnson, two apt adversaries also scheduled to face off on January 14 at UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes.

As always Five Ounces of Pain will be tuned in and listening throughout, ready to relay interesting information and scintillating soundbytes to readers as things unfold in real time. The call starts at 1:00 PM EST so make sure to check back in and see what the quartet of competitors had to say with their respective match-ups creeping ever closer.

Read below for UFC 142 conference call highlights:

Jose Aldo

– It means everything for him to fight in Brazil but he hasn’t focused on that, just on training
– Doesn’t think the time difference between US/Brazil will have an impact on his performance
– Has been a great pleasure to train with Gray Maynard and feels it has helped him out a lot in preparing for Mendes / Says Maynard is a great guy who has helped out everyone at Nova Uniao
– Believes he’s seen some flaws in Mendes’ attack that he can exploit
– Still considering 155 but trusts his coaches to tell him when the time is right

Chad Mendes

– Feels great and is excited about trying to take out Aldo in his home-country
– Doesn’t care about who Aldo is training with and knows his wrestling will be superior regardless
– Says his trip in MMA has been a fast ride and an “awesome experience”, refers to seeing his poster in Times Square on NYE
– Doesn’t see any holes in Aldo’s games but acknowledges there are certain areas he’s stronger in compared to others
– Believes Aldo has all the pressure / “He’s fighting in front of his home crowd, he has the belt…I’m the up-and-comer, I’m the underdog.”
– Thinks past opponents have tried to stand in front of Aldo too much rather than push the pace
– It has been beneficial to have Urijah Faber as a teammate based on Faber’s past experience with Aldo
– Clarifies his wrestling comment in saying Faber and Mike Brown aren’t as explosive with their takedowns

Vitor Belfort

– “No matter where you go the Octagon is the Octagon.”
– Admits there is pressure to fight in Brazil but it’s also a pleasure
– Believes MMA will pass up soccer in popularity, says Cain Velasquez vs. Junior dos Santos got higher ratings than Argentina vs. Brazil
– Taking things one step at a time and isn’t thinking about coaching TUF against Wanderlei Silva
– Loved Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone / Hard to pick one favorite
– Belfort does not look to God for wins; he looks to God in daily life
– Wants to “ride the wave” of the UFC in Brazil

Anthony Johnson

– Says it’s an honor to fight in Rio de Janeiro
– “I don’t mind coming into anyone’s backyard and putting on a good show, fighting to the best of my abilities.”
– Weighs 215 right now and is happy at 185
– Staying with the “Blackzilian” camp
– Motivated by the fact he gets to face someone with Belfort’s reputation, appreciates the UFC’s faith in him

* – UFC officials confirmed there will be an event on April 14 in Stockholm, Sweden


  • Lord Faust says:

    Whoever asked Aldo about the time zone difference should be required to look at a map for the first time in their life. Or just shut up at press conferences; either or would be nice.


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