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The Scorecard – “UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem”

The Scorecard hits the highs and lows of the latest big event offering in MMA. Points are assigned completely at random but stay between ten and negative ten because I hate math.

It was the last UFC event of 2011 and the end of a rather short, albeit exciting, era in the organization. Taking place on a Friday and built around the return of the biggest draw in the sport, UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem closed out the year with a bang to the body, fists to the face, and tons of turking. If nothing else, it got everyone excited for the weekend (weekend) where people were partying (partying) YEAH!

Lets go to the scorecard:

*UFC 141 got off to a bad start with Matt Riddle feeling ill and not being able to fight Luis Ramos. Hopefully Riddle felt well enough to go out and party on New Years Eve. I’m docking points for having me waiting around an extra 45 minutes for the prelims to start. MINUS TWO

*Manny Gamburyan comes to a song featuring Gucci Mane. Not a fan. MINUS TWO

*I love me some leg kicks, so I love me some Diego Nunes. PLUS TWO

*That said, it’d be nice if Nunes could throw some punches every now and then. MINUS ONE

*Come on Nunes, you can’t be hugging in the middle of the fight, especially against Gamburyan, who has cheap striked opponents before during glove touches. MINUS THREE

*Gamburyan has plenty of power, but when you hit a guy and he seems hurt, you don’t always have to go for takedowns. MINUS THREE

*Overall though, Nunes vs. Gamburyan was a good way to kick off the card and was an entertaining scrap. Credit to both men for performing well. PLUS FOUR

*Also, I’ll give credit to all three judges for getting it right. It’s honestly a shame that judges are praised for doing their job right, but such is the MMA world we live in. PLUS TWO

*Efrain Escudero left his wallet in Phoenix. This is important information. MINUS ONE

*When your nickname is “Christmas,” I expect you to walk out to a Christmas song, not “TNT” by AC/DC. Luckily for Jacob Volkmann, I like AC/DC. PLUS ONE

*Volkmann’s banner with the santa hat on his nickname was awesome. PLUS TWO

*Hey Escudero, that guillotine to fend off the takedown didn’t work the first couple of times, what made you think it would work the last time? MINUS FOUR

*What a terrible stand up by Herb Dean in the third round. Volkmann had a dominant position and was working. MINUS FOUR

*It would have been a shame if Escudero won thanks to the gift stand up by Dean. I give him credit for taking advantage of the situation and also to Volkmann for surviving the choke. PLUS TWO

*Not the most exciting performance ever by Volkmann, but you can’t say it’s not effective. PLUS TWO

*When Joe Rogan isn’t selling your jokes, you know they’re not very good. MINUS THREE

*And really Volkmann, calling out Frankie Edgar? I’m all for him fighting higher caliber guys, but beat one of those guys before you call out the champ. MINUS THREE

*Props to Sean Pierson for walking out to “Headlines” by Drake. PLUS TWO

*Great front kick by Dong Hyun Kim. A little more work with Sensei Steven Segal and he’ll be able to KO people with it. PLUS FIVE

*It looks as if refereeing, not judging, will be the Achilles heel of the event. Bad stand up by Yves Lavigne. MINUS FOUR

*Good all-around performance by Kim. Much improved stand up and he’s still a very solid grappler. I know he lost in spectacular fashion to Carlos Condit, but he’s a handful at welterweight. PLUS FIVE

*I hope Kim didn’t confess the helping plot the assassination of JFK in his post-fight interview. Whatever he said got a bigger reaction than Volkmann though, so good for him. PLUS TWO

*The 10 year old in me laughed when Rogan said, “He’s really beating up the meat” during Danny Castillo vs. Anthony Njokuani. PLUS TWO

*I don’t think I’ve ever heard Mike Goldberg use the term “Turk” but he used it about 500 times during the prelims. Talk about turking off. MINUS THREE

*Good fight between Castillo and Njokuani. Castillo put it best in his post-fight interview when he said, “it was close, but not controversial.” PLUS FOUR

*Extra points to Castillo for taking the fight on short notice and beating a tough fighter in Njokuani. PLUS THREE

*However, I’m pretty disappointed that Njokuani still hasn’t improved his wrestling to where it needs to be. Even though Castillo was a tough match-up, he was taking the fight on short notice, and he still couldn’t stuff the takedown with any consistency. MINUS FOUR

*Shame the crowd ruined Castillo’s post-fight interview where he tried thanking his mom because they didn’t agree with the judges, two of which got it right. MINUS TWO


*Good fight between Ross Pearson and Junior Assuncao. Neither guy looked overly impressive but Pearson did what he needed to do to pick up the victory. PLUS FOUR

*Extra points to Pearson, who didn’t seem to have any trouble with the weight cut and was able to find his range on the feet along with showing some good defensive grappling. PLUS FIVE

*Dana White needs to step his yelling up. Rogan is out-classing him. EVEN

*This might be the last time we see the gladiator to open up PPVs since the UFC on FOX deal officially starts in January. PLUS ONE

*What a first round by Jimy Hettes. He absolutely dominated Nam Phan and nearly put him away on a couple of occasions. Great takedowns, ground and pound, and submission attempts. PLUS FIVE

*An outstanding performance by Hettes. He looked a little tired in the third round, but he still got the takedown at will and simply out-classed Phan on the ground. PLUS FIVE

*I was pretty disappointed with Phan. I thought he’d put up more of a fight. MINUS FOUR

*Why was there no post-fight interview with Hettes? He had the best performance of the night thus far and yet wasn’t able to get himself over on the mic. It would have been nice to hear from him and for him to get some extra publicity and face time. MINUS SIX

*I have to dock points to Alexander Gustafsson for wearing headphones during his walk out. Even though he didn’t have them on, still not a good look. MINUS ONE

*Solid performance by Gustafsson. Not a lot happened but he easily shrugged away Vladimir Matyushenko when he clinched, put him down with a jab, and showed great killer instinct. PLUS FIVE

*Extra points to Gustafsson for coming up with the first finish of the night. PLUS SIX

*Points to the beard of Johny Hendricks. PLUS TWO

*Even if you hate Jon Fitch and his fighting style, there’s no way you can hate his walk out song of “Rusty Cage” by Johnny Cash. PLUS THREE

*Well, that was pretty unexpected. Hendricks has some serious power in his hands to be able to put Fitch out with pretty much one shot. PLUS SEVEN

*Extra points to Hendricks for not only beating, but finishing Fitch. PLUS FIVE

*Steve Mazagatti showed some pretty bad takedown defense considering Fitch was half asleep. MINUS ONE

*I actually feel bad for Fitch. It was a risky fight for him given where he should be in the division compared to Hendricks and he paid for it. EVEN

*That said, these American Kickboxing Academy guys need to do a better job of following the game plan. MINUS ONE

*Why hello there awkwardly dancing Gina Carano. PLUS FOUR

*I hate Joe’s Keys To Victory. That is all. MINUS FIVE

*Even though Kid Rock isn’t really cool in 2011, “Cowboy” is still a great song and it perfectly suits Donald Cerrone. PLUS TWO

*I don’t know the name of the song Nate Diaz came out to, but I know it was 2Pac, so I liked it. PLUS THREE

*Come on Joe, don’t say Gilbert Melendez, “might be the best 155 lber on the planet” and do a disservice to UFC champ Frankie Edgar like that. Just say Gilbert is “one of the best.” MINUS THREE

*Donald Cerrone flipping off Diaz during the staredown was awesome. PLUS ONE

*Diaz shooting the double bird at Cerrone before the third was even more awesome. PLUS TWO

*As we all expected. Diaz vs. Cerrone was a hell of a scrap. Diaz’s boxing was on point and Cerrone showed once again why he’s as tough as they come. I thought Cerrone fought a stupid fight, but it made for an entertaining bout. PLUS SEVEN

*Extra points to both men for throwing down like they did. PLUS FIVE

*Even more points to Diaz, whose striking was on point the entire fight. Granted Cerrone made it easy on him, but still, Diaz made him pay for not moving his head and standing in front of him. PLUS FOUR

*It was also nice to see both men embrace after the fight. I think it would be pretty hard to still hate a guy after fighting him for 15 minutes and he’s still in front of you. PLUS THREE

*While the interview with Goldberg was pretty bad, I can’t dock points when Gina is on the screen. PLUS ONE

*Was nice that Alistair Overeem used the K-1 World Grand Prix music as his walk out. I’m not a fan of techno, but it’s the sneaky reference that matters. PLUS TWO

*I don’t know what song Brock Lesnar walked out to, but the sight of him jamming out before he entered the cage was awesome. It also scared me a bit. PLUS ONE

*Man, that was an extremely underwhelming fight. Lesnar tried way too hard to try and stand with Overeem, when he should have just ripped a power double when he was fresh. Even if it didn’t work, he still should have gone for it. I know he had a single, but there is a difference. MINUS TWO

*I give credit to Overeem though. He went to the body with knees every time in the clinch and then more or less finished Brock with a lethal kick to the liver. PLUS FOUR

*Nice of Rogan to know who the UFC heavyweight champion is. MINUS TWO

*A shame that Brock is going to retire, although he’s had a rough past couple of years with his disease and surgery. He’s made a lot of money in a limited number of fights and can still make a ton of money without taking a legit ass-kicking. EVEN

*Overall UFC 141 was a strong way to cap off 2011. Even though the main event was a bit anti-climatic, the main card was very good and there were some solid fights on the preliminary card. PLUS SIX

Final Score: 72

For a more in-depth look at UFC 141, along with a preview of this weekends Strikeforce show, make sure to listen to tomorrows Five Ounces of Podcast with Samer Kadi and myself.


  • fitfreak says:

    PLUS FIVE for making me laugh.

    Cerrone tried to outpunk Diaz and he paid for it. He should have been himself and fought a smart fight.

  • MCM says:

    Early stoppage by Eves in the Vlady fight – MINUS TEN
    Donald Cerrone failing to show up and being replace by his Family Guy clone “Bitch Donald” – MINUS TWENTY
    MCM losing 4 out of 5 main card picks – PLUS FIVE (finally got one right)


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