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Spike TV counterprogramming TUF with TUF

If the escalating battle between Spike TV and the UFC wasn’t already of the “No Holds Barred” variety it may be soon, as the longtime home of the world’s foremost MMA promotion has announced it will run a new show called Ultimate Fighter Fridays where highlights from the past fourteen seasons of TUF will run head-to-head against the reality show’s spring debut on FX.

According to Spike TV each three-hour block (9:00 PM EST – 12:00 AM EST/PST) will feature the most memorable episodes/fights in Ultimate Fighter history. Fans will also be able to add their input via social media sites Twitter/Facebook.

Ultimate Fighter Fridays is the latest move in a series by Spike TV to counterprogram against the UFC after Dana White and company packed up shop to head over to FOX’s greener pastures. Similarly to what was done with UFC on FOX 1 and Cain Velasquez/Junior dos Santos, the cable channel already has plans to broadcast a marathon of UFC Unleashed episodes featuring work from many of the fighters booked to compete in January at UFC on FOX 2.

TUF 15 is set to air in early March with bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz heading one team and popular rival Urijah Faber the other. Each weekly offering will feature a new “real time” format where video will involve footage from the previous seven days and two contestants will fight live on FX to conclude each episode.

  • MickeyC says:

    LOL! talk about an ex-wife.

  • Rece Rock says:

    they will never beat a live event in ratings but they will def. always have a decent rating compared to airing other programing so SPIKE still wins a lil bit… hey whats better then making $ off a recycled product… I just wish SPike could just give the ufc back the library and just get bellator on there asap


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