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Jorge Patino outlasts Mike Bronzoulis in main event, Daniel Pineda impresses at Legacy FC 9

Tomorrow’s Strikeforce event isn’t the only MMA on TV this weekend as Legacy Fighting Championship delivers their ninth event tonight live from the Arena Theater in Houston, Texas. As always, will provide live results and a fight recap of all the televised action.

The main card kicks off at 10PM EST on HDNet.

Legacy FC 9 is headlined by a welterweight title fight as champion Jorge Patino puts his title on the line against Mike Bronzoulis. Also on the card is featherweight champion Daniel Pineda battling Gilbert Jiminez in a non-title bout.


Jeremy Mahon def. David Armas via Unanimous Decision
Noel Ligon def. Patrick Hutton via Submission Round 2 (Guillotine Choke)
Jesus Rivera def. Randy Hauer via Submission Round 2 (Rear Naked Choke)
Jeremy Morris def. Justin Murray via Split Decision
Chop Rucker def. Frost Murphy via Unanimous Decision


Rakim Cleveland vs. Derrick Lewis

Fight Recap: Rounds were only 3 minutes. Cleveland came out fast, throwing knees and punches before trying to lock up a guillotine but Lewis survived. Lewis took over after that and there was a weird moment when Cleveland tried to drag Lewis down from the back but Lewis’ pants started to come down. So the ref stopped the action so Lewis could fix his pants and instead of giving him the position back, Lewis ended up on top and in mount. Lewis landed some big elbows and punches as the round ended. Cleveland dominated the majority of the second round, getting dominant positions and tagging a tired Lewis on the feet. Lewis almost locked up a kimura at the end of the round but time ran out. Both guys were dead tired to start the round, but then Lewis exploded with a right hand, a takedown, and a flurry of punches that forced the ref to stop the fight. Good for what it was.

Result: Derrick Lewis def. Rakim Cleveland via TKO Round 3 (Strikes)

Daniel Pineda vs. Gilbert Jiminez

Fight Recap: Pineda dominated the first round on the ground. He came out on top of every scramble, landed some good strikes, and kept working for submissions. Jiminez showed great submission defense but was playing defense the entire round. Jiminez caught Pineda early in the second round with a couple of good right hands but didn’t capitalize. After some wild exchanges, Pineda dropped Jiminez with a spinning backfist that knocked him pretty much out cold. One more punch on the ground and the ref stopped it. Good performance by Pineda.

Result: Daniel Pineda def. Gilbert Jiminez via KO Round 2 (Spinning Backfist)

Ricardo Talavera vs. Jonathan Harris

Fight Recap: Talavera took this fight on 5 days noticed. Talavera started strong in the first round, getting a takedown, taking the back, and nearly locking up a rear naked choke but Harris survived. Talavera then spent the rest of the round trying, but failing, to secure a takedown. Harris ended the round on top landing some good strikes for the half ground. Harris dominated the second round, getting an early takedown and battering Talavera with some brutal elbows and body shots. When the referee stood them up, Harris continued to batter him on the feet with a series of strikes. Harris got another early takedown in the third, moved to mount, cut Talavera open with some elbows, and then continued to pound on him with elbows and punches until the referee finally stopped it.

Result: Jonathan Harris def. Ricardo Talavera via TKO Round 3 (Strikes)

Steven Garcia vs. Cody Williams

Fight Recap: This fight was on the feet for the majority of the first round. Williams pressured Garcia and landed in flurries, but Garcia did a good job surviving and tying up. With under 30 seconds remaining, Garcia landed a counter left that had Williams falling face down and out. A couple more strikes on the ground and the referee jumped in to stop things. The stoppage was late. Awesome counter and finish by Garcia.

Result: Steven Garcia def. Cody Williams via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)

Larry Crowe vs. Jeff Rexroad

Fight Recap: The first round was a little slow although the highlights came from Crowe, who hit a beautiful suplex and landed a big flurry near the end of the round that has Rexroad against the cage and covering up. They also traded groin kicks in the first. Crowe tried to lock up a stand guillotine in the second, but Rexroad escaped by getting a takedown into side control. Rexroad quickly got the back and tried for an armbar off the back but Crowe escaped. Crowe was dead tired in the last minute, putting his hands on his hips, but Rexroad didn’t press and take advantage of it. The majority of the third round was on the feet with both guys throwing weak punches, although Rexroad was landing the more significant strikes. Crowe got a late takedown but Rexroad locked on a triangle, switched it to an armbar, and forced Crowe to tap out with about 30 seconds left.

Result: Jeff Rexroad def. Larry Crowe via Submission Round 3 (Armbar)

Jorge Patino vs. Mike Bronzoulis

Fight Recap: Both guys came out strong in the first round, landing in flurries with strikes. Patino took over late though, scoring with a takedown and achieving mount although he didn’t do much with it. Patino ended the round with a good flurry on the feet. The second round was all Patino as he consistently scored with takedowns and controlled the action on the ground and along the cage. The third round was more of the same although Bronzoulis did a better job making Patino pay on failed takedowns and he ended the round on top, although didn’t have enough time to work. Both guys were very tired in the fourth, which led to Patino doing nothing while Bronzoulis was content on picking him apart from a distance instead of really pressing the action. After a slow start to the round, Patino turned it up and got some takedowns, although he didn’t do much with the positions. Bronzoulis tried to turn it on in the final 5 seconds but Patino just backed away. Patino should win the decision, but it was a rather lackluster fight for the most part, especially in the later rounds.

Result: Jorge Patino def. Mike Bronzoulis via Unanimous Decision


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