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Enomoto submits Zavurov to capture M-1 welterweight title at M-1 Challenge 30

It’s likely the last time we’ll see M-1 Global on Showtime, so the organization will look to go out with a bang tonight. Coming to use live from The Hangar at the O.C. Fair and Events Center in Costa Mesa, California it’s M-1 Challenge 30. As always, will provide complete results including a fight recap of all the live televised action.

The main card kicks off live on Showtime at 11PM EST.

The night will be headlined by a welterweight title fight between champion Shamil Zavurov and challenger Yasubey Enomoto in a rematch of their bout earlier this April. Also on the card is undefeated lightweight Alexander Sarnavskiy taking on Sergio Cortez and Artiom Damkovsky battling Jose Figueroa for a second time.


Bao Quach vs. Alvin Cacdac

Fight Recap: This fight only went one round but it was awesome. Both guys came out and just punched each other in the face with very little defense shown by either man. Quach got mount but was reversed and back on the feet, they continued to just slug it out. Cacdac got a knockdown, but came in too fast, got taken down and almost submitted with a north-south choke. Cacdac survived but was mounted and nearly tapped with an armbar but Quach turned it into a triangle/armbar combo, which forced Cacdac to tap. Lasted less than four minutes but was nothing but action.

Result: Bao Quach def. Alvin Cacdac via Submission Round 1 (Armbar/Triangle Choke)

Eddie Arizmendi vs. Tyson Jeffries

Fight Recap: Jeffries took the first round with an early takedown and good top control for the majority of the round. When they were on the feet, Arizmendi got the better of the strikes but it wasn’t enough to negate all the control Jeffries had during the round. In the second round, Jeffries got another takedown after eating a right hand. On the scramble up, Jeffries caught him in a d’arce choke and forced the tap. Good grappling by Jeffries.

Result: Tyson Jeffries def. Eddie Arizmendi via Submission Round 2 (D’Arce Choke)

Alexander Sarnavskiy vs. Sergio Cortez

Fight Recap: Sarnavskiy dominated this bout. He got the fight to the ground early, got any position he wanted, landed some strikes, and eventually locked in the rear naked choke for the win. Cortez offered nothing although he did take the fight on short notice.

Result: Alexander Sarnavskiy def. Sergio Cortez via Submission Round 1 (Rear Naked Choke)

Jose Figueroa vs. Artiom Damkovsky

Fight Recap: Both men were trading punches and landing their fair share of strikes early. Damkovsky tried some weak takedowns but Figueroa easily stuffed them. Damkovsky eventually caught Figueroa with straight right that put Figueroa out could. One more strike on the ground and the ref stepped in to stop things. Good finish, although it should be noted that Figueroa was KO’d just two weeks ago and probably shouldn’t have taken this fight.

Result: Artiom Damkovsky def. Jose Figueroa via KO Round 1 (Right Hand)

Shamil Zavurov vs. Yasubey Enomoto

Fight Recap: The first round was all on the feet. Neither guy connected with anything too clean, but Enomoto did get the better of things by landing more consistently and cleaner with his strikes. Zavurov scored a couple of takedowns in the second round and landed some good ground and pound, although Enomoto wasn’t in any serious trouble. Thanks to the ground control though, Zavurov took the round to even things at 1. The majority of the third was on the feet, with neither man really landing anything. Zavurov got a late takedown though, which swung the round in his favor and putting him up 2-1. In the fourth round Zavurov got a couple of takedowns but Enomoto got back up, stuffed a number of takedowns, and scored with a takedown of his own at the end. Plus Enomoto was getting the better of things striking and nearly secured a guillotine, so he took the round to tie things at 2. Both guys were dead tired in the fifth round. Zavurov spent the entire round trying for a takedown but Enemoto stuffed it every single time. With about a minute left, Zavurov went for another takedown that Enomoto stuffed, locked on a guillotine choke, and got the tap. Competitive fight.

Result: Yasubey Enomoto def. Shamil Zavurov via Submission Round 5 (Guillotine Choke)


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