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UFC on FOX 2 Real Time Press Conference Highlights

The UFC has decided to build off the wild success of their initial offering on FOX by putting together a card that would easily merit a PPV purchase had the organization decided to take a different route.

Featuring co-headlining, contendership-determining clashes Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis and Chael Sonnen vs. Mark Munoz, UFC on FOX 2 also recently added a bout between Michael Bisping and Demian Maia with obvious impact on the middleweight division, as well as a handful of other intriguing preliminary pairings.

The six men set to entertain fans on January 28 are all scheduled to take part in a press conference for the upcoming show and, as always, Five Ounces of Pain will be tuned in throughout to relay information and soundbytes in real time to readers. UFC President Dana White is also expected to be on hand.

Festivities kick off at 2:00 PM EST.

Read below for highlights as they unfold from the stage:

Rashad Evans

– His initial assessment is that Davis is “pretty explosive” and has great wrestling
– Lives in Chicago so is excited to be fighting “at home” as it were
– Has his kid at the podium with him who makes a crack on the microphone which has White reply, “Just like his daddy!”
– Still wants to hurt Jon Jones “bad”
– Admits it was hard to switch camps and re-establish relationships but now he knows what he was missing in his old situation / “It’s good to be in a situation with the team I’m with now where it feels fresh again, it feels new again.”

Phil Davis

– “Yeah, if I win I’ll spoil his fun. It’s my turn to spoil his fun and that’s what I’m gonna do.”
– Not concerned about any ring-rust, has been training full steam on his knee
– Thinks the worst part about MMA compared to wrestling is that you’re working on getting better rather than trying to win because he’s still learning

Chael Sonnen

– Laughs off a moment during a college wrestling match with Munoz where he went for a submission, says the fight on FOX will mark “One more win for the bad guy!”
– Is not waiting around for Anderson Silva because he doesn’t believe “The Spider” truly wants to fight him, cracks on getting a good steak in Silva’s kitchen sometime
– Does not want to fight Munoz because he likes him plus he knows he’s a hard draw but says they agreed to fight to set an example for the rest of the roster – that it’s a competition, nothing personal
– Doesn’t believe Silva is hurt and discredits Rich Franklin as a “math teacher”
– Thinks Munoz is probably the best and certainly the most decorated wrestler he’s faced
– Jokes that FOX finally has the “American Idol” with him on their network and he tells them they’re welcome

Mark Munoz

– Says it will be an honor to face Sonnen / “He’s got awesome MMA wrestling.”
– Has no problem fighting Silva because he has the belt, says he’s friends with Sonnen and he won’t make it more than what it is / “It’s a competition. It’s nothing personal, it’s business.”

Michael Bisping

– Proud to be part of the event and is appreciative of getting the opportunity
– Doesn’t expect any trash-talk but doesn’t need it to be motivated / “I want to beat him. I want to beat him impressively. And I want to fight for the title.”
– Jokes that he’d kick all the guy’s asses on the stage but isn’t much of a wrestler in comparison to them
– Says Dan Henderson shouldn’t “talk sh*t” about Silva when he got tapped out just like Sonnen did

Demian Maia

– Feels pressure to submit opponents because of how he started his UFC career but states he’s fighting tougher and tougher opponents and has spread out his training some
– “We need to come here and put on a war.”
– Focused on boxing lately but wants to come back to his roots now that he’s adequate in wrestling/striking

Dana White

– Says winner of Bisping vs. Maia will get a title-shot after Sonnen/Munoz
– Fuel TV is on the rise and will be distributed more heavily over the next six months, has already gone up 11% since early September
– Sees Shonie Carter in the crowd who has said he wants to do a single fight deal to compete on the card since he’s from Chicago, says Carter should talk to matchmaker Joe Silva
– Knows they were overdue to come back to Chicago and said it was a “no brainer” because the FOX card had so many big fights
– Feels there will probably be some local fighters on the card
– Expects big things from TUF on FX based on the marketing team there
– Welcomes and wants all input from FOX on production though the UFC retains the right to
– Fully expects Silva to be ready to fight by this summer
– Has no interest in counter-programming boxing PPVs with UFC PPVs

  • edub says:

    I’ve wanted to see Rich beat up Chael for 2 years now. Dana PLEASE LET HIM FITGHT AT MW AGAIN!!

  • MCM says:

    I thought Shonie retired? Please Mr. White, don’t let him fight in the cage. But please dear God, let him Ref!

    Should Maia really get a shot at the title if he beats Bisping? Does anyone have a desire to see Silva/Maia II? To me that sounds way less appealing than GSP/Fitch II.

    I think Sonnen is the rightful #2 MW. But of all the MW’s not named Silva, I’d give Ace the best chance of beating him. And it sounds like a much more exciting fight than Chael/Munoz. I think Munoz might be the nicest guy in MMA, but I just can’t get excited about watching him fight.


    Chael versus Rich would be a really entertaining fight-Just finished watching the whole press conference and am looking forward to all three of those fights-pretty funny answers from the fighters, I caught myself laughing quite a bit- Rashad really smoked Phil with his Penn state comment


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