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Georges St. Pierre out for lengthy period of time with torn ACL

Though UFC star Georges St. Pierre may appear to be super-human in the ring it turns out he is very much a mortal man after all, as the popular welterweight champion has apparently torn his ACL while training for an upcoming title-bout on February 4 against Nick Diaz. The situation marks the second time “Rush” has been forced out of a championship defense due to a knee injury.

The unfortunate news was revealed earlier today by UFC President Dana White through his Twitter account. As a result Diaz will now face Carlos Condit on the same card – UFC 143 – with an interim belt at stake.

Condit was already scheduled to fight at the same event with Josh Koscheck as an opponent. He also saw Diaz slide into the contendership slot he’d already been promised after UFC 137, a fact likely adding a bit of incentive to shine against the controversial Californian when they meet inside the Octagon. Condit holds an overall record of 27-5 with twenty-six stoppages and is on a four-fight winning streak including victories over Dong Hyun Kim, Dan Hardy, Rory MacDonald, and Jake Ellenberger.

Diaz, a former Strikeforce champion, is coming off his finest performance to date when he dismantled BJ Penn in late October. The mean-mugged 28-year old hasn’t lost since 2007, picking up eleven straight wins in the period since.

No word has surfaced on what will be done with Koscheck.


  • fanoftna33 says:

    Damm I was very much looking forward to GSP vs Diaz. Hopefully GSP heals up ok though and Diaz vs Condit should be a war, hard to pick a winner between Diaz and Condit.

  • MCM says:

    I think Condit is pissed, and a pissed off Natural Born Killer is a dangerous man. I think he finishes Diaz in the 2nd and that’s only cause of Diaz’s solid chin.

    @superdave – who you got in this one?

  • Creature says:

    As a GSP fan this sucks.. i was looking forward to seeing the excuses people made when GSP dominated Diaz.. But as a NBK fan this is awesome, going to be an all out war.. But i think Condit finishes Diaz by Doc Stoppage.

    Also hope they put Ebersole in with Kos if he wins on Saturday without taking much damage, if not him then maybe See if Wandy wants to get in there with Kos since hes been wanting a MW fight and named Wandy as one of the 2 he wanted most

  • edub says:

    Sucks for George. Injuries like that sometimes leave athletes broken for the rest of their careers. Hopefully he gets passed it better than ever.

    Diaz-Condit is a hella exciting fight. I see no way it isn’t. I’ll have to side with Diaz right now, but it is very close. If Condit uses kicks (especially to Nick’s legs) he will gain the advantage.


    Way more excited about this matchup-I know it’s not in either of these guys DNA to do anything but try to destroy the man across from them in the cage-WAR CONDIT!!!!

  • Richard Stabone says:

    So GSP will have been out of action for at least 18 months by the time he gets back in the cage. That’s a hell of a layoff. Sucks that he’s out so long, but still lots of really good matchups…

    Condit-Diaz is a great fight. Hope they can slot this in as a main event on a non-PPV card to give it room to go 5 rounds if needed. I think Condit takes that fight, and if anybody is gonna finish Diaz he figures to be the guy to do it (26 finishes in 27 career victories is pretty ridiculous).

    Fitch-Hendricks isn’t super appealing but it does give Hendricks a chance to really make a statement that could catapult him in the WW rankings. More likely Fitch will keep on keepin on.

    Ellenberger-Diego should be another fun one. Jake has to be the pick but Diego can take a beating.

    Kampmann-Alves looks good on paper.

    And I’d like to see them match up Kos against Rory. Anybody know when Rory is supposed to be back, or what type of injury he’s dealing with?

  • elkymbo says:

    This sucks balls!!! BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • @MCM….How did I know you would be askin for my immediate opinion on this?
    My buddy called me at work last night and told me about this. Its a hell of a tough call for me my two favorite fighters in MMA today goin head to head. On one hand you’ve got Nick Diaz who has some of the most perfect ruthless brawling style boxing and BJJ to match it. On the other you’ve got Carlos who’s got some of the best Thai boxing in mma and Bjj to match it(if you disagree with that go watch him Kimura sweep Dong Hyun Kim from guard to mount in less than thirty seconds of being taken down if you still disagree you’re an idiot).
    Both guys have INSANE chins as witnessed by Nick’s style and Carlos’s stellar comeback win over Ellenberger’s right hand kissed his chin and put him down twice.
    Overall we’re talking about two of the most elite, tough, well rounded, well conditioned, exctiting fighters in the history of the sport. A total combined record of 53-11. 48 Finishes between them both with a fairly even ratiio of the Knockouts two Submissions(an exact ratio in condits case)
    Im playin the bitchmove card for now MCM….I cant pick a winner just yet. We’re talkin My home area(The 209) vs the City of my birth (ABQ!) . As I see the buildup unfold I’ll get closer to making an honest pick. But for now I’ll just say this is the best/worst thing to happen in mma in a long time and this could easily be just as good as Hendo vs. Shogun!

  • nothing_shank says:

    Richard, pretty sure that fight will be 5 rounds regardless of whether or not its the main event. Interim title shots are treated just like your typical fight for the belt.

  • stone says:

    I think this is gonna be good for the ww division…. They really need to set a whole card of ww fights and do a bracket style tournament with the winner getting GSP on Superbowl Saturday 2013…. The ufc needs to find the true contender in the ww division….
    Fitch, Rumble, Koscheck, Ellenberger, Shields, Kampmann, Diego, Thiago Alves, Condit, that pretty boy from England, Hathaway, Rory, both Diaz brothers, paolo thiago & last but not least……. BRING BACK CHRIS LYTLE!…..
    There ya go…. The “W-W SWEET 16″…. LET’S GO!

  • Rece Rock says:

    I got Condit… and it’s not just because I dislike Diaz but because I think Condit can be a aggressive enough to disallow Diaz to force him to fight his fight… this isn’t going to last long… 2 rds tops.

  • climbarock says:

    Great matchup. I think Condit wins this, though. Penn v Diaz was a slugfest, not a dismantling, and Diaz got tagged a lot, as he always does. I think if Diaz lets Condit connect with strikes he’s going to get hurt, and Carlos is a great finisher. Condit should work his leg kicks hard, as Diaz has never been great at defending them…Diaz will try to pressure Carlos and that might slow him down.


    Have to agree with Climbarock’s logic on this one-Nick Diaz has never faced an opponent like Carlos “The Unforgiven” Condit-I can see this fight going down in the true tradition of the old Spaghetti Westerns in the result of the “Take no prisoners Mexican” being defeated by the “Ice cold but psychotic lawman with the busty bride to defend”-RIDE EM COWBOY!!!!!!!


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