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UFC to offer content through XBOX Live starting on December 20

Any MMA fan with UFC Undisputed has had the pleasure of seeing some of their favorite fighters throw down through XBOX Live, though only in a digitally rendered sense. However, a change on that front is scheduled to take place later this month when the UFC teams with XBOX Live to provide a free service for gamers with the outlet’s standard “Gold” access.

Simply called UFC on XBOX Live, the soon-to-be-unveiled online section makes its debut on December 20 in anticipation of UFC 141’s year-ending festivities.

Specifically, features will include the option to watch streaming content in HD such as weigh-ins, open workouts, and Countdown specials, as well as tinker with interactive fight cards, pick winners while comparing your success against friends’, and order PPVs to avoid the hassle of cable companies or interrupted satellite feeds. It will also be compatible with XBOX Kinect, providing people a unique opportunity to interact with menus using voice/motion commands.

Microsoft released a brief “sizzle reel” for the service featuring a handful of popular UFC fighters, as well as UFC President Dana White, speaking about the impact the company’s expansion could have and seeming jazzed in general about what’s to come.

Check the preview out below:



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