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Michael Bisping says Jason Miller is “in for an ass-kicking”

When Michael Bisping meets Jason Miller later tonight inside the Octagon at the Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale he’ll do motivated by more than the thought of winning. Rather, the 32-year old hasn’t taken too kindly to some of Miller’s antics leading up to the bout and will be looking to take his aggravation out on “Mayhem” once the cage door closes.

Bisping spoke about Miller in a recent interview with the UFC promoting their match-up where he elaborated on his current mindset, saying, “With me, the worst thing you could possibly do is piss me off. The worst thing is piss me off because you’re in for an ass-kicking.”

From the sound of it the anger he feels towards Miller helped curb any overconfidence prohibiting his focus on the task at hand even though Bisping clearly sees the colorful Californian as an inferior opponent.

“I could’ve sat on my ass for the last six months eating pizza and still beat Jason Miller. The fact is I’ve just done a training camp like I’m fighting Anderson Silva, so it doesn’t bode well for Jason,” explained Bisping before adding that, when he wins, “I’m not going to be jumping for joy as if I’ve won a world title. He’s only Jason Miller. He’s the Bully Beatdown guy.”

Fans can catch the two TUF 14 coaches’ clash this evening on Spike TV starting at 8:00 PM EST with other fights on the card including the season’s bantamweight/featherweight tournament finals and Yves Edwards vs. Tony Ferguson.

The complete video of Bisping/Miller talking about the fight can be found below:

  • Madmax says:

    While I dont like Bisping at all, I think he’s somewhat of a wanker and blackguard, I see him surely kicking the living crap out of Jason Miller. Miller is an overhyped guy whose skills are nowhere his hype. Bisping probably wont finish him, perhaps by choice, but he will win convincingly. BTW dont like Miller either. When he loses tonight, he will probably be cut by DW anyway.



    I highly doubt that Miller will be cut from the UFC if he loses tonight-There are way more deserving to be let go with nowhere near the marketability of Mayhem-If Bisping goes into berzerker mode(ala Dennis Kang fight) he could very well take Miller out -but I just have a feeling that Miller has improved quite a bit and will get a sub on Bisping

  • JabCrossHook says:

    I’m not a big fan of either fighter but I think that Bisping is a pretty good fighter. People hated on him but after I saw the Dennis Kang fight how he got dropped then went into kill mode and GnPed Dennis Kang to oblivion I have a lot of respect from him. He came back from a devastating KO loss pretty well and I think miller is pretty overrated. He hasn’t defeated any big names, he isn’t known for incredible top position control and he was a WW earlier in his career and Bisping was a LHW. He’s faced the wrestling of Rashad and Hamil and I think that he will be able to pop up back to his feet whenever miller gets a TD. Once the fight is on the feet Bisping should pick apart Miller and Miller was never known for fight ending power.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Miller is in that soon to be released mma themed movie that Kevin James is In… I doubt he will get cut anytime soon… Especially after just being on TUF… To much mainstream exposure to cut him right now regardless he would get the sane courtesy as other fighters and have to string a few losses together before getting cut


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