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Five Ounces of Podcast: Episode 10

It’s a special Friday edition of the Five Ounces of Podcast as Brendhan Conlan joins Jeremy Lambert and Samer Kadi to review Bellator 59 and preview The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale. We start with a quick wrap up of the season finale of Bellator, which featured an anticlimactic main event to go along with a rather disappointing card mired by early stoppages, bad performances, and questionable judging. Then we jump into a preview of the TUF 14 Finale and breakdown the main event between coaches Jason Miller and Michael Bisping. Plus we’ll talk about the rest of the card, including both tournament finals, and why TUF Finale cards never have much momentum behind them. It’s nearly one hour of MMA talk so check it out.

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  • I find it sad that there’s not alot of momentum behind this tuf finale…. jon dodson vs. TJ Dillishaw should be a really interesting match to watch and the other one looks entertaining too. Those people who dont know who mayhem is will surely be entertained and have a good idea whether he wins or loses.

  • oh and just cuz I forgot to mention it, it really sucks how Bellator’s season ended especially when the rest of it has been really outstanding. Its a tough break and I hope bjorn and the rest of the crew remember that its just one show and to keep it up next season, cuz they really had a season to be proud of this year minus the finale.

  • Rece Rock says:

    agreed superdave… I had company over from thanksgiving and I put it on TV and for alot of family it was there first taste of MMA and between the early stoppage in Pellagrino fight and the main event needless to say they all looked at me like I was retarded for being a fan…most of my aunts, uncles and even my parents are boxing fans and I won nobody over with that display… anyway i hope they just keep chugging along…

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I dont think it was a early stoppage in the Pelligrino fight at all, he was just going to be beat down worse if the ref let it go on longer, saying that I was really hopeing to see Kurt get the win there. The HW fight sucked though, I cant remember the last time I saw anybody kick somebody right up the ass like that before and hopefully never see it again.


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