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Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis named as UFC on FOX 2 headliner

After months of speculation on the scrap, the UFC appears to have finally booked former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans in a bout against undefeated grappling phenom Phil Davis. The two were originally set to face off at UFC 133 this past August but Davis was forced out of the fight with a hurt knee, leading many people to believe he and Evans would finish their business after he’d fully recovered.

Though not officially announced by the UFC, the match-up is expected to serve as the main event on January 28 when the organization returns to FOX for their second live event on the network.

News of the pairing was first reported by ESPN where multiple sources were cited.

Evans will undoubtedly be competing for a title-shot after watching fate deal him a bad hand over the past few months in terms of timing and injuries. “Suga” ‘Shad has seen three championship clashes laid to waste due to injury, twice relating to his own health and once to that of divisional king Jon Jones. Evans is currently on a three-fight winning streak with victories over Thiago Silva, Quinton Jackson, and most recently Tito Ortiz.

The 2012 tussle will mark the biggest fight of the 9-0 Davis’ career after proving he belonged inside the Octagon against elite opposition with a win over Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFN 24. A decorated wrestler, the uber-athletic Davis has aldo found past success against notable opposition such as Tim Boetsch, Alexander Gustaffson, and Brian Stann.


  • MCM says:

    Looks like Hendo is getting the next title shot.

    From a divisional stand point, I’d rather have seen Davis test himself against someone that wasn’t a consensus top 3, but this is gonna be a good fight anyway. Davis has the wrestling pedigree to stop Rashad’s shots but I don’t think he can hang with him on the feet. Rashad could “Edgar” this fight to an easy decision win, but I hope he goes for the finish.
    Evans by UD

  • Rece Rock says:

    Lose/ Lose situation…

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Disagree with you there. If Evans wins he’s beaten an undefeated phenom and solidifies his contendership while Davis’ first loss would have come to a former champ in his prime. If Davis wins it gives him a huge amount of momentum entering the year and doesn’t necessarily hurt Evans’ reputation either based on Davis’ buzz.

  • MCM says:

    Oh it definitely hurts Evans if he loses. For some reason, the UFC is doing everything it can to make sure he doesn’t get a shot a Jones and a loss on his record would allow them to take him out of “the mix”. A loss to Evans won’t hurt Davis nearly as much, being as this is his first real test.
    I agree with you about the effects if either win.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I don’t think of Davis as a phenom… he did not look that great against nog, and when you have jon jones as a measuring stick phenom is not a title to be dished out to easily.

    If Davis wins yes it makes the hype very believable BUT it thrusts him into the”mix” and do you guys really think he wins a fight against Jones, Machida, or Hendo at this moment?

    To me Evans is supposed to win this fight and a loss is devestating… and a win against Davis is a win that I think he isexpected to get so no kudos given there besides staying busy awaiting his title shot.

    I hate that they fast track there future stars instead grooming them into there top tier roles.

  • edub says:

    This is a fight that Rashad should win. IMO he is better in every aspect of MMA (Davis would probably win a straight match but MMA wrestling is a different story, then again Rashad has a win over Greg Jones to his credit so who knows).

    I also agree with Rece Rock that I don’t see Davis as a phenom. When I think of Phenoms its Vitor, BJ, GSP, Jones, and Aldo that come to mind. Guys that take to all aspects of MMA like a fish in water. To me Davis isn’t that. Sure, he still has plenty of room and time to improve, and his wrestling pedigree make his potential very high. But I don’t see that amazing skill level yet from him, and to me he’s too raw for somebody like Evans at the moment.

    I just think Evans-Henderson would have been better served as the next main event. You get a clear #1 contender, and Jones already should have a vacation after taking 4 fights this year. However, I understand the protection of Hendo as a contender.


    The only thing phenom about Davis is his lats-That being said-Phil is at the age and stage where you see these MMA fighters dramatically improve inbetween fights and it’s very hard to guage where Rashad is really at after a fight with Tito-I still have to begrudgingly go with Rashad by decision in a good battle

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Davis seems to be a younger version of Rashad, great wrestling and overall solid mma game, but he hasnt yet caught up to the current Rashad so I see Evans getting a third round stoppage here and at the very least getting a shot at Hendo for a promised #1 contender spot if not a outright title shot depending on how much longer Jones wants to duck him.

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Wrong fight to put on Fox…again.


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