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Ultimate Fighter Season 14 Live Blog

Last week on The Ultimate Fighter 14, the semifinals kicked off with Team Miller’s Dennis Bermudez defeating Akira Corassani to punch his ticket to the featherweight finals. Also, the pranks continued as Michael Bisping used a fire extinguisher to clear out the gym, upsetting not only Team Miller but his team as well.

Rather than a simple recap, throughout the festivities, this fall 5 OZ will be providing live commentary during each episode including assessments of each fighter and breakdowns of the action, not to mention a snarky remark or two relating to the behavior of coaches and contestants.

Read below to get our take on things as they unfold in this week’s episode (and make sure to join in on the discussion in the “Comments” section below:

*Dustin Pague gives a homeless man a bag of goodies. Well that was nice of him.

*Jason Miller heads to the house and tries to find a cockroach for Dustin to eat. Miller makes sure to plug “Joe Rogan’s Fear Factor” so I hope Rogan sends him a Christmas card. Dustin eats the cockroach and Miller gives him $60. Don’t they get like $5,000 on Fear Factor? Dustin got screwed.

*COACHES CHALLENGE TIME! This is my favorite part of every single season. The season’s challenge is…..AIR HOCKEY! AWESOME! As the owner of an air hockey, I love this game and must say that I’m a master at it. It’s a best of 5 series with the winner needing 7 goals to win the game. Miller gets dominated in the first game, losing 7-1. Bisping begins dominating the second game as well and ends up winning 7-4. So Bisping goes up 2-0 in the series and Bisping gets cocky. Miller takes game three, but Bisping comes back in game 4 to win. Then he jumps up on the table and begins to celebrate. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THOSE TABLE COSTS?!?! When jumping off the table, Bisping slips and busts his ass. British people can’t even defend takedowns from the air.

*The game plan for TJ Dillashaw against Dustin is to use his wrestling. If he doesn’t try a takedown 64 seconds into the fight, Dana is gonna be pissed.

*TJ and Dustin make weight.

*Bantamweight Semifinal Fight: Dustin Pague (Team Miller) vs. TJ Dillashaw (Team Bisping) – TJ got an early takedown and spent the better part of 4 minutes on top of Dustin dropping punches and elbows while Dustin failed to get anything going off his back. Dustin finally got to his feet and landed a nice knee but the damage was too little too late and he definitely lost the opening frame. The second round is more of the same from TJ. He got an early takedown and this time spent the entire round on top of Dustin, grinding him out with strikes. It’s the semifinals, so there is a 3rd round, something I honestly didn’t know until it happened. And the third round went exactly like the first two, with TJ securing and early takedown and then beating up Dustin the entire 5 minutes. Dominating 15 minute performance by TJ.

Result: TJ Dillashaw def. Dustin Pague via Unanimous Decision

*Dustin is obviously disappointed with the fight. Miller tells him that he has a bright future.

  • Kamakosmo says:

    “If he doesn’t try a takedown 64 seconds into the fight, Dana is gonna be pissed.”


  • MCM says:

    “It’s the semifinals, so there is a 3rd round, something I honestly didn’t know until it happened.”
    Ha! I was in the same boat, even though they have been doing the 3 rnd semi’s for the past couple seasons.

    “British people can’t even defend takedowns from the air. ” genius.

    I don’t know what it is about TJ but I just don’t like the guy. Maybe it’s because he trains at team alpha male and all those guys are way too cocky. I hope Baby Fitch or Pikachu (I forget their names) takes him out in the finals.


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