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UFC 139 Conference Call Highlights

Though the UFC’s recent run of live events is set to end this weekend, fans couldn’t have asked for a better note to end on as UFC 139 is stacked from top to bottom with talent including as good a PPV card as has been seen in some time.

Four of the show’s main players will sit down with media this afternoon to discuss their bouts at UFC 139 including headliners Dan Henderson and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, as well as Cung Le and Wanderlei Silva whose middleweight match-up appears destined to end with one man seeing stars.

As always, Five Ounces of Pain will be on the conference call when it starts at 1:00 PM EST, ready to relay highlights back to readers in real time in addition to any scintillating soundbytes springing forth from the festivities.

Read below for UFC 139 conference call highlights:

Dan Henderson:

– It feels good to know he’ll likely finish his career in the UFC even though re-signing with them was just business
– Acknowledges the FOX deal makes being part of the UFC even more exciting
– Says he has a lot of fights left in him
– Doesn’t feel any pressure to perform as a former Strikeforce champion in terms of representing the brand because he represents himself first and foremost
– Remembers fighting Murilo Rua as being a tough opponent and expects the same kind of “war” from “Shogun”
– Isn’t looking to test Rua’s conditioning because he approaches fights in an aggressive manner and will be looking for the finish
– Doesn’t care if he’s knocked out; “A loss is a loss. Good luck to him on that one.”
– Has no regrets about his time in Strikeforce
– “We’re all here to get along, make some money, and give some good fights to fans.”
– Not worried about what’s next but doesn’t rule out potential of fighting Anderson Silva
– Never had a personal grudge against the UFC, just knew he was worth more money than being offered so he explored other options
– Only wants to cut weight for the Silva match-up

Mauricio Rua:

– Was hard to deal with his recent injuries because he wants to be more active so he’s happy that he’s so healthy now
– Believes it is a marquee fight based on Henderson’s reputation as a champion/legend
– Is not looking towards a potential title-shot, only beating Henderson
– Remembers Henderson’s fight with his brother as being very competitive and that “Ninja” has helped him prepare for this fight

Cung Le:

– Admits it has been a long layoff but he’s been working hard in the gym and is honored to be part of the UFC
– Is excited to be part of the fight card and is not worried about any outside factors
– Has no obligations to fight a certain amount of times in 2012 and is just happy fighting at UFC 139
– “It’s gonna be a great card for all fans to watch.”
– Has been training since Spring for the fight
– May have retired if this opportunity hadn’t come along
– “UFC is the top of the food chain. They’re the one’s who really put MMA on the map.” / Means something special to fight under their banner
– Feels he’s come full circle with his first MMA fight being in San Jose as well as his UFC debut but admits there are always more distractions when competing at home

Wanderlei Silva:

– Feels what he’s done in the past is good but wants to show he still has it
– Is healthy and is in great condition, plans to prove it on Saturday
– Does not have the thought of retirement in his mind
– “What happened with my last fight can happy to anyone. You can’t tell Cain Velasquez he’s gonna retire now.”

  • Niv says:

    This actually looks like a decent card and the main event is a real solid fight.

    I’m going to go with the guy everybody thinks will lose every fight he enters into, I’ll take Shogun.
    Not only am I taking Shogun to win, I’m calling for him to be the first guy ever to ko Hendo.

  • edub says:

    I hope you’re right Niv.

    IMO this fight is as 50-50 as it gets.

    Let’s go Shogun!


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