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UFC on FOX Weigh-In Results

A scenario once thought to be little more than a MMA fan’s fantasy is set to unfold tomorrow night from Anaheim, California, as the UFC is poised to make its network debut on FOX with heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and imposing contender Junior dos Santos helping usher the new era through their main event match-up.

Before Velasquez and Dos Santos can display their talents in front of the millions of people anticipated to be tuning in they had to first deal with the formality of making weight with neither coming close to the 265-pound heavyweight limit. As expected, they and the rest of the competitors set for action at the event made weight meaning things will go on as scheduled.

Read below for a full list of UFC on FOX weights:

Aaron Rosa (204 lbs) vs. Matt Lucas (203 lbs)
Mike Pierce (171 lbs) vs. Paul Bradley (171 lbs)
Alex Caceres (136 lbs) vs. Cole Escovedo (134 lbs)
Mackens Semerzier (146 lbs) vs. Robert Peralta (145 lbs)
Norifumi Yamamoto (135 lbs) vs. Darren Uyenoyama (135 lbs)
Clay Harvison (169 lbs) vs. DaMarques Johnson (171 lbs)
Cub Swanson (145 lbs) vs. Ricardo Lamas (145 lbs)
Dustin Poirier (146 lbs) vs. Pablo Garza (145 lbs)
Ben Henderson (156 lbs) vs. Clay Guida (156 lbs)
Cain Velasquez (249 lbs) vs. Junior dos Santos (239 lbs)


  • Richard Stabone says:

    I was mildly surprised to see Cain tip the scales at nearly 250… his weigh-in figure has increased each of the last 4 times out:


    He’s gone from relatively undersized at HW to what seems to be a nice happy medium for the division (assuming he doesn’t lose any of his quickness/cardio).

    This fight should be pretty awesome. After the fight announcement I recall there being a fair amount of 2nd guessing about the matchup (not about Cain-JDS facing each other, but that for the FOX debut that it wasn’t other bigger, more recognizable names instead)… I didn’t understand the 2nd guessing then; still don’t. Anyway, hope they both stayed healthy and enter tomorrow night close to 100%. If one of them did get dinged up at all during training camp it would’ve been nearly impossible to pull out, considering it’s the inaugural UFC event on network TV, unless it was a serious injury.

    Bendo by decision.

    Cain by 3rd/4th round TKO.

  • Niv says:

    I can’t wait for these fights tomorrow, especially the main event.

    I’ll go with a Bendo tko in the third and a Dos Santos ko in the 3rd as well.

    I’ll be blown away if either of those two fights doesn’t deliver the fireworks we are all expecting.

  • Madmax says:

    Geez, what a crappy card this is. A bunch of 135 and 145s that no ones ever heard of. I knew this would happen when they absorbed the WEC. One would think that for it’s first card on network TV, Dana would have stacked this card to the stars, instead, aside from the main event, it’s basically a warmed over WEC card. FOX should be furious with this paltry, crappy event filled with nobodys. They will never convert the casual fan into a PPV BUYING fan by serving up this load of Caca. INHO a real disappointment. On the other hand, it IS free, but nowhere near PPV quality.

    Cain by First round KO.


  • BiG BaD BuLL says:


    I think that I can make this make sense for you. Fox, not the UFC, stipulated that there would only be one fight shown on the televised card. Consequently, they made it a big one. Since facebook would be the only medium displaying the wares for the rest of the card, Dana and the UFC marketing team were faced with a dilemma; 1)put together an amzing card that would not be seen by the majority of the populace-or- 2) put together a sub par card that would not be seen by the majority of the populace, saving the more exciting/ marketable match ups for a future date that could be capitalized on. The casual/ new MMA/UFC fan isn’t going to know about the facebook fights, and consequently won’t have an opportunity to be unimpressed by unknown fighters.

    With that being said…

    In the most respectful way I can say it: Don’t judge a card/ fighter just because you don’t recognize their name. Every champion that has ever been (Chuck, Randy, GsP, Hughes, Penn, Jones, etc) started as a fighter that no one recognized. Give these guys a chance.

  • BiG BaD BuLL says:

    P.S.- Five Ounce Staff- I would still really love to write for your site.

  • climbarock says:

    Madmax, did you skip your cup of coffee this morning? Only the main event is being aired on Fox. Originally Guida v Bendo was supposed to air too, but Fox shut that down. Those are two of the best matchups the UFC has to offer. The rest of the card is being banished to facebook prelim purgatory.


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