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Dana White confirms that Chael Sonnen is next for Anderson Silva

It looks like Chael Sonnen‘s mouth and the fan response to it has earned him another fight against the man on the receiving end of his many verbal jabs – Anderson Silva.

Appearing on the Jim Rome Show, UFC president Dana White confirmed that Sonnen would get his rematch, saying, “It’s the fight that everybody wants to see. People want to see Chael vs. Anderson. Anderson is in this position where he feels like the guy is so disrespectful he doesn’t want to give him a shot. But Anderson will end up fighting Chael. The answer is yes.”

After a submission victory at UFC 136, the man with the gift of gab cut a pro-wrestling style promo on the champ, essentially challenging him to a “Loser Leaves Town” fight on Super Bowl weekend. While Sonnen has backed off the stipulations and the fight may not take place the day before the biggest football game of the year, the bout will happen, which is all Sonnen really wanted in the first place.

Following his post-fight victory speech, Silva and his manager Ed Soares were unhappy with Sonnen’s promo and comments about Silva in general. Silva felt disrespected and Soares felt that Chael already had his chance at the title, and should wait back in line.

Sonnen was two minutes away from capturing the UFC middleweight title from Silva at UFC 117, but was caught in a triangle choke in the final round of a fight that he dominated for 23 minutes. Sonnen failed a drug test following the bout and sat on the sidelines for over a year before returning this past October to defeat Brian Stann. Silva has posted two more (T)KO victories since submitting Sonnen to run his winning streak inside the Octagon to fourteen fights.


  • stone says:


  • Richard Stabone says:

    Sonnen was two minutes away from capturing the UFC middleweight title from Silva at UFC 117, but was caught in a triangle choke in the final round of a fight that he dominated for 23 minutes.

    I know the next sentence of the article brings up the drug test but, in reality, Chael was never going to be the UFC MW champ due to the fact he cheated in the fight against Anderson.

    Which makes me wonder how it all would’ve played out had Anderson not pulled off the late sub. Say instead of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, Chael had instead held on for the UD “victory”…

    – Chael is awarded the MW belt
    – The greatest living fighter sees his UFC record run of consecutive victories and title defenses come to an end

    …and all of the other story lines and hubbub that would have surely followed in the immediate aftermath of the shocking upset and new “champion.”

    – Except that news would soon break that Chael failed a drug test for the fight
    – The UFC would have to inevitably announce the belt going back to Anderson
    – …and along with it, Anderson’s unbeaten record in the UFC is restored (well, sort of)

    That would have been a pretty ugly ordeal for the UFC to sift thru. Something tells me Dana and the rest of the UFC brass would not have been pleased to have to clean up all that sh*t. The wrath Marquardt later felt might have looked tame compared to the swift action taken towards Mr Sonnen. Nate screwing up a Versus card (in a fight with no belts on the line) was one thing; Chael pissing on the MW belt while screwing up Anderson’s “perfect” record would have been on a whole different level. I can only imagine how Dana would have reacted but in order to manage the PR side of things, while also sending a clear message to other fighters about the peril of putting the UFC in a bad position with one’s personal actions (TRT or otherwise), let’s just say I do not think Dana would be slotting Chael right back into another title shot.

    But oh well… Anderson threw up the triangle, disaster averted, and now we get our rematch.

  • Planterz says:

    [i]Sonnen was two minutes away from capturing the UFC middleweight title from Silva at UFC 117, but was caught in a triangle choke in the final round of a fight that he dominated for 23 minutes[/i]

    You can lead 199 laps of the Indy 500, but if you’re not the first across the finish line on lap 200, you’re not the winner.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    I suppose the much shorter version of my rambling above would be: Anderson throwing up that late triangle might have been the best thing that could happen to Chael, given all of the other circumstances.

  • edub says:

    Gotta disagree.

    -First off we don’t know if the belt would’ve gone directly back to Silva. It could’ve, but the more likely case is it gets vacated (while the commission clears up Sonnen’s “doctor” situation, and schedule a rematch. Then when it takes too long SIlva and Belfort fight for the vacated title). Streak stops anyway because fight becomes NC.

    -The UFC slots Sonnen back into the title bout without the comeback fight after the treatement is cleared (the process goes even quicker because Zuffa backs the guy that was “cheated by the system”), and Sonnen ends up fighting Anderson before the Okami/Nate winner.

    Chael would’ve ruined an event after the fact (after it sold, created controversy, and set up a bigger story line going into the rematch). Nate still ruined an event before Zuffa had a chance to make money on it. That’s the biggest factor here, even if Dana and Lorenzo don’t want to admit it. Chael becoming uber popular compared to Nate always being a secondary draw also has to be taken into account here.

  • Guthookd says:

    Do it Chael. Do it.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    @edub: Very interesting differing point of view.

    What I know for certain (assuming Chael had “won” the first fight) is there would have been a pretty ugly mess with the MW belt to have to clean up. A winner being stripped due to a failed drug test stinks, no matter how it plays out with the commission and the rest of the story.

    As you touched on, the stuff with the commission was going to take way too long for any quick resolution, so the UFC would have been left in a pretty tough spot. There are some other interesting options, such as you proposed, but regardless I think the whole incident would’ve resulted in a pretty big negative PR hit for MMA/UFC (although, who knows, where people get bent out of shape out PED use in baseball they all but ignore it in football, so it’s tough to gauge).

    Ultimately, it would have been much less ideal for the UFC had Chael won than what actually happened with Anderson pulling off the late comeback. (the PR stuff, while in the later stages of working out the Fox deal, Anderson’s perfect record being tarnished, etc.) And so I can’t help but think the UFC brass (with Dana leading the charge, as usual) being upset with Chael and acting accordingly, rather than giving Chael the benefit of the doubt and trying to spin the situation in Chael’s favor (“cheated by the system”). Dana is a pretty rigid dude, and a guy’s personal actions (even if they weren’t something as shady as TRT) putting the UFC’s brand at risk is not something he could just give a pass (think about that message to other fighters). But ultimately, who knows. Just an interesting hypothetical.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    if anderson did have a broken rib and chael was juicing anderson should have no problem getting the w. I just dont like the fact that it seems if u disrespect someone enough and people listens u get a big check at the end. If u watch the post fight interveiw of the last fight you see sonnen beat then later claims to be the peoples champ. Im sure every brazillian fighter will be helping anderson for this on I dont no about sonnen. Does he have friends? If so are they good asthe nog bros, aldo , wandy, bigfoot, cigano. I doubt it. if sonnen losses he owes a huge apology for future fighters can see its all hype for $.

  • edub says:

    You know you make great points. It all makes a hell of a lot of sense.

    I just think from the history of Zuffa that the all mighty dollar prevails. The whole situation was going to be a PR nightmare, but sometimes PR nightmares sell big.

    Dana and Lorenzo will most of the time put company above everything, but theyre also the same guys that gave a professional wrestler a shot at the most prestigious belt in their promotion after a 2-1 career record.

    If it trended that the rematch would be a big seller (in bizarro world when Chael didn’t tap), I just don’t see how they fail to make the match. Too much money involved.

  • Planterz says:

    As much as I dislike Sonnen and don’t think he deserves another title shot so soon, I don’t blame the UFC for giving it to him. Not for money reasons, but rather the fact that there’s nobody else to give it to. Everybody else has already had a shot and needs another win or three, or they’ve a couple top wins from their first shot (like Munoz or Simpson or Belcher). There’s Hendo of course, but he’s making a run at the LHW belt. So who else is there to give it to? Sonnen is the obvious and easy choice. Plus they’ll make a shitload of money on it.

  • MickeyC says:

    Anyone that did not see this coming knows very little about MMA and for sure about the UFC. I knew this fight was GOING to happen the moment Chael was cleared to fight. And for a TON of GOOD reasons. Most of which are listed above.




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