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The Scorecard – UFC 138: Leben vs. Munoz

The Scorecard hits the highs and lows of the latest big event offering in MMA. Points are assigned completely at random but stay between ten and negative ten because I hate math.

For those that don’t know, there was a UFC show this weekend, i.e. UFC 138. Despite the fact that the event was in England, the biggest UK star on the card was either Brad Pickett or Terry Etim, and the UFC did absolutely nothing to promote the event; it was actually a pretty damn good event. If you missed it, I’d actually recommend that you check it out and then I’d recommend you to tweet the UFC and let them know that it would have been nice of them to tell you that there was an event this past weekend.

-Notes- I did not watch the show live or on Spike TV. I caught the event the next day, it was the UK version of the show, and I skipped through a lot of the nonsense. However, I did make sure to briefly listen to the walk out songs because if you expect one thing from this column, you expect the best breakdown of walk out music in MMA. Also, I wasn’t able to watch the preliminary fights.

Lets go to the scorecard:

*It didn’t take long for our first Eminem walk out song of the night as Eddie Faaloloto entered to “Bagpipes from Baghdad”. I give him credit for going with an original Eminem joint. PLUS TWO

*I give the England crowd credit for not only showing up to this event, but for reacting better to Etim vs. Faaloloto than last weeks Vegas crowd did for BJ Penn vs. Nick Diaz. PLUS FOUR

*Great performance by Etim. Crisp strikes and a nasty guillotine. Granted it was a designed win for him given Faaloloto’s recent performances, but he took care of business. PLUS FIVE

*That said, shame on Joe Silva for even making this fight. MINUS THREE

*Anthony Perosh has terrible stand up and isn’t a great wrestler, yet he’s a monster on the ground. PLUS TWO

*Cyrille Diabate looked really good on the feet, but once again his grappling was his downfall. MINUS ONE

*Extra points to Perosh for his control on top. It really was a thing of beauty. PLUS TWO

*I love Rashad Evans’ reaction every time he’s shown on screen. While I’m not a huge Rashad fan because of UFC 88, I’d probably like the guy if it wasn’t for that moment. PLUS ONE

*Nice to see a prelim fight shown. Great job by Che Mills, who destroyed Chris Cope. Some picture perfect knees that had Cope saying, “owwwwww” instead of “wooooo.” PLUS THREE

*While Mills’ victory was impressive, Joe Rogan’s reaction to the win was a little over the top. Mills beat Chris friggin Cope, the absolute lowest level of a UFC fighter. MINUS TWO

*Any man who walks out with a cigar in his mouth is awesome. Props to you Papy Abedi. PLUS ONE

*The usually bouncy and excited Thiago Alves looked extremely focused during his walk out. He also dropped the T.I. music for John by Lil Wayne, which is the same song Daniel Cormier used when he beat Antonio Silva. PLUS TWO


*That was the Thiago I fell in love with. A straight up killer with great finishing instinct. His elbows from the mount were nasty and he had no problem taking the choke. PLUS FOUR

*I give credit to Abedi. Alves is a very tough first fight and he looked pretty good until Thiago was able to catch and overwhelm him. PLUS TWO

*You shouldn’t be allowed to use All I Do Is Win if you have a loss on your record. Sorry Renan Barao. MINUS TWO

*Rogan kept wanting to talk about all the great fighters that have come out of Nova Uniao and could only name Jose Aldo. Come on Joe. MINUS THREE

*I assume Pickett’s walk out was some ode to England. I didn’t quite get it, but I give him credit for originality. I wonder if the paper he was reading mentioned anything about Kim Kardashian’s divorce. PLUS ONE

*Barao vs. Pickett was pretty awesome while it lasted. Both guys just swung for the fences and finally Barao rocked him with the knee. PLUS FIVE

*The finishing sequence by Barao was outstanding as well. Dropped Pickett on the feet, pounced on him with strikes on the ground, quickly took the back, and sunk in the choke. Very well done. PLUS FOUR

*The only thing not smooth about Barao’s performance was his post-fight celebration. MINUS TWO

*Maybe Pickett should have spent less time reading and more time training. MINUS ONE

*It’s still a shame that Chris Leben vs. Mark Munoz was the first ever 5-round non-title UFC fight. MINUS THREE

*”Mad World” by Gary Jules is a tough walk out song to pull off and Leben failed to do it. He was a little too excited and jumpy for such a slow and depressing song. MINUS TWO

*If Munoz doesn’t have the most vicious ground and pound in MMA, I don’t know who does. PLUS FOUR

*The doctor in the Leben vs. Munoz fight looked exactly like Vince Masuka from Dexter. I was just waiting for him to try and feel up Arianny Celeste when he left the cage. PLUS ONE

*What an anti-climatic ending to the main event. While I don’t blame Leben or his corner for wanting out if he couldn’t see, I never thought I’d see Leben go out like that. MINUS THREE

*Munoz did the worst title shot call-out in history. Did he learn nothing from Diaz last week? I think Munoz is “in the mix” as Dana White likes to say, but he’s not next in line and I want to see him fight for the title less after that call-out. MINUS FOUR

*Rogan says Leben is “constantly evolving and improving” despite how bad he looked in this fight. He reverted to his “swing for the fences” style on the feet and defended takedowns with a guillotine instead of a sprawl. MINUS THREE

*Despite the fact that no one watched this event, it turned out to be a really great show with a lot of really great performances. No fight was all that spectacular since they all ended in 10 minutes or less, but you can never complain about devastating finishes. PLUS SIX

*Again though, it’s a shame no one watched this event and I blame the UFC for putting together a card that no one wanted to see and then failing to promote it. MINUS FOUR

Total Score: 18


  • Rece Rock says:

    Papy Abedi had no business in the octagon…. just saying.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Pickett’s charge was a bad idea at Gettysburg, and it didn’t work any better against Barao. He threw wide, looping punches while charging in with his chin up and got picked apart by a striker using better technique. Barao looked good, and I’d like to see him again.

  • MCM says:

    I think Abedi is going to be a great addition to the WW roster. Sure he lost his first UFC fight, but so did Alves.

    “Some picture perfect knees that had Cope saying, “owwwwww” instead of “wooooo.”
    PLUS ONE for visual word play.

  • ash-uk-187 says:

    I was in attendance and I massively enjoyed myself!!!

  • qat says:

    Not giving points on Alves missing weight again and Dolce talking bs about a bad calibrated scale? (which of course only made Alves miss weight, cause everyone else came in two pounds lighter that evening ~_~)

  • plus 3 for Abedi showing no fear of Alves…No business in the octagon…im not sure I agree with that but certainly no business in a fight with Alves for sure.

    +2 for Picketts homage to Brad Pitt’s one punch Pikey character from Snatch…minus 2 for him gettin dealt with in such fashion…+5 for the way Borao hopped across and took his back…beautiful.

    Minus 50 for Leben if he doesnt have something seriously wrong with his eye…it wasnt even that swollen nor was the cut that bad. If there is something tragically wrong forget i said anything.


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