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Alistair Overeem moves his training camp to Xtreme Couture

When Alistair Overeem makes his UFC debut in December, he won’t have his usual Golden Glory team in his corner. Instead, Overeem will be accompanied by some of the usual faces at Xtreme Couture, one of MMA’s most well-known training camps run by UFC Hall of Fame member Randy Couture.

Overeem made the announcement on today’s episode of The MMA Hour.

While “The Demolition Man” holds no ill will towards his former training partners, he was less than thrilled with his management team, stating that there was, “a major breach of trust.” He went into more detail on the latest episode of “The Reem” which can be found below, saying, “I hired a lawyer to go through the [UFC] contract with me, step-by-step. What me and the lawyer found out was there were details in the contract which were to my disadvantage and to the advantage of Golden Glory, and which also were not explained to me by Golden Glory and particularly by [Golden Glory manager] Bas (Boon).”

While leaving the team he’s been with the majority of his career in preparation for his bout against Brock Lesnar may seem like a big deal, Overeem insists that won’t be the case. “Basically, I was already doing all my own stuff. Golden Glory did have a hand, of course, because they had some sparring partners and they were doing fight contract negotiations, but basically my own team already took care of it, so it’s not going to be a real big deal.”

At Xtreme Couture, Overeem will no doubt be getting some of the best wrestling training of his career, which should come in handy against former NCAA wrestling champion and UFC heavyweight champion Lesnar when the two collide at on December 30 at UFC 141.


  • MickeyC says:

    Lets face it. I dout many people see thiws as a bad move for the Reem.

  • best thing he could’ve done. He gets the chance to take train with a camp led by a man who’s fought Brock…possibly Frank Mir. Im really interested to see this fight but either way it happens, it wont make it out of the second.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Good move but the fight is right around the corner… long term it’s a good thing for reem but short term this may actually be to the advantage of Brock if Reem is unsettled and doesn’t have a good camp.

    hey dave after Mir came out and said Brock would beat overeem relatively easily I doubt Reem wants to train with him…


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