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The Scorecard – UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz

The Scorecard hits the highs and lows of the latest big event offering in MMA. Points are assigned completely at random but stay between ten and negative ten because I hate math.

UFC returned to Las Vegas this past weekend. Unfortunately, Las Vegas didn’t come to the UFC. After multiple main event changes, I guess the Vegas crowd didn’t feel that the headliner was worthy of their time when there were so many Halloween parties going on. I can’t say I blame them because for most of the event, I wish I was trapped in a room with scantily clad women instead of watching half-naked men grapple and punch each other in the face as well.

Lets go to the scorecard:

*I missed Clifford Starks walk-out music, but Dustin Jacoby came out to “Go DJ” by Lil Wayne. I give him credit for using an older song by Weezy. PLUS TWO

*Joe Rogan’s pyramid of importance when it comes to MMA techniques sounds like a book waiting to happen. Don’t let us down Rogan. PLUS THREE

*”His takedown defense sucks.” Nothing warms my heart more than Rogan putting things bluntly. PLUS ONE

*New drinking game: take a shot every time Rogan wants someone to throw kicks. MINUS FOUR for Rogan and his love of kicks. PLUS THREE for getting drunk.

*Starks vs. Jacoby was very lackluster. There’s nothing more boring than two unknown guys putting on a boring fight. No interest going in and neither guy did anything to get me interested during it. MINUS FOUR

*I give some credit to Starks for doing what he needed to do. But I have to knock off more since Jacoby didn’t do a thing all fight. PLUS TWO for Starks. MINUS THREE for Jacoby.

*It was nice to see that Georges St. Pierre showed up for UFC 137, even though he wasn’t fighting. PLUS ONE

*Rogan called Joe Warren a “former Bellator champion.” Not even Rogan can understand this whole “non-title” and “tournament” thing that Bellator does. MINUS ONE

*Some great knees in the clinch by Francis Carmont. He really started to break Chris Camozzi with those. PLUS THREE

*Why was Camozzi yelling at Carmont in the third round? Maybe he didn’t realize that Carmont was allowed to punch him in the face. MINUS ONE

*Impressive debut by Carmont. There are obvious flaws in his game and he was a little too cocky for a guy who couldn’t finish Camozzi, but he dominated a tough guy and made it look pretty easy. PLUS FOUR

*Obligatory points for the obligatory mention of Chuck Liddell during Danny Downes vs. Ramsey Nijem. PLUS TWO

*Arianny is still beautiful, Chandella is still lovely, there is still no blonde ring girl. MINUS THREE

*I honestly felt bad for Downes. 30 minutes inside the octagon and he’s just been a glorified punching bag and grappling dummy. He has a ton of heart but hasn’t shown much else. I hope he got his “Guide to Unemployment” back. MINUS TWO

*Great performance by Ramsey. A little disappointing that he couldn’t finish, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. PLUS FOUR

*Eliot Marshall’s walk-out started so good with “Not Afraid” by Eminem and then it turned into “Coming Home” by Diddy. I guess he thought he was Jon Jones or something. MINUS ONE

*I always want to believe in Brandon Vera and then he reminds me why he’s Brandon Vera. MINUS FOUR

*Great third round between Vera and Marshall. Granted it was mostly Marshall dominating Vera but I give some credit to Vera for not tapping to that armbar and surviving. PLUS FIVE

*And the biggest flaw of the judging system was once again revealed in this fight. Vera won the decision, which wasn’t that outrageous because he did well in the first two rounds, but it was clear that Marshall did more damage, broke the dudes arm, and was closer to finishing the fight. Just start judging fights as a whole and I’ll never complain about judging ever again. MINUS SIX

*The fact that Vera couldn’t finish and nearly lost to Marshall tells you all you need to know about him. MINUS THREE

*Shame on Tyson Griffin for missing weight. And boy did he look flabby in the cage. MINUS THREE

*Bart Paleszewski was like, “You miss weight, you get knocked out.” Great performance by Paleszewski. PLUS FIVE

*Extra points for Paleszewski for not only finishing the fight but for the way he finished the fight. I definitely had flashbacks to the UFC 47 main event. PLUS THREE

*Glad Spike TV actually televised the walk-out for Donald Cerrone since they had extra time. PLUS TWO

*Is there anyone more awesome in MMA than Cerrone? Nope, didn’t think so. PLUS FIVE

*More points because Cerrone is awesome and laid a beatdown on Dennis Siver, who was in line for a title shot with his recent victories. PLUS FIVE

*I’m not sure the relationship between cowboys and pirates, but I have faith that Cerrone could bring them together. When all else fails, a lock in should do the work. I mean, come on. PLUS THREE


*Hatsu Hioki vs. George Roop wasn’t very good, especially for guys like me who were expecting a lot more from Hioki. MINUS THREE

*That said, Roop looked pretty good, even in defeat. He had a very bad second round but I give him credit for not taking much damage in that round despite being mounted for three minutes and then coming back strong in the third. PLUS FOUR

*Even though I scored the fight for Roop, I wasn’t all that upset with the decision because the first round could of gone either way depending on what you look for when scoring. EVEN

*Great technical fight between Scott Jorgensen and Jeff Curran. PLUS FOUR

*Curran doesn’t have the most impressive record in the world but the dude is no-pushover and is a tough out for any opponent. I was most impressed with his striking in this bout. PLUS THREE

*Jorgensen did what he needed to do, getting takedowns and controlling the top game, but he didn’t look all that great in victory. PLUS TWO

*I don’t like this new “buffer” Roy Nelson. I like my “Big Country” fat and happy. MINUS ONE

*That said, what an epic beard Nelson was sporting. PLUS ONE

*Also, Nelson appears to bring back the nipple tweaking. PLUS ONE

*Nelson was definitely right hand happy on the feet, but he did a nice job mixing in some takedowns and keeping Mirko Filipovic off balance. PLUS TWO

*I’m sure Mirko had the fire back, but this fight pretty much proved that he couldn’t do it anymore. He didn’t look terrible on the feet, but he only threw three kicks the entire fight. MINUS TWO


*Even though Mirko lost, I’m happy that he remained conscious this time. He had a great career and his highlight reel in the heavyweight division is second to none. PLUS TWO

*Come on Roy, who gets a title shot after going 1-2 in their last three fights with the only victory coming over an aging legend? Oh, wait. EVEN

*Any man that sings their walk out music all the way to the cage, is a great man. I salute you Matt Mitrione. PLUS ONE

*Good on Cheick Kongo for coming out to “Livin’ Proof” by Bad Meets Evil. PLUS ONE

*The less said about Mitrione vs. Kongo, the better. Very lackluster fight and I don’t know what Mitrione was thinking. He had Kongo backing up but didn’t let his hands go and then got dominated in the third round. MINUS SIX

*I’ll give credit to Kongo for not cheating in this fight. PLUS ONE

*B.J. Penn crying during his walk out should have been a sign of bad things to come. MINUS ONE

*This was another typical Penn performance. He looked great in the first round and did everything he needed to do. He was countering, he got a takedown, and he made Nick Diaz work. Then he got tired and dominated in the second and third rounds. MINUS THREE

*I love Diaz’s striking. He still gets hit way too much, but luckily he has the chin to back it up. Offensively he’s an outstanding boxer. The way he uses his reach and puts combinations together to the head and body is a thing of beauty. PLUS FIVE

*Penn vs. Diaz was an absolutely outstanding fight. I loved every second of it. PLUS EIGHT

*I also loved Diaz’s post-fight promo. He called out St. Pierre in his own little way and he got GSP so upset that he ended up re-jumping Carlos Condit to get the title fight. Good move by the UFC. PLUS FOUR

*Sad to see Penn go out the way he did, although he’s an emotional guy and may rethink things when he’s had a chance to calm down. Right now Penn may believe that he’s retired, but we’ll see how he feels in a couple of weeks. EVEN

*I’m docking points for the Vegas crowd simply not showing up. The building felt empty all night. Penn vs. Diaz could have been so much better if the actually made some noise. MINUS FOUR

*Also, did UFC show a single ad for UFC 138? I know the card sucks, but at least act like you’re trying. MINUS THREE

*While the main event was awesome, the rest of the PPV was pretty lackluster and the Facebook prelims weren’t great either. MINUS TWO

Final Score: 35


  • darth_irritable says:

    I love the scoring articles, but WTF happened to the After Party?

  • THEGUNNER says:

    This ppv card sucked. i hope to see better match ups together on a card not just one good match up an no finishes. We deserve a stscked gsp vs diaz card. if not im.gonna stop buying tickets and ordering. Im sure a lot of peolpe missed out on good weekend action due to commeting to wTching ufc.

  • Rece Rock says:

    “This ppv card sucked. ” – Gunner

    Yep i saw that coming & did not buy this ppv… gladly followed along on line from time to time and got to see the highlights online minutes after the card wrapped…. fuck it.

  • Rece Rock says:

    *Rogan called Joe Warren a “former Bellator champion.” Not even Rogan can understand this whole “non-title” and “tournament” thing that Bellator does. MINUS ONE

    I’m gonna start calling them one time Bellator big cardboard check holders…

  • fitfreak says:

    I would say sucked is a bit of a stretch. The main event and the Crocop Nelson fight was fun to watch, except for the part where both of my fighters lost. Cerrone fight was great, but that was a prelim.

    This is an entertaining column like all of Labert’s stuff, but I would like to see the After Party back as well. Oh well, at least they got rid of the viruses.

  • fitfreak says:

    Meant Lambert of course. An edit function would be nice.


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