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UFC 137 Countdown breaks down B.J. Penn vs. Nick Diaz

When B.J. Penn painted the canvas crimson with Joe Stevenson’s blood at UFC 80 en route to becoming lightweight champion few could have imagined he’d be headlining an event three years later against a welterweight who hasn’t lost since the title-winning performance (or at least one not named Georges St. Pierre).

However, Penn will find himself in that very situation this weekend when he stands across the Octagon from Nick Diaz – successful in ten straight – as the main event of UFC 137.

Earlier this week the UFC aired the organization’s standard Countdown program for UFC 137 where the journey to Saturday night’s scrap was chronicled including a number of interesting tidbits such as Diaz’s admiration of the popular Hawaiian, the son of Stockton talking about struggles as a youth, and a tentative Penn shooting guns with training partners Matt Hughes and Jeremy Horn.

You can watch the entire segment dedicated to UFC 137’s headlining tilt below:


  • MCM says:

    slightly off topic but related to the video….
    What are the odds that we see Robbie Lawler back in the UFC? He was once Dana’s golden boy and as far as I know, still has a good relation with him. With the imminent demise of SF, do you think he’ll get transferred, and if so, how will he do in the UFC MW division?

  • I’ll respond on that one dude. I’d say the chances of him coming back are great considering that even in his losses to Jacare and Tim Kennedy he’s looked anywhere between decent to good. His striking is still great and his TDD has improved leaps and bounds. He’s an entertaining guy and someone people who dont even watch SF will remember as a decent young kid who had a few tough losses to some great guys back in his day. (Nick Diaz, Evan tanner etc.)

    Now as to how he’ll do in the UFC MW division…that’s tough. I could see him having some great fights with the likes of Alan Belcher, Mark Munoz, Chris Leben and depending on how much better his TDD and Sub D has gotten Maia or Palhares. Even on a risky tip I’d love to see him and Belfort, but he better bring his chin guard that night.


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