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Jamie Varner victorious at XFC 14: Resurrection

Once again, there might not be a UFC event this weekend but there is still plenty of MMA going down. Tonight marks the return of Xtreme Fighting Championships, a local promotion in Florida that hasn’t run an event since December 2010. Coming to us live from the UCF Arena in Orlando, Florida it’s XFC 14: Resurrection. As always, Five Ounces of Pain was tuned in to provide complete results including recaps of all the live fights.

XFC 14 is headlined by former WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner, possibly on the brink of retirement, looking to fight his way back to the big stage against Nate Jolly. In the co-main event, UFC veteran Carmelo Marrero battles Scott Barrett in a heavyweight bout.


Bruce Connors vs. John Mahlow

Fight Recap: The first round was all Mahlow. He got an early takedown and stayed on top for over four minutes. He didn’t do a ton of damage but he did manage to open up a cut near the eye of Connors with an elbow. Connors showed some life at the end of the round, getting up and going for a guillotine. The second round was all on the feet with neither man doing a whole lot. Mahlow controlled the distance with good leg kicks but there weren’t many significant exchanges. At the end of the round Connors went for a takedown but Mahlow stuffed it and almost locked in a guillotine. The third round was a repeat of the second. No big exchanges and Mahlow bruised up the lead leg of Connors with leg kicks. Not a great fight and a very bad performance by Connors. An easy decision for Mahlow.

Result: John Mahlow def. Bruce Connors via Unanimous Decision

Mike Bernhard vs. Mikey Gomez

Fight Recap: A lot of clinching in the first round of this fight. Gomez kept going for takedowns but Bernhard stuffed the majority of them. Gomez got one takedown but didn’t do anything with it. Bernhard did a nice job making Gomez pay with knees in the clinch. Very slow round. Bernhard stuffed another takedown early but then got knocked down from a leg kick. Gomez got on top and almost got caught in an armbar but did a nice job defending and eventually getting out. Gomez then worked his way to the mount, got the back, and sunk in a rear naked choke for the win.

Result: Mikey Gomez def. Mike Bernhard via Submission Round 2 (Rear Naked Choke)

Nicolae Cury vs. Elijah Harshbargar

Fight Recap: Harshbargar went for an early takedown but Cury stuffed it and put Harshbargar on his back. Cury quickly moved to mount and locked on an armbar as Harshbargar tried to push off the cage. Beautiful finish by Cury in the first round.

Result: Nicolae Cury def. Elijah Harshbargar via Submission Round 1 (Armbar)

Josh Clark vs. Reggie Pena

Fight Recap: Very competitive first round with Pena getting a takedown every time he shot, but Clark always damaged him with some sort of strike when Pena would move in. Clark did more damage with his strikes, but Pena did score with four takedowns and had the dominant positions on the ground. The second round was very competitive as well with both men landing their fair share of heavy strikes. Pena once again scored with takedowns though, which could have given him the round. Pena dominated the third round, getting an early takedown and landing some good ground and pound. Pena rocked Clark with an uppercut in a scramble and finished the round on top, pounding away on Clark. Good fight for the most part. Pena should win the decision.

Result: Reggie Pena def. Josh Clark via Unanimous Decision

Molly Helsel vs. Marianna Kheyfets

Fight Recap: Kheyfets got off to a slow start and Helsel took advantage of it by scoring with an early takedown and controlling things on the ground. Kheyfets didn’t get a lot going in the first round and the takedown, even though Helsel didn’t do much with it, should have been enough to give her the round. The second round was all on the feet with Kheyfets getting the better of things with her right hand and speed. Helsel hung tough and landed some good punches but Kheyfets was more active and did more damage. Kheyfets bsuted the nose of Helsel early in the third with a right hand, continued to use her speed, and solidified the round with a couple of takedowns. Good comeback by Kheyfets, who should win the decision after dropping the first round.

Result: Marianna Kheyfets def. Molly Helsel via Unanimous Decision

Scott Barrett vs. Carmelo Marrero

Fight Recap: The first round was all on the feet except the final 30 seconds when Barrett got a takedown. Both fighters landed some heavy punches with Marrero landing the cleaner strikes and landing in more volume. Marrero landed a good right on the eye of Barrett that caused it to start swelling. The second round got off to a hot start with both men just standing and trading. Things slowed down a bit in the clinch but every time they were separated, they just stood in front of each other and swung away. Both men were dead tired in the third round. Marrero busted the nose of Barrett early but otherwise there was a lot of clinching. They tried to hit each other hard but didn’t have the gas to do so. This fight was a slobber knocker and bowling shoe ugly. Marrero should win the decision as he landed more and did more damage.

Result: Carmelo Marrero def. Scott Barrett via Unanimous Decision

Nate Jolly vs. Jamie Varner

Fight Recap: Jolly got an early takedown and fended off a kneebar but Varner scrambled up, got a takedown of his own, landed a big right hand in the guard, and then finished him with a flurry of punches on the ground. Jolly went unconscious, forcing the ref to step in. Good bounce back win for Varner. The fight lasted 1:09.

Result: Jamie Varner def. Nate Jolly via KO Round 1 (Punches)


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