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Paulo Filho calling it quits after next fight

It appears one of the most star-crossed careers in MMA is coming to a close, as Paulo Filho has revealed he will be retiring from the sport after a final fight next month he’s only showing up for based on having already signed the contract.

The not-so-happy ending to his run in Mixed Martial Arts will come on November 26 in Poland where he’ll face Mamed Khalidov at a KSW event, a far cry from the fame and fortune many predicted Filho would procure after emerging as a top middleweight a few years back based on an overwhelming amount of success in Japan/Brazil including wins in his first sixteen scraps.

The emotional 33-year old announced his decision in a recent conversation with Tatame.

“I don’t want this anymore,” he said frankly. “I believe I always defended Jiu-Jitsu with all my heart, (was) always an honest guy. I never ducked anyone, never chose opponents. I fought in worst conditions, but never ran away. Nobody had the privilege to finish me. I’m very sad in this moment.”

No detail was given in terms of what’s next for Filho after his appearance in Poland but his future appears to be somewhat grim given the financial pressure he’s under. According to the Brazilian, one of his managers recently swindled him for a good deal of money and he debts have begun to stack up to the point he claims his life may be in jeopardy.

“I’m kind of disappointed with this stuff, fighting and not getting paid… I don’t want people comforting me. I just want what is mine. (My last bout was) the third time I (fought) and (did) not get paid. I was the threatened of death by people I owe here in Niteroi.”

During Filho’s run in MMA he compiled a 22-4-2 record (Khalidov result not withstanding) with ten submission stoppages including wins over Melvin Manhoef, Ryo Chonan, Murilo Rua, Kazuo Misaki, and Chael Sonnen. He last fought in September where he went to a Draw against former Olympian Satoshi Ishii.


  • Hohlraum says:

    He started quitting a long time ago.


    don’t believe a word of his jargon

  • Lord Faust says:

    Perhaps he should fight in places that have athletic commissions that require the promoters put the fight purses in escrow. Also, situations like this are EXACTLY why the UFC is correct is requiring that the fighters receive the money, rather than the manager.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Yay Rouffies for everybody… who the hell takes rouffies for recreational use? Filho thats who.


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