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[UPDATED] Pedro Rizzo out of ProElite fight with Tim Sylvia

Three weeks out from making their mainland debut after a successful August offering in Hawaii, ProElite v. 2.0 has been left looking for a replacement in one of the November 5 event’s co-headlining bouts.

Pedro Rizzo, set to scrap with former UFC heavyweight champ Tim Sylvia at the show, took to Twitter where the 19-9 Brazilian relayed news of having torn his tricep while training for the bout.

Injuries have chipped away at “The Rock” as the result of a fifteen-year fight career though the 37-year old remains relatively strong. Rizzo is currently on a three-fight winning streak with success against Ken Shamrock, Gary Goodridge, and Jeff Monson.

No word has come from ProElite on how the vacancy will be handled but it seems likely a replacement will be found given the amount of time and Sylvia’s involvement.

The festivities are set to take place in Moline, Illinois with a lineup featuring former UFC title-holder Andrei Arlovski taking on 300-fight veteran Travis Fulton with appearances also expected from Tara LaRosa and Reagan Penn in addition to opening round action from the promotion’s heavyweight Grand Prix featuring up-and-coming talent.

UPDATE: Andreas Kraniotakes has agreed to replace Rizzo in the main event against Sylvia. The German native has 12 career victories in 16 contests and has finished all 12 of his opponents. He’s currently on a three fight win streak.

News of the replacement comes via

Here is a preview of the event courtesy of ProElite:


  • MCM says:

    Sucks for Rizzo.

    why not just to AA/Timmay IV. At this point in their careers, they are back on the same playing field. Unless AA thinks he needs to beat the Ironman to get his career back on track.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    This would have been a good match up for Rizzo I think as Tim’s jaw has looked pretty bad lately and Rizzo still has a solid punch. MCM, AA vs Tim 4 wouldnt ba a bad replacement at all would it.

  • Guthookd says:

    I’d watch it…..on you tube….when nothing else was on….including commercials…….excluding infomercials.

    Seriously though, why not. That’s a healiner for Shark.


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