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Bellator signs Brazilian middleweight Maiquel Falcao

The Bellator middleweight roster just got even better as company CEO Bjorn Rebney announced that the organization has signed Brazilian striker Maiquel Falcao. The signing was made official last night during the Bellator 54 event.

“Big Rig” is best known for his one bout in the UFC where he defeated the highly-touted Gerald Harris at UFC 123 by unanimous decision. He was scheduled to compete at UFC 134 in August but was released from the company on May 11 due to charges stemming from a 2002 assault case. The Brazilian native headed back to his home country following his UFC released and has gone 2-1 in that time. Of his 28 career victories, 23 have come by way of (T)KO. He’s only competed once outside of Brazil, that being his one bout inside the octagon.

No debut date or opponent have been announced.

The Bellator middleweight division is currently ruled by champion Hector Lombard, who has won 19 straight contests. Top contenders Alexander Shlemenko and Vitor Vianna are scheduled to meet at Bellator 58 with the winner get a shot at Lombard’s belt.


  • MCM says:

    Damn Bjorn, usually you make really good decisions, this one just seems like it’s gonna bite you in the ass.


    Have to disagree there MCM-No basis on that comment that you posted that I can fathom-Anyways-This guy could provide a much needed test to Lombard if he passes the guantlet of the tournament

  • MCM says:

    There used to be a video floating around showing Falcao going ape shit on a guy after earning the TKO. I can’t find it anymore, but if I remember correctly it took several officials to help pull him off. This was pre-UFC like the assault charges so maybe he’s clean up his act. He just seems like a ticking bomb to me, but alot of people said the same thing about Gilbert Yvel so we’ll see.

    If he has gotten control of his temper, it would be interesting to see him and Lombard.

  • Guthookd says:

    He probably is a bastard MC (and he’ll likely get stabbed for it at a bar one day), but someone has got to fight Lombard and he seems to be the most legit competitor they’ve been able to secure for the division. I just hope they don’t make him fight through a tourney first…..just give him Hector. Fuck it. Falcao’s UFC fight was not very exciting, except for the last couple minutes, so I’m actually glad that with all the hype around him he has another chance to show his skills. I heard someone comparing him to Tyson in his hayday…if that’s the case then I’m happy to watch his fights.

  • MCM says:

    just heard that the UFC released Jorge Santiago, so that’s two MW’s that could potentially challenge Lombard.

  • I think both these guys makin there way through the next tournament is a great shot in the arm for Bellator….for a multitude of reasons and scenarios…

    1) Both are big names with great ability, they have legit chances to beat Hector
    2) Both are big names with great ability and Hector can use wins over them to continue to make his name.

    The only issue i see with that is this….if these guys walk in and smash through the tournament then all they prove is that UFC fighters ARE better than nonufc fighters(which isnt necessarily true)
    If they get to leap frog the tournament is cheapens the point of Bellators main selling point. “Shots aren’t given they’re earned”

    So far Ben Saunders success is proving the point of Bellators roster being less credible than the UFCs roster….even though HE just could’ve improved his game that much. I cant wait for Killa B to win the tournament, beat the winner of Askren and Hieron, and then jump back to the UFC wearin gold….I love that kid


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