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Anderson Silva upset with antics of Chael Sonnen

In a sport like Mixed Martial Arts, competitive desire and confidence often collide with the need to market match-ups and as a result the combination creates some level of trash-talking between opponents while building up to an eventual bout. While taking verbal jabs at an adversary may be a common occurrence, UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen has taken the art form to another level with his WWE-style promos and plain-as-day insults directed towards 185-pound champion Anderson Silva.

However, things have apparently escalated to an uncomfortable point beyond the simple selling of a scrap.

Earlier today Silva’s manager, Ed Soares, spoke to MMAJunkie where he referred to recent comments made by Sonnen taking aim at the Brazilian’s family and made it clear things have now become personal.

“(Anderson) definitely doesn’t respect him for the things that he’s saying,” Soares explained. “Hyping up the fight is one thing, but I think you cross the line when you start talking about people’s family.”

The statement in question came last week on The MMA Show where he joked about kicking Silva’s door down, “patting his little lady on the ass”, and telling her to make him a steak.

“First the guy gets in trouble for fraud, then he tests positive for steroids, and now he wants to kick in someone’s door and slap their wife in the ass,” Soares asked about Sonnen’s behavior before firing back, “This guy should be in jail; he shouldn’t be fighting.”

Soares also explained he was unsure if Silva would be ready by Super Bowl Weekend – a date requested by Sonnen – and was still in the process of recovering from a shoulder injury.

“Chael is not the person that’s going to determine when (Anderson) is going to take the fight. When he’s going to take this fight is when his shoulder is completely healed up, and he’s ready to start his training camp for the fight. It’s not because Chael says he wants to fight in February. Who is Chael to determine that? Chael needs to take a number and wait his turn. He got his opportunity, and he tapped. It’s not the first time he’s tapped, and I guarantee you it won’t be the last.”

With tension this high four months out from February and the rumored rumble clearly Sonnen vs. Silva II will one of the biggest bouts of 2012 if not the last few years as a whole.


  • edub says:


    Chael got his opportunity and tapped eh Ed? So who in your opinion deserves to be in line? Mark Munoz, and guy that got beat up by Yushin Okami 3 fights ago? Demian Maia, a guy who Silva beat barely throwing a punch for the last 3 rounds? Dan Henderson, a guy who is undoubtedly deserving but who also Anderson very convincingly wiped the floor with last time? Maybe it’s Michael Bisping, who still hasn’t defeated a top 5 opponent, and holds close to no wins over top 10 competition….

    Anderson being hurt is one thing, but Chael not deserving a shot when he’s beaten the heck out of top 10/5 competition for the past 2 years; and came within 3 minutes of whooping Anderson, just isn’t accurate.

    Anderson-Chael needs to happen, and the only other fight I would like to see from Anderson more is a super fight with GSP.

  • stone says:

    Anderson Silva WILL dodge the Chael Sonnen fight….. I JUST KNOW IT

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Andersons gonna finish him again then move on with his life.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Chael’s talking so much trash that Silva has to take the fight. And Silva should take the fight seriously, because Chael has won rematches in the past. Horn’s the only guy who beat him more than once. Sonnen won his rematch against Paulo Filho back in the WEC, and also his rematch against Trevor Prangley. Say what you want about Sonnen, but he’s always in shape and he always pressures his opponents.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Soares comments read to me like he’s simply saying Chael can continue to run his mouth all he wants but it will have zero bearing on when the rematch takes place. I don’t think Soares was intending to say anything else, other than Chael can wait in line with everybody else till Anderson is healthy enough to return to the cage to defend his belt for the 27th time.

    Chael has shown he’s perfectly willing to make an ass of himself in order to market his own name & hype a fight. And I’ll give him credit in that he’s essentially forced the UFC’s hand to give him his coveted rematch with Silva. Regardless of outcome, he’ll make a ton of $$ off this fight.

    And it’s cool people are excited for it and seem convinced after the first fight that Chael has a legit chance of beating Anderson. Considering Anderson hung in with a cracked rib and still finished Chael, I can’t give Chael more than a 5-10% chance of beating a healthy Anderson next time around. But I’m intrigued nonetheless, so see how Anderson finishes him off.

    Lastly, can we stop already with the “so-and-so is ducking so-and-so” BS?

  • edub says:

    Funny how you say can we stop with the ducking, right after you make a petty excuse for Anderson’s performance in the first fight…

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Anderson had Chael tapping to avoid the embarrassment of being sprawled out motionless on the canvas, so there’s really no need for an excuse.

    But I think we were all surprised with Anderson’s lack of dominance against Chael, and so a cracked rib seemed like a pretty reasonable explanation. But as Chael would say, maybe on the rugged streets of Oregon a cracked rib is a petty excuse.

    Either way, I just can’t see a healthy Anderson losing to Chael. And the ducking thing is just a lazy, tired thing that seems to get inserted with trash talking now. Jon Jones is ducking Rashad, GSP is ducking Diaz, Anderson is gonna duck Chael. It’s all equally silly.

  • edub says:

    Anderson’s manager has also put thoughts in the media for the past 2 years that could be defined as “ducking” certain fighters (Dan Henderson, Jon Jones, and now Chael Sonnen). Us speculating if Anderson or his team is trying to avoid fighting somebody (especially a guy who beat the crap out of him for 4 and a half rounds last time they fought) is a valid turn of events.

    I personally don’t think he’s ducking anybody.

    But I also think Anderson’s rib injury (that has swayed from happening during the fight, and happening prior in certain explanations) had very little to do with what transpired in the two’s match last august. Chael presents a style that Anderson (and most fighters) have trouble with, and I don’t see a healthy rib making Sonnen’s blast double, high crotch, or outside single any less effective.

    Anderson has no reason to make excuses for his performance. But he sure has made his rib injury well known after the fact.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Whether the rib thing happened while Anderson was jerking off in the shower or in the opening frame of their last scrap, I think it clearly had an impact on how the fight played out. At the same time, acknowledging that fact isn’t to discount what Chael was able to accomplish in that fight. Just saying it was a factor.

    In any case, the great thing about all of this is the fight is a virtual lock to happen; it’s just a matter of timing. All the rest of the talk is just that.

    My prediction is another another Silva victory, this time of the more dominating fashion we’re used to from him. But if Chael comes remotely close to duplicating his previous effort I’ll be extremely impressed, and perfectly willing to admit I was wrong in underestimating him. But I think 2nd round TKO sounds about right.

  • stone says:

    If A.Silva isnt dodging the rematch, why doesn’t he (or his translator) just say “alright Chael, if I’m not ready superbowl wknd, I WILL be ready shortly afterwards and I’m gonna beat you”…… Why say, “get in line” or “chael had his chance” or “he should be in jail” or “chael doesn’t arrange the fight schedule”???…. All that talk is “duck-talk”…. “get in line”??? WHAT LINE???

  • crane_style says:

    While I find his off -he-wall comments amusing at times, I think talking about a guy’s family is going too far, even for Chael.

    But just like Chael doesn’t get to decide when Silva fights, Soares doesn’t get to decide if Chael should be in jail. If Silva and his camp had given Sonnen respect for his fighting ability and just ignored it when he ran his mouth, they would have come out of this looking a lot better.

    But by insisting that Sonnen doesn’t belong in the ring with the Spider, which they have from the beginning, they are sinking down to his level…

    …well, okay, maybe not that far. Sonnen might have cheated and a committed fraud, but he Isn’t the 1st MMA fighter to go to jail, and he won’t be the last. If we only watched fighters with wholesome good values, there wouldn’t be many fights.

    And Chael is the legitimate #1 contender, by process of elimination, if nothing else. I can’t wait to see the rematch.

  • TerribleT says:

    I hear ya’ “stone ” ,u know WTF time it is @ Anderson Silva’s house. I can already see the excuses coming . . . .Sonnen doesn’t deserve a title shot for the things he’s been saying,Sonnen already had his chance, Anderson doesn’t have respect for Sonnen therefor won’t step into the octagon with him, Sonnen hasn’t done enough to earn another title shot,etc.,etc.,etc.,etc . . . .The list will go on & on & on, just watch & see

  • Richard Stabone says:

    “Chael is not the person that’s going to determine when (Anderson) is going to take the fight. When HE’S GOING TO TAKE THIS FIGHT is WHEN HIS SHOULDER IS COMPLETELY HEALED UP, and he’s ready to start his training camp for the fight. It’s not because Chael says he wants to fight in February. Who is Chael to determine that?”

    What part of that sounds like ducking Chael? I honestly don’t understand how people manage to get themselves worked up into reading something that’s not even there.

    At this stage of his career, Anderson doesn’t figure to have a lot of years/fights left, so being matched up with a guy he’s already beaten, and who has a 5-4 record under the UFC banner, can’t be a really exciting proposition. Anderson’s legacy gains absolutely nothing by beating Chael again. But to his credit, I haven’t heard anything from Anderson’s camp that legitimately sounds like he’s unwilling to fight Chael again for his next title defense. As a fan I have mixed feelings about it — I’d rather see something more interesting/challenging for arguably the greatest of all time, but a GSP or Jon Jones type of matchup just isn’t in the cards right now, so I suppose this is the next best thing.

    Back to Soares’ comment which I included above, the point seems simple — Chael running his mouth about SB weekend is irrelevant. Once Anderson is healthy enough to start a normal training camp THAT will determine when his next title defense can take place. Until then, Chael can sit tight and wait for his next chance… which, frankly, after pleading guilty in a federal fraud case, testing positive for steroids, and making just one appearance in the cage in the past year, he’s gotta consider himself pretty damn fortunate.

  • TerribleT says:

    Stone and I both said we thought Silva didn’t really want this fight days B4 this statement was made. This statement has nothing to do with my opinion. I don’t think the excuses will come for awhile anyway. If he makes excuses now it will be obvious that he’s ducking Sonnen. He’s much more likely to pull out at the last minute due to an injury or bcuz of a family issue.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Well as I touched on already, there’s no reason I would expect Anderson to want to fight him. Let’s count the reasons…

    – Anderson is widely considered the greatest of all time but, with time/age working against him, probably has only 2 or 3 fights left in his career before his skills will begin to naturally diminish (he’ll be 37 years old the next time he steps in the cage)
    – He’s already beaten Chael once, with no hint of controversy to the finish…
    – Other than the fact Chael was suspended afterwards for a positive steroid test
    – If Anderson wins that’ll leave Chael with a 5-5 record under the UFC banner.. Chael will barely be a footnote in the final legacy of Anderson Silva
    – Chael has blatantly disrespected Anderson, both personally & professionally, time & time again

    So I’m not sure why anyone would expect Anderson to be excited at the prospect of Chael being rewarded with another shot at his belt. But even still, I expect this fight to happen. I think it’s a virtual lock & only a matter of time. We can sit here with baseless speculation about when/why/how Anderson will suddenly refuse the fight, but I just find it silly.

  • MickeyC says:

    sonnen is the 1# contender, fact. If anderson does not fight him even after SB weekend. He’s duckin! I don’t care where or when, but Chael has a rematch comin.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Chael has a beating coming… It’s personal… Anderson usually fights unmotivated and with a light heart… Now it’s a different story, He’s gonna beat the shit out of Sonnen.

    BTW Sonnen beating Stann is NOT an accomplishment.

  • joe mo mma says:

    so after Chael calls out Silva, every thinks they’re going to fight each other next? what about the winner of Miller/Bisbing? what’s the point of having a whole show dedicated to two fighters without it having any sort of title shot implication. don’t get me wrong, i think Chael is on a tier above both guys, but at least throw the winner of Miller/Bisbing a bone.

    i used to think winner of (chael v. stann) vs. (miller v. bisbing) would be the next number 1 contender. now its looking like Chael is getting the next shot.. then potentially (miller v. bisbing) vs. (munoz vs. leben)???

  • TerribleT says:

    Dana White puts together fights he thinks will make the UFC the most money and fights the fans want to see and both go hand in hand……….. Silva/Sonnen ll has the potential to bring in record breaking PPV ca$h flow number$

  • stone says:

    Your right T…. I’m buying that PPV!… I didn’t buy the 1st fight, I saw it at the pub… If I had bought it, I could’ve dvr’d it and watched it over a few times that night… I will buy this one, that’s for Damn sure!
    Anyways!….Back to the “duck-talk”. A/S “shoulder injury” can’t be THAT bad. I mean, for fuck’s sake,.. its not even in a sling… I was at the Toyota Center, A/S was on his cell phone all night. The shoulder seemed just fine! LOL!

  • stone says:

    At least Rashad’s wrist & hand had a cast!…. THERE’S NO WAY THAT SHOULDER IS STILL HURT IN FEBUARY 2012… Superbowl Saturday card/Silva vs Sonnen2 would-should-could be FuCkiNg EPIC!

  • stone says:

    Oh, and BTW… Bisping & Miller don’t deserve a shot at the belt… Leben “had his chance” and Munoz has been hangin out at The Black House & I doubt he’ll step up to A/S… I can see them giving Cung Le the “duck-fight” , if he KOs Wand in the 1st rd<—-what a shame that'll be! Maybe a Chael vs Vitor ending the same as the 136 Stann fight…Smh… Wouldn't surprise me a bit


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