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UFC looking to run Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Silva vs. Sonnen 2 could headline

Last night at UFC 136 marked the UFC‘s fifth trip to Texas in the organizations history. The next time they return could be the biggest as UFC President Dana White is hoping to run Cowboy’s Stadium in Dallas, which holds 110,000 seats.

“We’ve been talking to (Cowboys owner) Jerry Jones for a while about doing a fight there,” said White at the post-fight press conference. “It’s just got to be the right fight. We’re definitely going there. It’s just a matter of when.”

So what’s the right fight? It could be a middleweight title rematch between champion Anderson Silva and his greatest rival Chael Sonnen, who returned after a 14-month layoff to submit Brian Stann at last nights event. When asked if that fight could headline the event, White responded by saying, “”I think it could. I think we could do a big, big venue for that one.”

UFC set their attendance record earlier this year at UFC 129, running Rogers Arena in Toronto, Canada. The event, which was headlined by Georges St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields for the welterweight title, housed 55,724 fans. At UFC 134, the promotions first event in Brazil since 1998, the show sold all 14,000 seats in just 74-minutes. White admits he made a mistake not running a bigger venue for the event, and vows to learn from it.

“We knew Toronto was going to be big, so we went for the big stadium there. We f***** Brazil up last time we went there. We didn’t nail that one, but we won’t make that mistake twice.”


  • Cool…I personally think that this fight would be the best option to headline a dallas stadium show. Barring a superfight between divisional champions of course.

    The interest in this fight has been upped significantly now that Sonnen has started running his mouth again. He’s the only one to give The Spider a really serious fight and Anderson’s last 3 finishes(two dominating KO’s and a miracle triangle) the fan interest in him is back to an all time high. No better way to headline a gutsy huge arena show…too bad the fans will be dissapointed when Chael taps out in round one.

  • MickeyC says:

    chael will fill the stadium not anderson. Dude loves to talk, & to anyone that will listen. That being said, I think he will back up EVERYWORD!

  • MickeyC says:

    & even if he fails to take the belt….. He will swear that he did.LOL!

  • TerribleT says:

    I really hope Anderson Silva doesn’t come up with any reasons not to take the Sonnen fight. Hopefully he can’t wait to fight Sonnen again but I have a funny feeling about it and it wouldn’t surprise me if Silva says something like Sonnen doesn’t deserve another title shot or maybe that there are other fighters that are more deserving of a title shot.

  • stone says:

    Anderson will dodge Sonnen….. Sonnen vs Vitor doesn’t sound too bad either… Probably won’t fill Cowboys’ Stadium though


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