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Frankie Edgar holds on to belt with “Knockout of the Night” performance

Living up to the lofty standards set by their epic bout at UFC 125 was always going to be an uphill battle for Frank Edgar and Gray Maynard. Amazingly, they somehow managed to replicate the drama and excitement that was produced by their January encounter.

Once again, Edgar found himself staring defeat in the face in the opening minutes of the fight, as “The Bully” clobbered him with an uppercut that put him on wobbly feet, before later knocking him down with a straight right. From there, it was one way traffic as Maynard continued to pounce on his foe. Yet again, Edgar survived and rallied his way back into the fight. This time around however, Edgar outdid himself. In the fourth round, he landed an uppercut after a failed takedown attempt that rocked Maynard badly. “The Answer” was not to make the same mistake that his opponent did, and two subsequent right hands and some ground-and-pound earned the champion one of the most memorable comebacks in UFC history.

That terrific finish gave Edgar “Knockout of the Night” honors, while Joe Lauzon earned “Submission of the Night” for his upset of Melvin Guillard. Lauzon caught his opponent with a counter left hand before taking his back and choking him out forty-seven seconds into the fight. Both men won an extra $75,000 for their efforts.

Elsewhere, Nam Phan gained a measure of revenge over Leonard Garcia in a highly entertaining affair that saw the pair engage in the type of slugfest that Garcia has become famous for. Phan dominated the first two rounds with superior technical boxing, but a late knockdown for Garcia almost turned the tables. It proved to be insufficient however, as Phan earned a 29-28 decision across all three scorecards. The showing earned the bout the distinction of being the event’s “Fight of the Night” with the two featherweights each taking home an addition $75k.


  • fanoftna33 says:

    What a great event. The prelims were pretty good with Pettis vs Stephens very close second on fotn.
    I thought Melvin had this fight but damm did Joe impress,
    Nam vs Leonard is all I thought it would be and then some, thoes two are full of heart and skill and toughness.
    Sonnen looked good but damm the interview was MONEY in the bank.
    Florian had nothing for Aldo but holding him against the fence and backpeaddling, I hope he goes back to 155 and keeps putting on exciting fights there.
    Damm I dont know if Edgar won or Maynard Lost it because Gray seemed to give up after the first round( again) all he did was throw the uppercut and overhand right, not even 1 takedown attempt or his jab. Frankie was completly awesome and deserves top billing for sure.

  • stone says:

    You said it, fanof….. Stephens & Pettis were a VERY close 2nd for FotN…. Frankie saves Houston with the KO!… Lord knows, WE NEEDED IT!… Sonnen’s sub wasn’t to shabby either!

  • MickeyC says:

    if sonnen & silva go in Feb that 4 months for chael to trash talk. Could be a long winter


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