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Ultimate Fighter Season 14 Live Blog

After an exciting first episode that featured a number of great fights, the Ultimate Fighter 14 really gets down to business this week as coaches Jason Miller and Michael Bisping pick their teams and get ready to do battle all season. Also, the sixteen fighters will be moving into the TUF house, so you know shenanigans will be taking place.

Rather than a simple recap, throughout the festivities, this fall 5 OZ will be providing live commentary during each episode including assessments of each fighter and breakdowns of the action, not to mention a snarky remark or two relating to the behavior of coaches and contestants.

Read below to get our take on things as they unfold in this week’s episode (and make sure to join in on the discussion in the “Comments” section below:

*All the fighters move into the house and everyone immediately looks to eat. I think these guys think they’re heavyweights.

*Back at the gym, Miller and Bisping write out who they want on their team and that leads us to the dodgeball-like team pickings. Bisping wins the coin toss and wants the first pick in the draft. He selects Cam Newton #1 overall. Ok, so he really picked Louis Gaudinot, the green haired Diego Sanchez. Miller picks John Dodson. Bisping takes TJ Dillashaw. You know what, here are the teams and the order in how they were picked. These are bantamweights only:

Team Bisping: Louis Gaudinot, TJ Dillashaw, John Albert, Josh Ferguson,
Team Miller: John Dodson, Johnny Bedford, Dustin Pague, Roland Delorme

*Now the featherweights. Bisping still has the first pick:

Team Bisping: Diego Brandao, Akira Corassani, Marcus Brimage, Stephen Bass
Team Miller: Dennis Bermudez, Bryan Caraway, Dustin Neace, Steven Siler

*Bisping says, “He Miller had an ounce of intelligence, he would have picked the guys I did.” Of course Miller is happy with the guys he got. “Why wouldn;t they be happy to be on my team. I won TUF, I’ve had 17 UFC fights, he’s a Strikeforce reject.” Has Bisping really had 17 UFC fights? According to my research, he’s only had 14. But maybe he’s counting his TUF fight.

*During Team Miller training, he teaches a rear naked choke by calling the position “Captain America” and “Wolverine”. Joe Rogan would be proud.

*Marcus describes the first Team Bisping training session as “very technical.”

*Miller shows up at the house with compression suits for his team. The team seems pretty happy with this because it shows that Miller is looking out for them. They look like space suits, but no one tried to defy gravity.

*At the fight announcement, Miller picks Bryan Caraway to fight Marcus Brimage. Miller doesn’t think Brimage has the wrestling to jiu-jitsu to handle Caraway, Bisping doesn’t see the killer instinct in Caraway like he does in Marcus. I bet Bryan would win if their girlfriends fought.

*Marcus says that Quinton Jackson and Dragon Ball Z are why he does MMA. He must have been pretty upset on Saturday. During training, Bisping says “Don’t go to the ground. If it hits the ground, get up. You will smash him on the feet.”

*Marcus is worried about cutting weight. He needs to lose 12 pounds and doesn’t know much about weight cutting so Bisping comes to the house to help him out. I hope every fighter in Japan is watching this segment.

*Miller says that Bryan’s biggest opponent is himself. “He’s a headcase.” Bryan says he’s been seeing a sports psychologist.

*Team Miller rolls all the training tires into the locker room of Team Bisping. The team sets it up so when they close the door, the tires fall and block the door. Ok, this was pretty genius.

*Both guys make weight. Team Bisping comes up with some sort of chant for Marcus during this weigh in and then Marcus gives a yell at the end. It came off pretty corny.

*Team Bisping heads back to their locker room and finds the tire surprise. Bisping promises revenge. Hopefully Emily VanCamp is involved.

*During Marcus’ pre-fight interview in the confessional, he farts while saying what he’s going to do to Bryan. That strategy worked for Tim Sylvia. “It’s my time to shine. Everyone else got to ride the pine.” This guy has a ton of charisma. “This is MMA. People like to see ass whoopin’s handed out. That’s what I do. Hand out ass whoopin’s.”

*OMG BRITTNEY PALMER! At least she’s still on TUF. Now I really have a reason to watch this season.

*The Fight – Featherweight: Bryan Caraway (Team Miller) vs. Marcus Brimage (Team Bisping): Bryan got an early takedown and moved to mount rather quickly. Marcus gave up his back but then turned over to put Bryan on his back. Bryan softened up Marcus with punches to the head and the body. “He’s having Bisping coach him on grappling right now,” says Miller from the corner. Bryan kept trying for the rear naked choke but Marcus did a good job hand fighting to stay out of it. Bryan was finally able to roll Marcus over and flatten him out while still on his back, but it was too late as the round ended. Dominant round for Bryan. In the second round, Bryan avoided the early flurry, got another takedown, and again went immediately to the back. Marcus was able to scramble up though. Bryan kept going for takedowns but they were very sloppy and Marcus was able to stuff them and make Bryan pay on the sprawl. Finally Bryan got another takedown, moved to the mount, got the back, flattened out Marcus, locked in the choke, and got the tap out.

*Winner – Bryan Caraway via Submission Round 2 (Rear Naked Choke)

*Bisping says that Marcus could have finished but he became undisciplined. Marcus is very disappointed with himself. Miller is excited to get the first victory.

*The show closes with Bisping saying, “We’re going to win the next one.”

  • Rece Rock says:

    As soon as I saw a glimpse of Britney Palmer I said to myself Lambert isn’t gonna let this go by unmentioned…


  • MickeyC says:

    Marcus was out matched in the grapling dept by leaps and bounds. And to he did not see all that superior in the standup for ad little as we saw. The start of round two caraway hed his own for the few seconds it lasted.

  • MickeyC says:

    Marcus was out matched in the grapling dept by leaps and bounds. And to he did not see all that superior in the standup for ad little as we saw. The start of round two caraway hed his own for the few seconds it lasted.

  • Jmad says:

    Bisping says throughout the season he gets the best of Miller when they’re going back and forth verbally, I think it’s going to be the other way around. Marcus could be pretty good if he worked on his TDD and jits.


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