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Bantamweight Quarterfinals set as all fighters make weight for Bellator 51

Two weeks down, two tournaments with a semifinal field set, Bellator FC has started out Season 5 with a bang and will look to continue the trend tomorrow night at 9:00 PM EST on MTV2/EPIX.

This go-round a group of bantamweights will attempt to move on to the next round and get one step closer to a $100,000 payday and shot at Zach Makovsky’s divisional title. Among the competitors at Bellator 51 are champions past and present, as well as Olympic level talent, such as Chase Beebe, Alexis Vila, and current Bellator 145-pound champion Joe Warren.

The weigh-ins got off to a rocky start as the commission had some trouble with the scale, but once things were figured out, fighters were quickly on and off. Some needed the towel to make weight, but everyone was on point, with a lot coming in a little lower than their allowed weight limit. While many thought Warren and Vila would have a heated staredown, it was actually West and Nogueira who went nose to nose, with Nogueira backing up West before the two were separated. Also of note was Galvao leaving the stage before the face off due to dehydration from the weight cut.

Read below for a full listing of Bellator 51 weigh-in results:

Joey Holt (153.5 lbs) vs. Clint Musser (154.5 lbs)
John Hawk (204 lbs) vs. Allan Weickert (200 lbs)
Dane Bonnigson (203 lbs) vs. Dan Spohn (201.5 lbs)
Jessie Riggleman (134.5 lbs) vs. Farkhad Sharipov (135 lbs)
Frank Caraballo (142.5 lbs) vs. Dustin Kempf (143.5 lbs)
Jessica Eye (125 lbs) vs. Casey Noland (127.5 lbs)
Ed West (134 lbs) vs. Luis Alberto Nogueira (134 lbs)
Marcos Galvao (135 lbs) vs. Chase Beebe (135 lbs)
Wilson Reis (135.5 lbs) vs. Eduardo Dantas (134.5 lbs)
Joe Warren (135 lbs) vs. Alexis Vila (134.5 lbs)

  • Guthookd says:

    Am I a prick for wanting Joe to get KO’d?

    Looking forward to Galvao and Beebe gettin’ to it. Beebe needs to win, but Galvao lost his BFC debut so he’s probably hungry as hell too. They’re both great fighters with good gas, so I’m hoping for a nice long war.

    Unfortunately, I don’t really know a lot about the rest (except Reis, in whom I have little faith after last year’s demostrations). A better move would have been to put Galvao and Beebe against different guys so they might both make it to the second round of the tourney. Galvao, Beebe and Warren are the only “names” they have in this tournament and it would be good marketing to have all three of them come through to the semi’s. What the fuck to I know though….maybe we’ll come out in the end with a new “name”. If know that if Vila smashes Warren in a convincing fashion he’s going to get some attention.

  • Guthookd says:

    Oah BTW get it on SpikeTV already.


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