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UFC 135 Real Time Conference Call Highlights

With New Orleans in the rear-view mirror, the MMA community’s attention has now turned to this weekend’s dance in Denver at UFC 135 between light heavyweight title-holder Jon Jones and former champ Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

After throwing a number of verbal jabs at each other during an interview on the UFN 25 broadcast, and before dishing out the physical kind Saturday night, the two talented 205ers faced off today during a conference call with media. Also on the call were also co-headliners Matt Hughes and Josh Koscheck.

Read below for real-time quotes and other various items of interest from the conference call:

Quinton Jackson:

– “I treat him the way I treat him because I have no respect for him.”
– Sees his experience as an advantage and is motivated by being the first person to beat Jones / “Everyone’s counting me out and it seems he’s underestimating me a little bit so it makes me more confident I’ll be the first to beat him in MMA.”
– Says he wants to relieve the pressure of Jones’ being undefeated (essentially) by “whooping his ass and letting him become the great fighter I know he can be”
– Felt Jones was being cocky at an earlier press conference / Didn’t know if he was joking but he took it seriously
– Not looking forward to fighting Rashad Evans again just based on Evans’ style not being fan-friendly / Says the fans lost that first fight
– Doesn’t feel Jones beat a “real Shogun” based on Rua’s health
– Knows he isn’t alone in seeing Jones as a fake / “He puts on a real ‘good boy’ act in front of the cameras.”

Jon Jones:

– “Ultimately, I’m very award of why I’m here. I’m not here to show I’m a better talker – at arguing, at insulting – that’s not my mission. If I had it my way I would do very, very limited media if possible but this stuff is recommended and somewhat mandatory.”
– Was bothered by the notion fans might even believe the “ludicrousness” of Jackson’s accusation of spying
– “I’m aware of who I’m up against. I’m aware of the character I’m up against. I’ll have opponents in the future who will be talkers as well so this experience is just educating me.”
– Felt there was more pressure in preparing for Mauricio Rua based on his athleticism and the short-notice situation
– Liked “The A-Team”
– “I definitely have a lot of respect for ‘Rampage’. That’s why I’m so excited about fighting the guy. For me there’s really nothing personal. I don’t have any beef. I’m looking at it as skills vs. skills.”
– Held “Shogun” in higher regard because of the similarity of their ages in terms of when both became champions but says it’s still an honor to fight Jackson
– Doesn’t feel he’s insulted Jackson at all other than maybe saying he felt he was going to beat him
– Not looking past Jackson so hasn’t thought about a possible TUF season with Evans as a fellow coach
– Said Brandon Vera was the only other fighter to have gotten under his skin a bit
– Feels he fights better when he’s angry because he prepares better but doesn’t feel particularly mad at Jackson because he understands the way “Rampage” is

Matt Hughes:

– Thinks it’s cool that the UFC is returning to Denver even though he wasn’t in the UFC at the time / Says he was just a fan at the time watching tapes
– Took the fight because he’d been training / Thought it would initially be Jon Fitch and said he was down to fight whoever
– Calls White “D-Dubya”
– Did four weeks of his camp in Salt Lake City to help with the altitude factor in Denver
– Loves the competition and is driven by it, to mix it up with one other person and only has to rely on himself / “I consider myself a lucky man. I love going to the gym twice every day. I love traveling with my buddies.”
– Enjoys his time off and isn’t concerned about fighting too frequently
– Training with B.J. Penn helped him with his footwork as well as grappling
– Is the last fight on his contract and admits his wife wants him to retire but he’ll evaluate things after the bout this weekend to decide on what he’ll do

Josh Koscheck:

– Has been training for 4-5 months after taking time off to recover from his broken orbital bone
– “Fighting Matt Hughes is a good comeback fight for me. I think the fans deserved this fight a long time ago and now we’re finally getting a chance to do it.”
– Was excited about possibly fighting at UFC 139 in San Jose but is ready to fight even though it’s September / Didn’t even hesitate to say he would fight Hughes on short notice
– Says he looked at 185 because everyone at 170 seemed tied up, mentions Chris Leben and Wanderlei Silva as possibilities
– Isn’t gunshy and is “ready to rock”
– Could have fought sooner but took some personal time off
– Was out 6-7 months as a wrestler after fusion surgery in his neck and came back healthy/strong so isn’t worried about the layoff
– Has missed the crowd and is “super excited about coming to Denver…coming out there to perform and getting a big victory”
– Not worried about altitude because he knows he’ll be in shape and ready
– The time off allowed him to focus on refining his techniques and getting his mind/body healthy
– His broken orbital bone was more painful than his spinal fusion issue and an incident where he chopped his toe off
– Always knew he’d be back

General Info:

– Dana White is not on the call today as originally planned



    I have a funny feeling that Hughes is going to not only beat Koscheck but finish him

  • THEGUNNER says:

    I have the same feeling jones is gonna get finished as well as josh.


    Yeah-I find myself leaning towards Jones getting finished too-Rampage is in the shape of his life and seems to be pretty pissed off

  • fanoftna33 says:

    I have a funny feeling you are both wrong.

  • Niv says:

    I don’t see Rampage pulling this off, but he certainly has the tools to do it.

    As for Hughes I don’t see him winning either, however I’ll be praying for him as I can’t stand Koscheck, he’s like mma spam mail, drives me nuts just looking at him.

  • Call me crazy but I feel this to be the fall/winter of the upset.

    Hughes will beat Kos, Rampage will beat Jones, Diaz will beat Penn, Condit will beat GSP, JDS will beat Cain and Brock will submit or KO Overeem.

    Oh and since Im already pissin everyone off with this comment, Nuke the whales, Burn the rainforest and Nirvana is the most overrated band of all time.

  • MickeyC says:

    How Dare you say such things about the Whales & rainforest. You’ve gone TO far!

  • YetiLee says:

    Pfffft Nirvana isn’t the most overrated band of all time, that honor goes to either The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. Get it right Dave!


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