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Jake Ellenberger ices the “King Cake” with Knockout of the Night bonus

Not only did Saturday night mark the biggest win in 26-year old welterweight Jake Ellenberger’s career but also one of his highest paydays after earning an extra $55,000 for his sub-minute knockout of Jake Shields in the main event at UFN 25.

Ellenberger’s “Knockout of the Night” award and its amount were announced by UFC President Dana White shortly after the event concluded in New Orleans.

Meanwhile, “Submission of the Night” and the attached cash went to T.J. Waldburger who tapped out Mike Stumpf with about a minute remaining in the opening round of their undercard bout. The submission stoppage was the eleventh of Waldburger’s career and improved his record to 14-6.

Finally, Matt Riddle’s rumble with Lance Benoist was named the show’s “Fight of the Night”. Both youngsters battled it out back and forth for three full rounds with undefeated 23-year old Benoist ultimately emerging with the Unanimous Decision win.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    dont understand why the UFC has stopped showing prelims during these live fight night cards. Last night was a 120 minute show with 35 minutes of fighting, i dont get it. the pacing was fucking awful, i could never have watched that live, thank fuck for dvr. no love for the prelims yet again despite a couple of first round finishes they could easily have thrown in.
    pretty dull card really, pleased for alan belcher, otherwise it was a bit of a damp squib
    thank fuck for Bellator…

  • stone says:

    I told 5oz when this fight was announced that Ellennerger was going to win………on another thread I told 5oz that everyone that st Pierre has dragged to 5 boring rds will get finished in the near future …. There ya go…. Jake Shields is overrated… I know he’s beat a list of people but other than Hendo, every other big name was EARLY in their career & just holds no water, imo…. I really hope GSP’s streak comes to an abrupt halt!

  • Angry Mike says:

    So who do you think will beat GSP? EllenBerger isn’t up to it at this point.


    Hey hindsight-I understand where you are coming from-Spike is going to show no love from here on out to the UFC for obvious reasons-I had Shields winning by dominant fashion-boy was I wrong-Looking at his past UFC performances-I have to kind of wonder if he is really qualified to compete at this level

  • Im with you Stone..and Angry Mike, Condit will stop GSP…Im callin a surprise TKO in round 2…or 3.

    Now about last Night, Im so excited for Alan Belcher…I really believe that kid has a bright future ahead of him….beating Anderson Silva…probably not for awhile, but in a couple of years if he stays injury free, I think he’ll be one of the better middleweights out there.
    Im glad that the judges didnt score Brookins hug fest for a win. Dont get me wrong his control was outstanding but he never did anything of any merit with it. Oddly enough Randy did the same thing to Vera when they fought and he got the win.
    Cort McGee and Yang could’ve been the best fight ever if both or either of them had gotten loose in the first like they did in the first. Both of them have bright futures ahead of them.

    Ellenberger has proved he belongs at the top of the WW heap, he really put a beating on one of the best 170 pounders in the world. That being said anyone who watches Jake Shields fight knows that he lost that fight during his introduction when he looked back at his corner and instantly thought about the fact his father wasnt there. He looked like he was going to cry at that moment right there and no amount of trying to shake it was going to save him. Not that the outcome couldnt have been the same but I truly believe that. Ellenberger should take on A striker with Solid TDD next time…maybe Brennamen will bow out of his fight with Rumble and we could see a real barnburner between Johnson and the Juggernaut. I almost hope the same things happens with Hendricks and Shields winds up fighting Fitch. Some people will be bored by that grapplng heavy affair, but I wouldnt be one of them.

  • Angry Mike says:

    Condit, eh? It’s possible, but he’ll have to fight with absolute confidence and aggression. If he hesitates or slows down, he’s screwed. Even then he’s a huge underdog.

  • Niv says:

    I like Condit but I don’t see anyone beating GSP for some time.

    Condit was being completely bullied by Rory McDonald before he pulled a win out of his ass with less than 10 seconds left in the fight, he’s in way deeper waters here now.

    As for Shields, really he’s overrated? Ok, so all these guys he beat were at different places in their career so it doesn’t matter. Well Shields courageously stepped into the ring when he really shouldn’t have, I don’t know many athletes that can compete at their best after a dramatic event such as the loss of a loved one.

    Having said that I’m not trying to take anything away from Ellenberger here as he looked impressive in his win. I believe this win does make him a contender in the WW division and he shouldn’t be too far away from a title shot.

    My last point here for you guys that say Shields is overrated is if you believe that, then this win by Ellenberger really has no meaning as to where he might be. If he obliterated an overrated fighter he proved nothing according to you.

  • Batman says:

    I think Jake shields shouldn’t be ranked #3 thats what I mean by over hyped as a strikeforce champion. I would like to rank him #8 in the welterweight division.

  • Screenplaya says:

    Ellenberger looked great and he needs to fight an elite fighter now. I say give him Fitch. I think Ellenberger might bring the style and challenge that would keep Fitch from being boring.

    Really, though, I now want GSP to move up to MW. At worst, he adds an injection of talent into one of the less-talented weight classes, and at best he gives Silva a legit challenge.

    Then, the stunning array of talent that remains at Welterweight could all take a swing at the title. They could go with a tourney, if they want, or just line them up and put on a series of compelling title fights and eliminations.

  • Sykotick says:

    Stone. The 5 rounders of GSP: Fitch, Alves, Hardy, Kos, Shields. So far you are 2/5. Not good odds for you, granted Kos hasn’t fought since his whooping, (I believe)

  • stone says:

    I was really hoping Diaz was going to fight GSP…. I know that nobodys giving Nick a chance but the one thing he has on GSP is aggression…. It seems like everyone that fights GSP is nervous and timid for the 1st round or so…. Nick Diaz will bring that fight right to his door step from the opening bell…. & honestly, who as of late has done that?… BJ Penn & Nick Diaz are my 2 favorite ww’s bcuz of their boxing & bjj…. I hate that they have 2 fight but I gotta go with Diaz….. We’ve already seen BJ get laid on for a few rds, no need to repeat the process

  • Stone I agree that most people were counting out Nick against GSP, I wasnt for the reasons you mentioned and this one…no safe place to hide for GSP…taking Nick down is playing with fire and standing and trading with Stocktons favorite son isnt any better option. Cardio for 5? no problem.

    These are the reasons I also believe Condit will beat GSP….unfettered agression, cardio, no nerves over a championship fight or a big crowd…GSP’s got 3 advantages, wrestling, Speed and pure athleticism. Condits BJJ is better, his overall striking game is better (once again I go with the fact that GSP lost 2 rounds to Shields in a pure kickboxing match to base this argument off of.) And Carlos has the BEST finishing ratio in MMA of any fighter with more than 20 fights on his record. Can GSP beat him, absolutely, GSP can beat anyone at WW or MW not named Anderson SIlva but I think his numbers up.


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