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The Sixth Ounce Podcast: Episode 1

It’s the debut episode of the Sixth Ounce Podcast here at Five Ounces of Pain and boy is it something else!

Join Brendhan Conlan and I as we officially welcome Samer Kadi to the 5OZ family, wonder whether or not Georges St. Pierre is a “little bitch” like Nick Diaz claims, do our best Dana White impressions, trying to figure out exactly who this “King Mo” character is, and barely even mention this weekend’s UFC event much like the media at large it seems.

While this is a MMA podcast, we’re more like three guys at a bar who start with MMA and then go in a million different directions. We may even be joined occasionally by other kindred spirits from around the MMA community. It should be insightful at times, thought-provoking at other times, and just downright silly most of the time! It won’t be perfect, but it’s definitely better than listening to Arianny Celeste‘s latest single and, at about an hour, only feels half as long!

Enjoy…and be kind.




    Damn!-those are some top notch filipina looking females-Oh yeah-Thanks for the podcast five

  • Screenplaya says:

    In what possible way is GSP any-size of bitch? He is the quite possibly the best fighter in the world. And where does this crap come from about GSP not being competitive with Silva? If a totally one-dimensional wrestler like Sonnen could control Anderson, I see absolutely no reason to think GSP couldn’t do the same thing.

    Styles make fights. GSP would take Anderson down, actually do some damage to him, and not make any dumb mistakes. Anderson would have a puncher’s chance at the beginning of each round. In a three round fight, GSP should be the favorite. Okay, maybe I went too far there, but competitive? Hell to the yes. Obviously.


    GSP has the best chance of beating Anderson of all the lighter weight fighters-That being said his real world chance of beating him is slim to none at best-At this modern day level-size does matter and I can’t see Anderson losing to GSP in any position of the fight-Wrestling?-Look what happened to Hendo and Sonnen-Silva’s Jujitsu is lethal off of his back-Everyone wants to see Jon Jones vs. Silva-The true superfight


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