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Daniel Cormier’s broken hand will keep him “on the shelf for awhile”

The injury-related fallout from “Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Kharitonov” has started to show up with two Grand Prix participants out for solid block of time plus five other fighters also set to sit on the sidelines for more than a month.

Tournament finalist Daniel Cormier confirmed fears yesterday when he announced through Twitter than he had indeed broken his hand as suspected. Though no timetable was mentioned in terms of his availability, the undefeated former Olympian did say it would keep him “on the shelf for awhile” but that he was “still looking forward to finishing the (Strikeforce World Grand Prix)”.

With the crowning clash against Josh Barnett rumored for early 2012 he may get his wish though only if his health progresses as planned.

Also, according to the Ohio Athletic Commission, Antonio Silva will be suspended for sixty days along with Roger Gracie and Yoel Romero Palacio after the trio suffered knockout losses at last weekend’s show. They were joined on the governing body’s official list by Evangelista Santos and Amanda Nunes who will miss at least thirty days due to their respective TKO defeats.

The Strikeforce event’s proverbial ER was first populated by former light heavyweight champ Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante who revealed on Sunday he’d broken his arm in the opening round of his win over Palacio.


  • Guthookd says:

    Damn it.

  • Rece Rock says:

    yeah… sucks.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    yeah it sucks for Daniel, however he never completed the full Grand Prix so its not like we are missing out on finding out who the winner of the original eighh fighters is. He has a bright future and most likely with the UFC at some point soon.
    i hope they dont keep Josh on the sidelines for too long

  • Well sad to say but strikeforce will only be around till march at the latest….damn it sucks how this tournament turned out but lets be honest…we all called it.

  • Sykotick says:

    Tourney was a bust

  • adamsfamily says:

    I think the tournament was never truly expected to work out fully – in this day and age with injuries and contract problems a regular occurrence.
    Around the board table it was probably planned to be more an excerise in keeping us interested over an extended period of time – a soap opera to be unravelled – while they sorted out the Strikeforce/UFC merger this year.
    Credit allways to all the fighters for doing their jobs regardless of eventual dissapointing outcome, but those who really gave it their all will be scouted for the UFC roster.


    What the hell is everyone writing this SFHWGP off for-The possibility of Barnett vs. Cormier for the final is in no way out of the question-It most likely will happen in early 2012-The world isn’t supposedly ending til December of 2012


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