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Nick Diaz comments on removal from UFC 137 main event

Former Strikeforce welterweight champ Nick Diaz finally spoke out regarding his current situation, labeling it as “ridiculous”. No, he wasn’t referring to the behavior costing him a title-shot in the UFC as being absurd but rather the organization’s decision to yank him out of a scheduled bout with Georges St. Pierre in late October at UFC 137 because of it.

Diaz’s comments came in a video the polarizing pugilist posted on YouTube where he explained he’d made a half-hearted attempt to live up to his media obligations yesterday and expressed his surprise over how the UFC handled things.

“I was in San Francisco at the last minute trying to get on a airplane this morning to go to a press conference for the UFC. (They) wanted me to fight for the title against Georges St. Pierre and now they’re telling me that they’re going to give the fight to Carlos Condit… which I think is ridiculous and Georges thinks its a great idea because Condit poses an even greater threat, so… I guess that just leaves me out.”

“All I know is I’m ready to fight,” Diaz continued. “I’m sorry I didn’t make it to the beauty pageant but, you know, I’ve never not showed up to a fight and I’ve never backed out of a fight in my life. That’s not what I do.”

The straw that broke the bout’s back came yesterday when Diaz no-showed for another UFC 137 press conference, prompting Dana White to insert Condit into Diaz’s place while also drawing the ire of Diaz’s long-time trainer/friend/manager Cesar Gracie.

Here is Diaz’s video in its entirety:



  • THEGUNNER says:

    Grow up lil pussy. I hope they give him a fight and he loses and gets dropped from ufc for losing.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    If this incident–losing the title shot and in the process throwing away hundreds of thousands of dollars–doesn’t deliver the jolt needed to change Diaz’s perspective then the dude is helpless. But I’ve gotta think this did the trick, and he’s now gonna have a better grasp on what his minimum obligations are to participate in the UFC, which is on a hell of a roll right now in establishing itself as a legitimate mainstream professional sport.

    In every pro sport a few mega-superstars have been sorta able to play by their own rules, when it comes to personal conduct and antics outside the lines/cage. Nick definitely aint on that level for his antics to fly with Dana & the UFC.

    I threw this question out in the other thread: has Nick Diaz ever beaten a legitimate top-10 guy at LW or HW?

    I like the dude as a fighter. He’s got very solid all-around MMA skills, and has beaten some quality opponents, but how good is he really? This was his ultimate opportunity to show us, what could literally be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and he botched it. So I’d like to think he’ll do enough apologizing to convince Dana & company to put him back on the card against BJ (and that BJ accepts the fight, of course) but I’m afraid that’s wishful thinking on my part.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Damm bad news here, but hard to feel sorry for the guy he knew what was expected and didnt fulfill his obligation. Damm we all miss out on a great fight, but what a oppertunity for Condit- props to him for taking this fight with no reservations. Now it just leaves B J with no fight. I would love to see him vs Diego but Diego is hurt- wonder who is left?

  • MCM says:

    Sorry Boner, had to disagree cause I think you’re giving Diaz too much credit.

    Don’t mean to just copy and paste, but this is from another article….

    “While no one questions his fighting heart and gameness, he has never answered the questions of maturity, a problem intermittently reflected in his behavior over the years, which at various times has included missed promotional obligations, a hospital fight, a positive drug test, an in-ring brawl (should be Two brawls), and no-showing a mandatory drug test that cost him a title match.”

    This junk is par for the course for Diaz. I doubt he has enough sense to become a more mature fighter. I think he’ll continue to cry and complain about how “unfair” he’s always been treated without ever realizing that he makes his own problems.

  • Angry Mike says:

    What a maroon. And I really wanted to see that fight. I think GSP would’ve won, but Diaz’s strking style might have posed a legitimate threat.

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Boner does not like thumbs down. Very un-Boner to get dissed like that.

    But you might be right, MCM. Along with his granite chin might be a really damn thick skull. So instead of coming to grips with the reality of these situations he might continue to stubbornly play the victim role.

    But with all the other junk — smoking weed to put his fight test results at risk, scrapping with Riggs in hospital hallways, blowing off promotional gigs, etc. — I don’t think it ever cost him much financially. Nick has complained incessantly about his underwhelming paychecks from past fights, so I don’t think he ever felt like he had a lot to lose. And I’m sure he didn’t think missing another presser would bring such drastic consequences this time around but, unfortunately for him, Dana called his bluff. So now it’s gotta have sunk in that his 6-figure paycheck just went out the window. That hurts, I don’t care who it is. Sitting here at work, I can’t help but cringe at the notion of pissing away my ticket to financial freedom… over something so silly.

    So I’m not saying Diaz will grow up overnight and be a model citizen/fighter under the UFC banner all of a sudden, but if ever he’s gonna start to “get it” this would figure to be the time. Knowing Dana as we do, I think he’s already giving Nick a fairly long leash by not just outright cutting him.

    And this where my wishful thinking kicks in — Nick acknowledges his actions & shows some form or remorse & understanding, Dana is convinced enough to give him another shot, and a BJ vs. Diaz fight happens on the same card.

  • Batman says:

    I think a press conference is kind of lame and I never watch them.

  • Batman says:

    this is what the press conference would have been like.
    Nick diaz says: “Ima kick his ass foo.”
    GSP says (in Canadian terrible english): “I think this will be my toughest opponent, I trained really hard for this fight.”
    Nick Diaz says: ” Im down homie we can do this right now, stockton thats whats up, you know what im sayin.”
    So we didn’t miss much by him not being at the press conference.

  • danw84 says:

    In GSP’s accent – “Doh-ne be scare oh-mie.”

  • MCM says:

    Richard Stabone – “….I don’t think it ever cost him much financially. Nick has complained incessantly about his underwhelming paychecks from past fights, so I don’t think he ever felt like he had a lot to lose.”

    Diaz’s last four paychecks from SF. Not including Sponsor money and whatever he made from the DREAM fight.
    vs. Paul Daley – $175,000
    vs. “Cyborg” Santos – $150,000
    vs. KJ Noons – $50,000
    vs. Marius Zaromskis – $100,000

    That’s a minimum of $475,000 in less than two years and probably close to double that with the Sakuri fight and sponsor money. I doubt losing one six figure pay check will affect his out look at all.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Medicinal Mary Jane must be expensive…

  • Richard Stabone says:

    Fair point – Nick was making more than decent coin as SF champ. And during that time (since the brawl) he seemed to be on good behavior, by 209 homeboy standards. Probably figured he could keep sailing along that way, skipping stuff he didn’t feel was important. Then Dana pulled the rug out from under him.

    I’m just stating the obvious: *this* was his (most likely) once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — main event in the biggest promotion by far, opposite the most popular MMA fighter worldwide, offering enormous sponsorship opportunity moving forward on top of the already fat paycheck he would have gotten for the fight. Like Dana said, this would have blown anything he previously did/received out of the water, and he pissed it away. It’s on a whole different level than anything he’s done up till now, so if this doesn’t get thru to him then he’s helpless.

    I hope he gets his act together enough to at least stick with the UFC for a 2nd go round. He’s a very good fighter, though I’m not convinced he’d be able to handle any of the top tier guys. But he puts on very entertaining fights so it’d be fun to watch it play out regardless.

  • Guthookd says:

    I will say this shit right here: I like Nick Diaz, I like his fighting style, and I like his straight up gangster attitude.

    Fuck it.

    If he wants to throw away a title shot after letting the SF title go and signing a new contract that will keep him from boxing, then he is financially unintelligent, and actually he’s pretty much unintelligent in general, but that is his choice and I respect his decisions. He’s a fucking thug and I support his crazy ass.

    Not to mention, Condit is one of my favorite fighters and he is very skilled. He’s worked his whole life for this shot and he deserves it. You could let the fact that he’s a stand-in tarnish the acomplishment, but I choose not to do that. I think he would have probably had the next shot anyway.

    Win Carlos. Win. Head kick him. Pressure his ass early, and don’t stop until he’s out (or you’re out). Leave it all out there no matter what.

  • Condit and Diaz are very similar fighters in terms of always coming forward never stoppin till its over…both have great standup and nasty ground game with intensity to match…And i think either one was gonna take Georgie’s belt…but Im almost positive Carlos will.

  • Rich S. says:

    Why, Nick, why?

    In my opinion, he is perhaps the only Welterweight left that has a legitimate chance to beat GSP, and this happens?

    Granted, Condit is a great fighter, and he seems to be getting better and better. We know he has the stamina for five rounds and the spirit of a champion. But can he handle the wrestling monster that is, GSP?

    Nick has brilliant Jiu Jitsu, but his best shot would’ve been on the feet. I’m not sure where Condit’s best shot lies with GSP, but if I had to take a stab, I’d say the ground. And that’s never good when going up against the best wrestler alive. I do like Condit’s striking, but it’s very kick-oriented, and kicks can be grabbed.

    Condit is probably the most inventive fighter in his division, though. So, he may just be a few superman punches, flying knees, or flying armbars away from UFC gold.

  • Condit is gonna shock the world…and it shouldnt be a shock….Carlos has the quickest Kimura sweep at 170….so if GSP takes him down, we might see GSP swept and beaten into tko for the first time ever.

  • Guthookd says:

    God damn Dave, I’m just hoping for a good fight. You really think Condit will pull it off? I hope so, but I wouldn’t bet a paycheck on it.

  • I do guthookd I do…I’ve been waiting for GSP to fight a REAL well rounded monster every since Fitch….
    Penn is great but he’s a lightweight
    Alves is a good striker who has nothing else to offer against anyone who can really wrestle
    Kos is a great wrestler with one good punch that all GSP had to do was practice ducking one direction for five rounds.
    Hardy had no business in the ring with GSP.
    Shields is a great grappler sucky boxer and he took TWO rounds from GSP….
    Notice a trend there? GSP has been more protected than everyone claims Anderson Silva has been. Maybe due to a lack of well rounded competitors I dont know. Condit or Diaz were great options because they’re both great standup fighters, and fantastic grapplers with title fight experience iron wills and chins to match. Georges can win based on the fact he’s who he is a great champion a great athelete and one of if not the best in the game. But these two are the only two who I know will put it on him from bell to bell in every position and georges doesnt have his usual safe place to go with either. I wont bet my check on Carlos but a nice 20 dollar bill maybe.

  • 3OAM says:

    Why does he always do these videos on the road? How dangerous and irresponsible.

  • Guthookd says:

    3OAM – Because he’s a muthafukkin gansta man…………….


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