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“UFC on FOX: Cain vs. JDS” Conference Call Highlights

Wipe away the drool, sit back, relax, and get your popcorn ready, as the UFC has finally announced the main event for the promotion’s groundbreaking debut on network television!

Set for November 12 in Anaheim, UFC on FOX will involve a live, hour-long event featuring one of the biggest match-ups in recent history – Cain Velasquez vs. Junior dos Santos! In addition to the title-fight, a preliminary card will be held that will likely be streamed through Facebook.

The epic news was announced during a conference call earlier today featuring FOX executives and Dana White provides. Read below and see how things unfolded on the line in real time:

Dana White:

– Junior dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez is the main event on November 12
– “This heavyweight match-up is gonna be a great fight!”
– Considered Anderson Silva but felt this was a “no brainer”
– Fight will be aired live in Brazil
– Will be the only fight shown on FOX, not two as originally rumored
– Dos Santos has great takedown defense while Velasquez has solid striking
– Showing genuine excitement about the fight
– “Having a free fight on FOX leading into a PPV week sure doesn’t suck.”
– “Now is the time to work. Now is the time to deliver. We’re not mainstream. FOX has given us a chance to BE mainstream. Everything is going to the next level. We’ve been given this opportunity and you bet your ass we’re gonna take it!”
– “We announced deal and FOX promoted us three hours later on the NFL. We’ve never been treated like this. We couldn’t be happier.”
– “I’m literally betting everything that this won’t be a boring fight.”
– Expects to blow EliteXC out of the the water ratings-wise
– Denies reports Brock Lesnar isn’t healthy
– Compares the fight to Stephan Bonnar vs. Forrest Griffin on a major scale
– Says they love the passion the FOX guys have shown for sports in general, that they’re guys they genuinely want to hang with

FOX Executives:

– Prelims or a “Best of the Night” show will be shown depending on how much time is left after the title-fight
– Jokes the UFC will serve as a lead-in for “X Factor”
– Equate the fight to the network getting Ali vs. Foreman
– Aren’t looking to use a lot of animations or “teaching” segments / Education will come through commentary and observation
– Don’t like to predict ratings but they’re pretty confident they’ll beat CBS’ draw from Kimbo Slice’s stint in EliteXC

  • Spoken says:

    Boo-urns Dana. So many possibilities for the big reveal and he goes with an already announced title fight and limits it to 1 fight? He could have turned this into a huge debut, but instead we get 1 free fight everybody was probably already going to be watching the PPV for a couple weeks later anyways.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Nice to get this fight for free but would have loved a new fight. GSP vs Silva type of announcement.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Cain by tko 1 st round.

  • MCM says:

    So who’s gonna headline 139?
    I’m pretty excited for this fight, but only showing 1 fight on the TV debut is kinda weak. That’s going to have to be a ton of buildup for two guys most of America has NEVER heard of. When they could have done a ton of buildup for a Sport most of America HAS heard of. I think they’re already going about this the wrong way.

  • Rece Rock says:

    This is a big fight and like mma journalists are suggesting not only is it a big fight to introduce the company but it’s a good way to get some new fans for 2 great fighters with not so great ppv #’s and fan bases.

    You can’t lose sight that as much as we think this fight should have been a thank you for the die hard fans… it’s a fight that was picked as a welcoming to new eyes and new fans… this fight is being preceded by NFL football they need to entice these fans and enlighten these fans but first they gotta get them hooked and what better way then a HW title fight…

    For me this fight was UFC/Zuffa putting there best foot forward and I appreciate it as a fan that’s hoping the sport excels to levels of other major league sports.

  • Rece Rock says:

    MCM there’s a special on 10/30 before the 11/12 fight as an introduction to mma / ufc I’m sure they will give background on both competitiors

  • hindsightufuk says:

    its not just about this fight being free, thats besides the point, but its available to 10s of millions of people. to see a guarenteed good fight. thats just fucking crazy. 14 years in the making, here we come mother fuckers

  • Guthookd says:

    “two guys most of America has NEVER heard of”

    I completely agree. BAD call. I’m a hardcore fan and still barely even give a shit about JDS. Cain, well he fucked up Brock so he’s got some credit…but JDS…I’ve seen all his UFC fights and I’m still not that impressed….people who don’t watch every PPV will have no clue who the hell he is and with his cautious boxing style this could be a 5 round feeling out process.

    The UFC fucked this up, IMO. They’d have had better ratings if they’d showed clips of Kimbo training in a garadge.

    Someone mentioned Lidell vs. Ortiz III…which made me puke a little but now I think it would have been a better choice than this, in terms of ratings and draw, that is.

  • YetiLee says:

    I will admit I am the one who mentioned Liddell vs Ortiz III. I really thought Tito would be fighting for sure on this card just due to his name and popularity even amongst the most casual of fans. But I have to say that this is a much better fight for true fans, and you know these guys will go out and have a stand up war that will be exciting even for those who don’t know who they are. The only problem I have with it is they are only showing the one fight and I don’t think this fight will last longer than 2 rounds, so they better have some solid undercard fights to show and hopefully with fighters who have some name recognition because any ratings lower than what CBS got with Kimbo will be considered a failure.

  • Angry Mike says:

    This is a good match up for the Fox debut. Cain is the heavyweight champ, and heavyweights garner more interest from casual fans. The history of heavyweight boxing proves that. It also makes sense because Cain and JDS are scrappers who will engage and put on a show. Whether they’re known outside the circle of MMA hardcores isn’t important to me. It’s hard for the faithful to remember, but MMA is still an emerging sport and not yet mainstream like baseball, football, bball or hockey. People who don’t know the sport won’t know the big names, anyway.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    I remember being a little kid staying up late and coming across ufc. It was so exciting to watch it was the closest thing to a street fight as it can get when I started pursuing my intrest in the sport it changed my life. I hope the next generation will appreciate this oppertunity to see that mma especially ufc is the best entertainment ever as long as you have the basic understanding on whats going on.

  • MCM says:

    Rece- That’s a good start, but promotionally speaking, don’t you think it would have been easier to promote The UFC than 2 Mexican HW’s? (I know JDS is Brazilian, but I’m thinking like an average American here, anyone south of us is Mexican.)
    There’s more footage, more KO’s, more household names on the entire UFC roster. I know they wanted to put together an exciting fight, and they did, I just think FOX would have been better off promoting and Showing the entire Card not just the main event.

  • Batman says:

    I like the idea of this one punch knockout scenario. Heavyweights are what people want to see. I can’t wait for this fight it should be awesome. People want to see talented ferocious fighters and that’s exactly what they will get. Even if they don’t have big names, Cain has the belt so he’s the best right now, and that will speak for him. It’s kind of like the Pacquiao fight, no one really cares about the other fights anyway.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I think a point is being missed here…
    This card is about NEW viewers seeing UFC or MMA for possibly the first time or only a few times prior… This isnt about “us” the hardcore fans or hibitual viewer, the UFC has our vote, they have us already glued to our TV sets… so whether they picked Tito, chuck, brock, gsp, silva it didnt matter they just needed to pick an exciting match up and one that they could sell in lead ins between footbal coverage so HWs fit the bill… as much as we like to think this is supposed to be the UFC gifting “us” its actually the UFC trying to attract “them”, them being the new fans or the rarely watch it fans and make an impact big enough to hook emm and hook emm good.

  • To quote the second greatest professional wrestling commentator of all time, Joey Styles..
    Ok Im glad I came on here late so I didnt just post one of those inane overly happy posts without seein what ya’ll were thinkin.

    In a way this is a great thing. One of the biggest and in my eyes most competitive and evenly matched HW title fights ever getting thrown to millions for free and Im sure this will get the promotion is so justly deserves. I do see MCMs point on this being a risky venture in two dudes that aren’t readily known to the world but think of it like this. Cain is very well known in California, I live 50 miles from Salinas and 70 miles from San Jose and everyone around here is a fair weather Cain fan that makes it a point to watch his fights if they catch a PPV card and always catch fights when aired on Unleashed. Not only will there be alot of people watching this from here but a Los Angeles crowd will be going insane during this fight as they back Cain. It will look good from not only a great in ring performance from both guys but from a cheering standpoint. Energetic crowds make things seem better and this one will be electric.

    I too would’ve preferred to see a full card instead of one single title fight, but I have a feeling this will be great and probably no more than a 3 round fight at best so we’ll probably get to see other fights but that aspect does irritate me mildly.
    Guthookd i think we just have to disagree, for you to not be impressed with Cigano is downright appalling and for you only giving Cain credit for smashing Brock is kind of cynical. He ran through Big Nog, beat the hell out of Kongo and embarassed Rothwell. Junior KO’d Werdum, Gonzaga,Struve, Tko’d Cro Cop, dominated Roy like only one other man has done and that took Walking Pnemonia(for Mir not Jr), and beat Carwin like he caught him fuckin his wife.

    The main thing that pisses me off is that I was plannin on goin to 139 as an early birthday treat and I was bankin on this bein the main event


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