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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira earns $100,000 with “Knockout of the Night” Victory

With UFC 134: Silva vs. Okami being the UFC’s return to Brazil and such a big event, with one of the best crowds in company history, UFC president Dana White decided to hand out bonus checks worth $100,000 on Saturday night. Dana ended up saving a little bit of money though, as no “Submission of the Night” bonus was awarded due to no fighter being able to lock up a limb in the home on Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira picked up the “Knockout of the Night” bonus thanks to his thrilling KO victory against Brendan Schaub. “Big Nog” put “The Hybrid” out cold with a quick one-two combination followed by a flurry of strikes that sent the heavyweight prospect crashing face first down to the mat just over three minutes into the first round. The KO win was only Nogueira’s third career stoppage by (T)KO and his first since 2005.

“Fight of the Night” was awarded to lightweights Ross Pearson and Edson Barboza for their back and forth fifteen minute affair that saw Barboza’s hand raised in victory as the judges awarded him the split decision in his home country over the Brit. The more aggressive Pearson couldn’t quite match the power of Barboza, who dropped “The Real Deal” in the second round with a right hand and cut him over the right eye in the third round with a left hook. Pearson also started to develop a hematoma over his left eye thanks to the right hand of “Junior.”

Nogueira’s bonus was the third of his UFC career, with the other two being “Fight of the Night.” Meanwhile, this marked Pearson’s and Barboza’s second “Fight of the Night” check during their time in organization.


  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Jeremy, you’re my hero! XOXOXOXOXO

  • SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Happy for Big Nog! Too many beers bongloads and Too much spaghetti later…….good night of finishes.

  • sides666 says:

    Where is the Silva what’s wrong with the world mama people living like they ain’t got no mamas

  • Rece Rock says:

    100k … i would do a lot of things for that kinda dough.

  • MCM says:

    I wouldn’t have given Pearson/Barboza the FOTN. That one went exactly as I predicted (the only main card fight that did). I though Palhares/Miller was much more exciting/entertaining. That was one of the craziest first rounds I’ve ever seen.

  • Rece Rock says:

    actually im giving the craziest first round crown to the tree stump for celebrating his non victory… i love the guy but between last nights weird chain of events and when he fought nate im thinking this guy got a screw loose.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    Miller is a tough bastard, he could easily have turtled a few times and got out of that beating. Rousimar is a bit of knob, with really big shoulders
    Spencer Fisher could be on his way out of the UFC after that, which is a shit way to go, tko by position rather than the power of the strikes
    Luis Cane and Forrest both got they chins exposed again. i suggest let them fight it out and see who goes down first
    so happy big Nogueira didnt end up getting ko’d by a nobody, i was so scared to see it i almost didnt watch the fight. in the end i was laughing furiously and cheering louder than i had in a long time. nice to see he has obviously taken his weakened punch resistance and worked on fighting differently to compensate for it. good head movement to dodge the punches although against a more adept fighter he may have gotten his head kicked off for ducking too low at times. May be Brendan Schaub can have his nut sack back now?
    Shogun still listens to pony music
    after watching that Silva fight you can see what he was trying to achieve against the likes of Maia and Cote, he just never pulled it off and ended up looking like a dick in those fights. i guess they should have looked like tis fight and the vitor and forrest fights. he looked awesome, great to see.
    Kenny Florian should get off Edson Barbosa’s dick. why do the UFC insist on having as fewer commentators as they can? Kenny is ok but Stephan Bonnar and Randy (among others) are way better.
    the girls looked dull in green
    anyone interested in soccer spot Ronaldo? fat fucker now. i despise football but that guy was incredible. fat fucker now though, doing some good for MMA in brazil also

  • Hey maybe its a cultural thing HSF…but what the hell is Pony music?
    Nog Looked outstanding, Nedkov was sweet, Barboza vs. Person was a good fight…how cool would Barboza vs. Stephens, Pettis, Guillard be?

    I knew Forrest had problems the moment he was failing to be technical and trying to fight a technical battle with the best Muay Thai practitioner at 205.

    Silva is a monster that has yet to be truly challenged without an injury and his opponent being a cheater. The next outstanding fight i can see for him has got to be Shogun… I mean the GSP Silva superfight is being talked about again, but it wont be a superfight after Diaz snatches Georgie’s belt away

  • Sykotick says:

    You can’t seriously expect Diax (who hasn’t fought anyone of serious stature in forever) is going to stop GSP’s reign as champ, can you??

  • Sure I can.
    It comes down to a few things to me. GSP has been fighting primarily one dimensional fighters lately.
    Sheilds great grappler awful striker who took two rounds from GSP on two judges score cards in a pure standup fight.
    Kos, good wrestler with big power but shitty technique
    hardy-I dont even need to explain
    Alves-Same as hardy
    Penn-a 155er who got gassed
    Fitch-the only one thats impressive to me, people may be bored with him, but he wins all the time and was the last one to even bloody GSP’s face not with an eye scrape.
    Nick is great on his feet and a terror off of his back, cardio for days and iron chin and an iron will. His boxing is better than any single person on that list except maybe Penn, and he wont get rattled by a 5 round title fight. Plus I am also a proud resident of the 209 and I like the guy, and dont like GSP much.
    If Nick doesnt do it, Carlos will take his belt for me.

  • MCM says:

    Sykotic – superdavenorcal is a pretty reasonable guy until it comes to the 209. Then his mouth and butt hole switch places and he starts spewing crap. 😉

    superdavenorcal- “Pony” music is that techno,dance club, guido shit Rua came out to.

  • hindsightufuk says:

    yep, pony as in pony and trap, crap
    utter shite


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