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Brittney Palmer: Too Talented for the UFC

Have you ever been over-qualified for a job? For example, Walter White (“Breaking Bad”) is a genius chemist who probably could have cured cancer if he tried hard enough, but instead he spent most of his life teaching high school chemistry before deciding to cook meth in order to make more money. Due to his chemistry geniusness, he became the chef of the best meth on the market.

Brittney Palmer is over-qualified to walk around a cage and hold up a card with a number on it.

In the past few weeks, rumors have circulated that Brittney was released by the UFC with no real reason given. Both Brittney and UFC deny that she’s been fired, but she hasn’t appeared on the last two UFC shows and according to reliable sources, she was released but in order to save face, Dana White claims that she wasn’t fired and she will continue to do appearances for the company but it seems pretty clear that we won’t be getting our monthly fix of Palmer on television.

Maybe that’s for the best.

Don’t get me wrong, as any reader of my columns or follower on Twitter will tell you, I loved seeing Brittney at every UFC event. She was the highlight of many fights and the subject of many creepy tweets. But she is too good for the UFC. She is better than walking around the octagon holding up a piece of cardboard that tells fans what we already know.

Brittney has goals in her life. Attainable goals as well, not lofty goals like a singing career when you can’t really sing. She wants to be an artist and she wants to do it right. She’s taking the Pam Beasly route of, knowing she’s already a talented artist, but she’s still going to art school to learn more about her craft. I just hope that she doesn’t end up giving up her goal and art school for some guy. Unless that guy just happened to dress as Jim Halpert this past Halloween.

Not only does she have her art going for her, she’s also been doing non-UFC appearances. Just the other week, she co-hosted The Daily Habit on FuelTV, some show I’ve never watched and will never watch again unless she’s co-hosting. She’s also been appearing at random surfing events, which has made me write numerous letters to Myrtle Beach (yes, the actual beach), begging them to host a surfing event.

She’s also working on a clothing line, which makes me very excited for future red carpets when the host always ask, “Who are you wearing?” and someone answers, “Brittney Palmer.”

Someone sent Brittney a Tweet the other week that read, “Art is always there. Hotness lasts a short time. Do UFC then art.” Clearly this man is no threat to my non-existent relationship. Opportunity and will power isn’t always there. Right now Brittney has the opportunity to attend art school and sell her art, do appearances outside of the UFC, and make a name for herself without wearing the octagon girl outfit. And even though “hotness” only lasts a short time, beauty lasts forever, and Britney will always be beautiful.

There’s a reason why Britney has accomplished more in her short UFC stay than Arianny Celeste has accomplished in her years with the company. It’s because Brittney is an ambitious person with a great work ethic. She wasn’t content with just being an octagon girl, she wanted to be more than that. She wanted to establish herself outside of the UFC so when she was cast aside in five to ten years for a younger, more attractive octagon girl, she had something to fall back on.

It’s a shame that things had to end like this. It seems like ever since Rachelle Leah and Ali Sonoma, UFC just goes through Octagon girls not named Arianny, and by coincidence or not, all of those Octagon girls seem to get more attention than Arianny. It’s for the best though. Brittney can now chase her dream of being an artist and when she makes it, she’ll know that she made it for more than just her looks or walking ability. She’ll know she made it because of her talent as an artist or designer and not because she could walk without falling.

Lets take a took at Ms. Palmer’s greatest career achievement as a UFC Octagon girl:


Big thanks to Tracy Lee, my esteemed editor Bren Conlan, and of course Brittney herself for making dreams come true.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    “right Brittney we’re gonna take some photo’s of you around your art so people can see that you not just a dumb blonde who has to take her clothes off to make a living.
    errrr, can you undo your shorts as well so we can all see your pants?”

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Somebody is in love.

  • Rece Rock says:

    That youtube clip at the end with Palmer shoutin out Lambert… ” hi jeremey at 5oz’s”. Priceless.
    Lambert you def. blew a load in your pants after that… lol.

  • king mah mah says:

    Too “talented” for the UFC? Lmao! Yeah she’s so talented that she has to be half naked in front of her artwork for anyone to take notice.

    I wonder what the artistic view is behind those red handprints? Maybe she just changed her tampon?! Now thats talent!

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    I thought Jeremy might die of embarrassment when I asked Tracy Lee to make the “Hi Jeremy at 5 OZ” request but fortunately he didn’t. In fact, he actually had his audio off and missed it the first time. lol Good thing for rewind!

  • JBAR says:

    How much talent does it really take to be too talented to walk around in a swimsuit with a round card that serves no purpose? I really can not remember ever waiting to see the ring girl to figure out what round it was and honestly if not for the announcers calling out their names every time they are on camera and articles like this I would not even know who they were.


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