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Alistair Overeem and Zuffa are in a “negotiation period”

Maybe we haven’t seen the last of Alistair Overeem in the cage after all. Initially reported that Overeem was released from his Strikeforce deal following his unwillingness to accept a fight in September due to injuries, Bas Boon, Overeem’s manager at Golden Glory, says that his fighter and Zuffa are just in a “negotiation period.”

The story was first reported by ESPN.

Currently, Zuffa and Overeem are in a “120 day negotiation and period.” As of right now, Overeem is still technically with Strikeforce and remains the Strikeforce heavyweight champion due to the “champions clause” in his contract.

Originally scheduled to fight Antonio Silva in the semi-finals of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix on September 10, “The Demolition Man” turned down the fight, citing rib and toe injures, along with not having proper time to prepare for the bout. Overeem wanted the fight pushed back to October, and was promised by Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker that the fight would be in October, but Zuffa had other plans.

That fight would have been the last on Overeem’s current contract, but he had a handshake agreement with Coker that, should he have beaten Silva, he would fight in the finals while negotiating a new contract.

Along with Overeem being unable to compete in September, Zuffa also was not happy with the way Golden Glory handled the payment of their fighters, which, according to Dana White, had Golden Glory being paid directly instead of the fighters. This led to the release of fellow Golden Glory fighters Valentijn Overeem, Jon Olav Einemo, and Marloes Coenen.

Due to this “negotiation period” it’s highly unlikely that Overeem will compete on the October United Glory card, as previously scheduled, and may not compete until 2012.

  • moosebaby02 says:

    those back dooring Zuffa pricks


    I knew it…can’t wait to see him against Dos Santos-Cain-or Brock-They will probably give him Carwin to see where he is really at

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    The UFC should drop all fighters that delay fights due to injury, right?
    What BS it is. That has absolutely nothing to do with why this is happening appart from the fact it was used as an excuse to drop Overeem. If they dropped every fighter that wanted a fight delayed because of injury all of the UFC champs and nearly all of the #1 contenders would have been dropped.
    This is politicaly and financialy motivated.
    I dont mind the idea of them negotiating with Overeem but I do mind the whole song and dance routine that goes on every single time negotiations are happening. Yeah sure they dropped Hendo, Arlovski, Werdum, Sylvia and Overeem for the reasons given, yeah sure they did and O.J is innocent.

  • adamsfamily says:

    I’ve heard you take various pot shots at Zuffa but come on – O J was innocent! Just check out his website:
    w w w dot forward slash forward slash forward slash

  • Dufresne says:

    The UFC should drop all fighters that delay fights due to injury, right?

    They should drop all fighters that try and delay entire events for injuries who then turn around and try and sign up to fight at another event in the same time frame. I’m not saying there wasn’t some political motivation, but it’s not like Overeem has exactly been a company man with his whole 1 title defense since winning the belt back in 2007 even though he’s fought a total of 9 MMA fights (8 if you don’t count the tournament) and 10 kickboxing bouts in that same time frame.

    I can’t defend a guy that basically held an entire division hostage for almost 4 years, political motivations or not.

  • twodragunns says:

    Zuffa are giving themselves and sport of MMA a bad name when they do things like this, these types of lowball actions by DW and Zuffa are starting to get sickening ……. I’m on the side of the fighters and always will be because they are the ones who make all the sacrifices to bring us this sport we love so much.

  • Logic do you pay any attention to the things fighters do wrong or do you just ignore that so you can bitch about Zuffa? Overeem held up a division for 3 + years all the while fighting Todd Duffee, Colossas, Gary Goodridge and nobody else worth mentioning or a champion fighting. And yet you defend this guy when he starts getting ready to pull the same antics on Zuffa that he did on Strikeforce? The fact that you defend Overeem constantly shows your blind bias against Zuffa. This guy is someone who should never fight anyone less than a top HW and due to HIS unwillingness (not Zuffas) he runs around the world smashing cans. If you wanna see the best fight the best, maybe you should get off the reems nuts because he has zero desire to fight anyone he cant run over.

  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    A few points here:

    – Overeem never said he wouldn’t fight in October (which is when the Golden Glory event is). He said he wouldn’t be ready by September 10, a statement backed up by video documentation of a doctor’s visit, while revealing Scott Coker had PROMISED him an October date for the semifinals after the Werdum fight as a means of letting him heal.

    – It isn’t Overeem’s responsibility to book himself in a title-fight. That falls on Strikeforce’s shoulders. In fact, if you dig a little you’d see that he actually wasn’t under contract with Strikeforce during the period you’re referring to (one of their business blunders) which is why he never defended the belt.

  • Rece Rock says:

    DW has come out n said he is willing to negotiate with all of GG they just need to do business the Zuffa way and I guess after Bas released his statement these guys will play the game by the Zuffa rules and fall in line… Sometimes all you gotta do is be in compliance with policy and things can work out… Just wonder when overran winds up in UFC what show time is going to think of all this… Somewhere someone in a showtime office is scratching there head and saying are they making phony firings to void SF contacts and hire fighters into the UFC ? I don’t think that’s the case but you never know. Any way does any body think Overeem should defend his belt against the Tourney winner before getting to fight In the UFC, if infact he is rehired??

  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Overeem was holding up a whole what?
    Overeem was injured and couldnt fight, so tough luck if you want him to, he is injured. He fought his last fight injured and his career suffered. He should be treated like other fighters are. Yes he would have defended his title if allowed but wasnt. I was not aware of this until recently but there it is. It was SFs fault not Overeems, he was.signed but they didnt give him fights.
    Like I said, fighters get injured, it is part of the fight game but it had nothing to do with him being dropped other than it was usef as an excuse. Yeah I like to take jabs at ZUFFA for preventing fights, exploiting fighters, telling blatent lies, monopolizing MMA, dissapointing fans, acting like dictators and generally being fucking bitchy pricks who pretend that they have the fans and the fighters interest at heart but only care about the $. Why? Because it is true.

  • Overeem may not have been under contract with SF which prevented them from booking him, but I do seem to remember there being constant rumors about him fighting multiple opponents that just never materialized. While Im sure a large portion of the blame falls on Strikeforce, GG probably held up the process in one way or another. If I’ve learned anything in life so far its that there are 3 sides to any argument. One side, the other side and the truth.

    As far as Zuffa preventing fights once again Logic forget for a second about the few fights that havent come to fruition( Reem or Fedor vs. Randy, brock or the host of HWs) and think about what they’ve brought us. Wandy, Shogun vs. Chuck, Franklin vs. Henderson, Henderson vs. Silva, Henderson vs. Rampage(both title for title)
    Zuffa obviously DOES have the fans best interests at heart because happy fans pay more money(which is how you get more fans is to make the current ones happy)
    You cry alot but Im sure you still watch most of Zuffas events because they are far and away the best in terms of fighter quality, camera and production value, announce team etc.
    If they monopolize MMA so what? If they werent the biggest driving force in MMA (something that I’ve never been able to get you to admit) we wouldnt see it on tv of any sort let alone prime time 6-8 times a year plus PPVs.
    I like Bellator, Strikeforce, dream, shark fights and the rest of them, but without the UFC’s success from 05-06, none of those promotions would have a shred of tv time, and that’s just a cold hard fact.

  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    UFC will make him a reasonable offer with clause for no more K-1 etc. I would love to see him against Frank Mir. If he can get past Mir then we can talk contender status,

    This will get done. Overeem has name value but no so much he would be able to demand automatic title shot.

  • JBAR says:

    He is injured and can not make the fight date, that is what the alternates are for. He only has one fight left on his current contract and you do not like the terms of the contract, What do you do in this situation? Let him fight the winner of the tournament in his last contract fight? That would not make good business sense as if he were to win you would lose your advantage in getting him signed to a contract that is in line with the other fighters in the organization. I am sorry but if you have a guy that is not in agreement with your terms you do not give him the opportunity to gain an advantage at the negotiating table.

  • Guthookd says:




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