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The Chael Sonnen Show rolls into Philly over UFC 133 weekend

When Chael Sonnen took to the stage last Friday in Philadelphia as part of a Q&A session with fans there was little doubt the middleweight would deliver a slew of memorable soundbytes as he has so many times in the past. With Mike Goldberg playing the role of sidekick, the 34-year old grappler was two guests and a musical act away from turning the festivities into a full blown late night talk-show given his comical, candid takes on a number of topics including steroids, his favorite “pink shirt, earring wearing” UFC champion, and his treatment by the California State Athletic Commission.

Asked about fighters who use performance enhancing drugs, Sonnen provided a response that would undoubtedly make any professional wrestler proud, saying, “There’s two things you can do. If somebody does steroids, you can kick ‘em out and throw them away forever, or you can open up an ‘all steroid’ league and let the games begin. I really don’t care either way. Put it in your body, don’t put it in your body…one on one, two on one, five on one…I’ll make sure they all need 9-1-1.”

Not surprising, it wasn’t long before talk turned to Anderson Silva and his upcoming title-defense against Yushin Okami at UFC 134 and who he’d rather face down the road. The former top contender, who has been training Okami for the fight, started out cordially, then exited off Reality Road for a stroll through Sonnenville.

“I’m gonna have to fight both of those guys. Yushin and I have fought before, Yushin and I have fought as recently as two days ago. We are definitely gonna meet up again in the Octagon. There’s no way around that,” Sonnen began before upping the wattage on his public persona.

“I am the UFC champion. That belt is nothing more than a piece of tin when it’s around Anderson Silva’s waist. I am the peoples’ champion, I am the linear champion, and I’m the best damn middleweight to ever live,” he continued. “So, after Brian Stann and I do business, Dana (White) and I will sit down like we always do. We’ll review a whole bunch of Strikeforce contracts. I imagine my paper airplane collection will get a lot bigger if you know what I mean. And then we will decide if I will be GRANTING Silva a shot at my championship.”

Though Sonnen never definitively picked either as a preferred opponent his phrasing implied he still expects Silva to be the belt-wearing champ after the August fight, referring to “The Spider” as contending for the right to face him once he’s dispatched of Stann at UFC 136.

On the subject of his previous clash with the dynamic Brazilian and subsequent fallout from testosterone use, Sonnen pulled no punches, insulting the way Silva found success and the testing procedures used by the CSAC.

“Are you talking about the night when I won the middleweight championship and they tarnished and took it from me after I whipped a man’s ass for twenty-five minutes, he wrapped his legs around my head for eight-seconds and they declared him the winner? Is that what you’re asking about,” Sonnen pondered rhetorically. “Or are you talking about the injustice they did to me over the past seven months? My phone rings, they call me up and they say “Chael your testosterone level is too high.” I say well, how high was it? They say ‘.7’ I say what’s normal? ‘.6’ I said, ‘One tenth??? You’re telling me I’m one tenth higher than the average man? Retest that, you must have caught me on a low day.’ I told them to feast their eyes and fantasize. I offer no apology, that’s testosterone ladies and gentlemen.

“And on top of that, what do you mean higher than the norm? Who are you comparing me to? The pink shirt, earring wearing guy I just fought? Well of course. They say ‘Well Mr. Sonnen, what are you telling us?” I say, ‘Well isn’t it obvious what I’m telling you? Chael Sonnen is too goddamn macho for the standardized testing procedures of the California State Control Board.’”

Jokes aside, though it may be hard to take Sonnen seriously during one of his infamous rants there’s no question he’s as good as they get at 185 pounds with past wins over Okami, Nate Marquardt, Dan Miller, and numerous other notable adversaries. He will face Stann in Houston on October 8.


  • MCM says:

    Stan KO rnd 1.


  • fanoftna33 says:

    I completly agree with Brendan, Chael is as good as it gets at 185—- at getting submitted, now I am with MCM and want to see how well he gets ktfo.

  • mma.Australia says:

    Such a fucking cockbag…

    I’d rather support Hallman’s budgie smugglers than Choad Sonnen

    But he will still win, and then if he fights Silva again, get so badly battered they’ll have to review fighter safety…

  • Guthookd says:

    Fuck no MCM. Stann has about a 1/4 chance of winning the fight. Sonnen is going to lay him down and slither all over him for 15 minutes.

    I’m actually starting to like the Dude (compared to Stann I love him). You could call him a bastard, but I choose to call him thoroughly American.

    …just kidding….


  • THEGUNNER says:

    Sonnens very smart this I exactly how to make a name for yourself everyone wants to see him get shut up. He will beat stan and hopefully spyda hurts this guy he has no respect. Spyda has had some puppet fights in the pastbut thats not his fault

  • THEGUNNER says:

    They need to make a fan contest winner gets to make a fight on a card my pick would be sonnen vs vitor and winner get anderson.

  • Angry Mike says:

    I know a lot of people dislike Sonnen, but put that aside. In his fight with Silva, he manhandled the champ for most of the fight until he got caught in a “hail mary ” submission. I really like Stann, and consider him a hero, but so what? Sonnen manhandled Silva, whose striking is head and shoulders above Stann’s. I don’t think Stann can stop the takedowns, and he doesn’t have Silva’s bjj off his back. Sonnen will win this, imo.

  • MCM says:

    Most likely. But no one thought Stan would be able to hang with Leben on the feet either. And he got the KO.
    Sonnen is a beat on the take downs, no doubt. And he’s got a hell of a chin. But his bottom game is garbage and if he gets knocked down, I don’t see how he gets back up from a swarming Brian Stan.
    My hope is a rnd 1 KO or rnd 2 TKO for Stan. But in truth it will probably a Sonnen UD.

  • Creature says:

    I guess im the only big fan of sonnen here lol, i like the guy,i think hes hilarious, it seems like everyone takes what hes saying so seriously, its obvious hes joking around trying to make everyone laugh, so take it as a joke thats what its ment to be, and hes honeslty a very intelligent guy, and he may just not like the blackhouse camp and a few pride guys but anyone else hes nothing but respect.. you can say hes a cheater but no one really knows if he is or not except for him.. i dont believe he is, same goes with marquardt, say hes a criminal but he just got caught, with a crime thats not doing anyone any serious harm, there are plenty of athletes out there doing much worse, they just pay people off to keep it in the dark

  • Rece Rock says:

    “Are you talking about the night when I won the middleweight championship and they tarnished and took it from me after I whipped a man’s ass for twenty-five minutes, he wrapped his legs around my head for eight-seconds and they declared him the winner? Is that what you’re asking about,” Sonnen pondered rhetorically.

    How can one protest a SUBMISSION victory?
    How can one protest a loss when he was popped for elevated levels of Testosterone?

    This guy’s schtick is played out… what a jerk off.

  • Rece Rock says:

    Sonnen doesn’t get is that there’s nothing to “feast their eyes” or “fantasize” about a man who admitted in testimony to having “the testosterone levels of a 90 yr old”…

    His words not mine… what a loser.

  • Rece Rock says:

    “Chael Sonnen is too goddamn macho for the standardized testing procedures of the California State Control Board.’”

    Yes Chael selling real estate is very macho… so is ratting on your co workers, you ooze machismo. Oh wait that’s just back acne.

  • Rece Rock says:

    I get on chael on twitter every once in a while and he actually DM’d me that I was a “traitor” for the things I say to him and that he “would never do that to me’… lemme ask who even answers ranting fans on direct message? the guy is flaming. Obviously he doesn’t follow me ( or anyone) so I can’t DM him back which makes his message all the more flamboyant… what a fruit… I was just satisified I bothered him as much as he bothers me.

  • MCM says:

    I don’t know how twitter works, but are you saying that you actually go out of your way to follow a guy you apparently hate? And how does he know what you say….Does he read 5oz too!?

  • G-DUB says:

    So let me get this straight RR …. you follow Chael ….. you messaged Chael …. and now you’re perturbed that he responded, yet satisfied that perhaps you took a little wind out of his sails?? This is just my layman’s opinion, but sounds to me that you care about Chael more than you’re letting on …. and that’s really the point here ….. love him or hate him, you listen to him and he makes you feel something.
    I happen to love his rants and don’t take them too seriously. I just appreciate the creativity and the quick wit he must possess to come up with this stuff. Seriously wish more MMA fighers were as interesting as he is.

  • G-DUB says:

    I also believe Chael when he says he saw the Nogueira brothers try to pet a bus when they first came to the States. He knows …. he was there! 😉

  • Rece Rock says:

    “I don’t know how twitter works, but are you saying that you actually go out of your way to follow a guy you apparently hate? And how does he know what you say….Does he read 5oz too!?”

    hahaa no it’s a matter of clicking a button to follow ppl… I follow every mma fighter or promtion or whatever imaginable… it keeps me up on news and interviews and everythign mma.

    on occasion Sonnen says dumb shit… I read it and respond… The way Twitter works is if you “follow” someone they can Direct Message (DM) you, so I follow Cheal and I guess I got under his skin and he messaged me some nonsense…

    I have no idea if he reads 5oz… I assume he is shallow enough to “google” himself and he just may come across this stuff… If he does Kudos to Brendhan and Jeremy.

  • Rece Rock says:

    P.S. I gave you a thumbs up MCM…

    G-Dub I “tweeted”… he messaged… tweets everyone can see & read, messages are direct to the person.

    Ok enough about this retarded social network shit ( yes I know it’s my fault) I was just making a point he’s a buttercup.

  • fanoftna33 says:

    Rece I am seriously laughing here about your tweeting Sonnen comments. I, like you, follow some of these guys and ladies on twitter and it is great for keeping up, but I had no idea they could respond to you like that.

  • Dufresne says:

    This guy is so full of shit his eyes are gonna turn brown.

  • fitfreak says:

    I can’t believe how many people get worked up over his ridiculous comments. When you don’t take things so seriously, he’s actually kind of funny.

  • THEGUNNER says:

    Sonnen sucks. No a level fighter ever had to do so much talking to get known. I hope sonnen stands up with stan.

  • Guthookd says:

    Chael Sonnen for president……of Iraq.

  • Frankmur says:

    Chael Sonnen has embraced the role of the WWE style bad guy. Sonnon is the king of Smacktalk in the UFC and whether you love him or hate him his ability to create controversy will only sell more tickets and ppv’s. My pick, Sonnen puts on a takedown clinic and wins by GNP in round 2!

  • “Nobondy knows if he’s a cheater but him?” That’s about the stupidest statement I’ve heard considering he got caught, told the csac that he had a condition, lied about the NSAC telling him it was ok for him to pop high on testosterone, looked like an idiot at his hearing and was told to be more respectful by the comission, and was still suspended. Yep guilty as charged.

    Now as to him whipping Andersons ass for four rounds, he sure did takedown and do minimal damage to a man with seperated cartilidge in his ribs while he himself was juiced up on extra testosterone….oh yeah and he lost.

  • Creature says:

    He was Barely over the average.. wasnt like it was sky high, and how exactly do you know he had it over the limit on purpose? “ill say again was barely over the limit” see the thing is you dont, never said he didnt lie. so you cant say hes a juicer if he was barely over, you have no idea if he has the condition or not, and was never caught for “juicing” in any of his previous UFC fights.. Hmmm id say say your entire statement is the stupid one sir.. and even though he did “minimal” damage, he hit anderson with some very solid shots many many times, on the feet and ground. yes he still lost, but he beat A.S. down for 23 min and thats not something you can take away from him

  • stone says:

    Whether you “love to see him win” or “love to see him lose” you still “love to see him”… GO CHAEL SONNEN!

  • ash-uk-187 says:

    Sonnen makes me laugh! I dont think he’s always serious but he sells himself and people will watch him to win or lose.

    Oh and I also follow him an have tweeted but never had a reply… :(


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